Procore - A Great Project Management Tool
Updated November 01, 2021

Procore - A Great Project Management Tool

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Modules Used

  • Project Management

Overall Satisfaction with Procore

I use Procore on a daily basis for all of my cost management, RFI, Submittal, company directory, and document [management] needs. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows me to have everything in one place and have the ability to access documents both online and offline. It helps me solve problems when questions arise in the field as it easily allows me to upload and document questions and answers for RFI's. It also helps organize and move along the submittal process as it presents a platform for subcontractors to upload submittals, the PM to review, and design professionals to review submittals. Procore also helps me track all cost events that a construction job occurs, both planned and unplanned. You can easily track cost events and create change orders in Procore and easily update your budget/job cost accordingly. Procore also has an easy-to-use [a] directory that allows me to keep track of all contact info for a certain job as well as create a directory for future use. Procore is a great platform that holds all of the information I described above in one place that is easily accessible, user-friendly, and a vital tool to my company. I highly recommend.
  • Customer Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Customizability
  • Cost Management Software
  • Smartphone App
  • Budget
  • Email tracking
  • Organization
  • Standardization
  • Innovation
We have integrated Procore with Timberscan our ERP software where all costs of the construction job are tracked for our company. It allows us to easily transfer the information over to Procore. We then use the budget tool to be able to view/analyze/manipulate our cost side of things directly in Procore.
It is much easier to go into Procore and update daily logs for each day. Our old way involved filling our papers and scanning them into a folder which was then never easy to look back at. Now you can file the daily log reports and easily go back and review the info.
We have began to standardize processes within our company or create Standard Operating Procedures. Now that we have 1 platform that contains just about all of our daily operations, it is easy to train new employees to use Procore for everything. This has enabled us to produce the same or higher quality work more efficiently.
I have only primarily used Procore during my time in the construction industry of 5 years. We used excel for cost management and tracking owner change orders and it was not as easy and offered no way to link that info to anything else, such as drawings, RFIs, or observations.

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Procore is great for anyone looking for Project Management software to help organize their company and create and foster efficiency. It is suited well for companies that are looking for one platform that can handle everything from cost management, budgets, RFIs, and any other activities needed in the construction industry.

Procore Feature Ratings

Plan distribution & viewing
Plan markups & sharing
Document sharing
Issue tracking & punchlists
Photo documentation
Jobsite reports
RFI tools
Collaboration & approvals
Mobile app
Submittal design and management
Meeting Minutes
Change orders
Job costing
Bid creation
Standard reports
Custom reports
Data exportability

Using Procore

200 - We have approximately 200 employees. They represent field staff such as carpenters, superintendents, foreman, laborers; office staff such as accountants, project executives, project managers, vice presidents, information technology, assistant project managers, market coordinators, virtual design and construction, marketing, business development; and misc. staff roles such as warehouse directors and transporters.
5 - The individuals within the company that support Procore on a more daily basis have higher level skills when it comes to technology. Our entire information department all are equipped to tackle day to day Procore support. Also we have a select group of information technology individuals, vice presidents, project managers, and assistant project managers who champion new innovations involving Procore.
  • Cost Management
  • Commitments
  • Budgets
  • Streamline owner change reports
  • Streamline the process of writing commitments to subcontractors
  • implement our unique way we look at job cost reports into Procore financials
  • Scheduling Software that can link to RFIs, daily logs
  • Manage manpower and workload schedules
  • Manage manpower in terms of choosing specific workers for specific jobs
I give it a 10 that we will renew Procore because we have had so much success with Procore that we have made the decision to make this the main source for any project management and company management programs. We are committed and fully accepting of Procore at this point.

Evaluating Procore and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
The features and usability that Procore offered compared to the yearly price would be the biggest decision for me had I been involved with the process to purchase Procore. Unfortunately, I was not involved with this Process therefore I cannot provide a further explanation to this specific question that was asked.
Again, please refer to my previous response in this section. I was not involved specifically in the selection process of Procore and therefore cannot provide an accurate response to this specific question that was asked in this section. Hypothetically speaking, I would want to have a presentation from a group of Procore experts showing me what Procore offered as well as a few days of more in-depth exploration of the software if I was tasked with that decision.

Procore Implementation

I was not one that was specifically involved with the implementation, but I rated it a 9 because from more of a user of Procore after it was implemented, I feel as if things went smoothly and could tell the team that was tasked with implementation were in constant contact with Procore reps to guide them along the way.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - Organizational change management has been the biggest challenge. I believe that we eased into things so they step by step we understood specific parts of Procore such as submittals, RFIs, drawings, and then took on the change management log, then more of change management in terms of commitments, and owner change orders.
  • Our company's ability to change
  • Customize the budget feature
  • Linking to ERP

Procore Training

I did not participate in the in-person training and therefore cannot give an accurate response.
It was easy to learn without training. Luckily we set up a group of individuals who got the in person training and therefore could help the rest of the group learn Procore. But overall, learning Procore was relatively easy. There were tons of tutorials, videos, and articles to reference that made learning easier.

