New Relic can literally replace an entire DevOps team in some cases.
March 12, 2021

New Relic can literally replace an entire DevOps team in some cases.

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Overall Satisfaction with New Relic

We are using [New Relic] mainly for real-time monitoring of the services we are developing. We use all of the following services: APM for backend services, browser integration for our web app, mobile integration for the iOS and Android apps, Insights for certain data aggregation needed by the Development and Product teams, and Synthetics for monitoring and alerting for the on-call team.
  • It is very easy to integrate independent of the language your app is written in. Most of the time you just include the NewRelic agent for the language you use without any extra configuration.
  • Data collected is available [in] almost real-time. This [makes] the deployments of production code so less stressful. A bug introduced during one deployment can be spotted almost instantly.
  • The integration for Node.js could be much better. The traces collected don't really have much data by default.
  • The response time in case of incidents dropped drastically.
  • The speed we roll out features with has increased since developers can deploy with higher confidence.
We used to have several tools to monitor our stack before New Relic. We were using mainly the log files to check for errors and we were also having several tools that would collect metrics from our infrastructure: like CPU and memory usage, as well as stats about our databases and other infrastructure services. Every time we would be notified about an incident we would have so many places to check before we knew what was going on. Since we started using New Relic is so much easy for us to know where the culprit is.
New Relic APM is basically essential for us. We can rollout confidently big changes to our services and reduce almost to zero any negative impact on our users.
Since we started to use New Relic we were able to expand the group of people that were allowed to deploy their code directly live. Before we would keep this group quite restricted since monitoring deployments [were] not so flawless.
New Relic is way more advanced than other tools we evaluated.
I can't think of any scenario where New Relic would not be appropriate. I am not so sure I would even be confident enough to deploy code in my current job without New Relic. One thing to mention though is: it can send a lot of data and it can become quite expensive as New Relic is charging for the ingested data amount.