Email marketing doesn't have to be rocket science. Mailchimp makes it EASY.
Updated January 07, 2020

Email marketing doesn't have to be rocket science. Mailchimp makes it EASY.

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Overall Satisfaction with Mailchimp

Mailchimp was first utilised by our marketing dept. We quickly realised how dynamic it was and implemented it company wide. The data we can share with others and the data we are able to receive is hands down the best. We love having the templates that we are able to utilise in times where we are in a hurry or creatively empty.


  • Templates. They are current, fresh, visibly pleasing and easy.
  • The data that you receive is accurate and you are able to create your own custom reporting.
  • Accuracy. The bounce back rate is VERY low. Your database is easy to maintain.


  • Maybe the customer care followup could be better.
  • Pricing structure.
  • Adding flash to templates.
  • Google Analytics: Users can track campaign success rates through full integration with Google Analytics. As mentioned in the “Reporting” section (above), Analytics 360 gives users access to high-level statistics on their newsletter’s revenue generation. It is also possible to apply Google Analytics tracking to archived campaigns.
  • Eventbrite: The Eventbrite add-ons allow users to enhance their event management capabilities using Mailchimp’s built-in tools. Users can target event invitations to subscribers in select geographic locations or personalize event invitations and follow-ups.
  • Social Sharing: Available with all plans, this feature allows you to automatically post newsletter updates to Facebook and Twitter as well as tracking stats and creating a social sign-up page to generate new subscribers.
Mailchimp is a mature, time-tested, and easy-to-pick-up ESP. The company offers a great selection of features at a reasonable price, and its security and privacy policies are at the top end of the industry. The basics of the software are easy to use, and recent changes to the knowledge base have made advanced features more accessible to a broader range of users. The free plan is very generous for users with modest campaign needs. Mailchimp’s recent upgrades have largely focused on segmentation and automation features, adding an incredible amount of depth to what was already a very strong program.
What I love most about MailChimp is the number of services you get for absolutely NO cost. There are endless possibilities of things you can do with this application, and the user interface beats all the others. It is very easy to maneuver and understand for even the most beginner email marketer. The reporting features are phenomenal and with them, you are able to provide designer looking reports to clients without even touching them. As a graphic designer, the template creator is definitely the best one I've seen as far as email marketing applications go, plus they have a variety of pre-designed templates to use that are again, COMPLETELY FREE. I could go on and on about everything I love about MailChimp.
Mailchimp has allowed me to not only grow both my business' engaged clientele base, but also fans of my music and label! It's also allowed me to provide campaigns and reporting for my clients that are easy to understand and digest. With just social, it can be hard to cut through the saturation, but with email marketing, you're going directly to your Interested audience and able to create an incentive for them to not only continue to engage but to share with others. It's been truly amazing.
My overall experience has been very pleasant. Many elements of this tool are intuitive, and you can self-teach many features of this communications tool given the help guides available. Bravo. The campaigns are easy to create and are polished and professional looking. This has allowed our organization to raise its profile and effectiveness of our main tenant ~ to bring information to, and collect information from our constituents, our school district families, and to bridge this parent base and our school district administration. Good communication and transparency between parents and administrators are of utmost importance. Mailchimp has allowed us to do this most effectively.
Copper (formerly ProsperWorks), Gather, Bubble Innovator PPM
Mailchimp has a fairly strong reports section with a scroll-down list of stats which range from the common open and click rates to top links clicked and performance over the first 24 hours post-send. Also included are a list of subscribers with the most opens, and a physical map of the world that visually portrays the locations of the people who have opened emails.

Mailchimp Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Dynamic content
Ability to test dynamic content
Landing pages
A/B testing
Mobile optimization
Email deliverability reporting
List management
Triggered drip sequences
Standard reports

Using Mailchimp

25 - The functions that utilize Mailchimp are all marketing functions, consumer surveys, product information, business updates/information, blog posting our news articles that are consumer informative. Each person that utilizes Mailchimp in my organization swears by its technology and usability. The amount of analytics that we are able to gain from each feature is HIGHLY beneficial.
5 - Honestly not many skills are required except for the drive to consistently learn how to use features to gain even more unique analytics. If there are ever any questions or if there is certain data requirements for a specific department, Mailchimp is always able to assist our team and walk us through how to get them or even a better way to obtain that data.
  • specific data
  • consumer insights
  • Blog postings
  • website traffic
  • product information
  • launch/ releases
I have had an overall GREAT experience with MailChimp. As with any product, there will be things that come up, but I have never had a problem with getting them resolved easily and timely with their Customer Service options whether it be through Chat or Email. One of the most significant qualities I have noticed about MailChimp's customer service over all the other EMSP's I've worked with is that THEY WILL ADMIT WHEN SOMETHING IS THEIR FAULT! It is unheard of with these types of companies but they do it, and I have gained so much respect for them as a company because of that.


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