Configuring Procore

I do believe the current configurability of the Procore software is just about right. I have not experienced any issues that were too expensive or too complex. The current level in which Procore is set up from a configurability standpoint seems sufficient for the level that our company utilizes Procore.
I do not have any specific recommendations or best practices for configuring Procore. Unfortunately I have not had much experience with this issue and to be honest the wording/questioning of this question is a bit confusing for me, so my response may not be accurate for this specific question.
I have not done any additional customization or configuration in using the Procore software platform. Therefore I am unable to provide an accurate response to this specific question that is being asked. There is nothing further on this issue that I wish to mention. Sorry that I cannot provide more input, but this is something I was not involved with.

Procore Support

I give the overall support of Procore a 8 for a few specific reasons. I do not have much experience using the support but in the few cases in which I needed to reach out to support it was very easy to simply go into a chat window, type my question, and get an answer pretty quickly.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Quick Initial Response
Poor followup
I was not involved with this process but I do not believe that the specific company in which I am employed purchased the premium support to which this question is referring to. However we have dedicated information technology employees who are able to assist us with our questions and help get answers when they do not know the specific answer. So it was not worth the money.
Procore provided me with exceptional support a time in which I was trying to figure out a different way to import a large amount of submittal information to create a submittal log all at once, rather than creating each submittal separately. I reached out to the chat function and talked with Pepper who responded immediately and was able to help me figure it out in minutes. Saved me hours of work.

Using Procore

I give the overall usability of Procore a 9 because I feel that Procore is something that most people can easily pick up. It is not too complex to understand and there is a ton of support should anyone have any questions. Features are designed and operate in a way that is logical as well.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creating Change Events
  • Adding people into Procore and Using the Directory
  • Creating RFIs
  • Cost Event Logs Customizable to Our Company
  • Creating Forms
  • Bulk editing submittals after workflow is in place
Yes - The mobile interface that Procore provides is very easy to use and laid out in a way in which it is easy to view. One can easily upload photos, create RFIs, access the directory, or even create observations all in the palm of one's hand. It is a very easy and user friendly tool to use.

Procore Reliability

We have been able to use Procore to provide us with much improved organization when it comes to all of the different kinds of project management tools such as cost management, RFIs, submittals, budgets, drawing management, and daily logs. We have also been able to modify Procore to support our unique cost management/budget approach.
I have never had an issue with Procore's availability. It has always been there when I need it and have rarely had issues accessing Procore. It is also helpful that if there is ever a planned maintenance period for Procore, they schedule it for off-hour, weekend times and give good notifications.
I have never really had a performance issue with Procore. Pages have always loaded quickly, and any report or download that I have initiated has come through in a very reasonable time. I have also not experienced any issue with Procore in an instance where it is integrated with another software platform.

Integrating Procore

  • Timberscan
  • Struction Site
Timberscan is the software we use to code construction costs to jobs. Information loads directly into Procore I believe.

Struction site is a 360 photo site we use. We just make the link to the site accessible through Procore.
  • Smartsheets
  • Microsoft Project
Scheduling software integrated into Procore would be ideal, so it would be one less additional tool we would have to go outside of Procore to use. Yes, vendors would support this.
  • File import/export
I have not used any of the technologies that are listed in the list above with Procore, other than file import and export. We import lots of files such as documents, drawings, and photos into the Procore platform. Besides that, I am not that familiar with other technologies that are not listed either.
I have not substantially been involved with the integration of other technologies into Procore and therefore do not believe that I am able to give an adequate response to this question that is presented. A member of our company's information technology department would be better suited to answer this question.
Although I have not substantially been involved with the integration aspect of Procore or other technologies into Procore, I am a daily user of Procore and overall would say that the integration aspect that I see throughout our company and how we use Procore has been satisfactory with no major roadblocks.

Relationship with Procore Technologies

I was not directly involved with the sales process and therefore am not able to provide an accurate response or rating to this question that is presented. By the time that I came to the current company that I work at, which utilized Procore, they were already using Procore and past the sales process.
By the time that I started with my current company which utilizes Procore, they were already complete with the sales process, so I have only worked with Procore after the sales process was complete. I have not experienced any issues since the sales process and any assistance that our company has needed has been timely and helpful.
I was not involved with the process or purchasing Procore and therefore am not able to provide an accurate response to the question which is being asked here. I am not aware of what the principle terms were that my company was able to negotiate during the sales process. Sorry.
Again, as previously mentioned, I was not directly involved with the sales process and therefore do not beleive that I can give an accurate response to this question being presented. However, in terms of dealing with the vendor from a communication perspective, there are email support contacts and chat options within Procore that make it easy to reach out for Procore help and responses are quick.

Upgrading Procore

  • Increased efficiency
  • Consolidating more of our daily processes into Procore
  • Enables us to get closer to our goal of improving the development of standard operating procedures
  • Hope that the reports tool is more customizable for change event management and report exporting
  • Further increase efficiency
  • Making Procore a 1 stop shop for everything we do