An Easy Way to Master Email Marketing Campaign
Tony Phan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated January 07, 2020

An Easy Way to Master Email Marketing Campaign

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Overall Satisfaction with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is used to send promotional deals/offers to nearly 6,000 subscribers of our e-commerce platform and mainly used by the marketing department. This allows us to send promotion details to our customers on time and promptly as well as allows us to analyze the engagement data of those promotion details. This is very important since when you perform a marketing activity, you would want to know its effectiveness and performance rate. After 3 years of using Mailchimp, now we are also using Mailchimp not only for promotion details but also for survey to collect customer feedback. This is perfect for companies that has not had a system in place yet to send out details in mass to potential target market / customers. Mailchimp will simplify this process and provide data that can be used to optimize the effectiveness of those sent-out information.
  • Approved bulk mailer. Most email services and Internet service providers (ISP) limit the number of emails you can send at one time. This is to prevent spamming. With a tool like MailChimp, you can send an email to an unlimited number of recipients at one time.
  • Compatible with various email readers and devices. MailChimp gives your recipients the option to read your emails in fully-styled HTML or text only. They can also click a link to read the email in a web browser instead of their email.
  • Know if people are reading your emails.
  • Dig up & change the specific defaults or dig up a very specific piece of data can be frustrating. It’s all buried on second screens and/or specific workflows.
  • MailChimp reserves the right to suspend or cancel your account which gives you a disadvantage while you are paying for the service but yet they have the right to refuse to serve.
  • You pretty much have to create your own templates. If you want your email to look good, you have to do it yourself. Their template is not attractive enough to attract sales.
  • Increase monthly subscribers from 500 to 6,000 in just 5 months
  • Increase opening email rate to 15.8% (before it was 7%)
  • Email sales conversation rate go up to 1.4 from 0.5
  • email marketer
Mailchimp is very user-friendly and its interface are easy to use for non-tech staff while Email Marketer requires more technical knowledge to operate smoothly. This allows most of the marketing staff to be able to perform email blast campaign without a lots of training. Also, mobile app is another advantage. You can track your email marketing campaign on the go while with email marketer, you will have to turn on the computer just to view the data.
Mailchimp provides friendly interface that will allow users to create email template fast and convenient. This surely speeds up the process of sending emails to a large number of customer database so you can focus on the content of the email to maximize its effectiveness. In additions, easy to view report and absolutely newbie friendly that make it easy to be viewed and understood by anyone including both younger and senior users.
Being an e-commerce business, it is essential to be able to view feedback from your customer in real time in order to optimize promotional contents timely and effectively. Mailchimp allows us to do exactly this by its functionality. For example, hints are sent to loyal customer 1-2 weeks before big sale event to create the build up, based on the data collected from the users who open the email blast, we optimize the content and message of the incoming sale event to make sure we are offering the thing that our customer wants the most. On the sale day itself, reminders are sent out again and we can somewhat measure the effectiveness of the email blast then link it with the sale by the end of the day. After the event, survey are sent out through Mailchimp to collect more data & check if feedback is matching with the positive / negative sale result.
Mailchimp is not simply a tool to send out emails. It is a tool to collect valuable & in-depth insight from your loyal customer base based on their responds. It is not only a push tool to feed information to your customers but also a useful tool for optimizing contents / promotional details based on the data it can collect.
It is really useful when you can see the performance of an email blast campaign in real time. And not only can you track your own analytics, but you can also see how your metrics compare to other MailChimp users to see if you’re really getting the most out of all of your efforts. These datas are extremely important for marketers to adjust and add in what they are lack of in order to achieve better business objectives (example: sales volume). In another case, if you need to collect ideas for your next promotion as well as the demographic of your customer base, mailchimp can also create a survey campaign that collect receiver's answers & comprise effectively report to showcase data collected.

Mailchimp Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Dynamic content
Ability to test dynamic content
Landing pages
A/B testing
Mobile optimization
Email deliverability reporting
List management
Triggered drip sequences
Standard reports
Custom reports

Using Mailchimp

5 - Marketing & Market Research. Two most important function that can benefit from the in-depth data that Mailchimp can bring. Marketing use the data to optimize sales / advertising strategy while Market Research can identify key need from customers and develop new function / feature to make customer happy.
1 - Basic HTML knowledge to move around the email template. At first it might be a little difficult but once you have enough template and know which template is most suitable for your email purpose (eg: sales, survey, announcement etc) then it will be a lot easier and support person might not have a lots to do aside from optimizing the template to maximize exposure and attractions.
  • Sales / Promotion Period
  • Official Announcement
  • Inserting video thumbnail and link it to a promotional video for customer to participate
  • Using mailchimp to send out sign up form and increase customer database
We have been using it for 3 years and so far it is very easy to use. It is easier to continue using than switching to a new software which is unfamiliar with the team.

Evaluating Mailchimp and Competitors

Yes - Manual email blast through outlook. The process simply is just too much time consuming not to mention the manual tracking of bounced email and unread emails.
  • Product Usability
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
Analyst reports is the most important function since email blast can be sent out by a lots of tools but what valuable is the data users can collect from the opened emails to evaluate their customer base.
Comparing if other tools has the same reporting function.

Mailchimp Implementation

The process is not rocket-science. Any person can do it after a quick overview training. HTML skills might be needed for editing content.
  • Template management

Mailchimp Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - Probably when our customer base gets bigger and Mailchimp plays a bigger role in sale target then premium support will be needed to ensure smooth operation.
Overall support are great. Mailchimp team provides support timely with care and make sure your problem is resolved.

Using Mailchimp

Like to use
Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Sending email
  • Viewing reports
  • Editing template
  • Moving some part of the template
Yes - Mobile interface is pretty well-managed. You are able to preview the mobile version as well in order to edit or optimize your content accordingly.