Great Call Center Software for Midsize-to-Large Company
Becky Jewell Laughton | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 01, 2017

Great Call Center Software for Midsize-to-Large Company

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Overall Satisfaction with Talkdesk

Right now our organization uses Talkdesk for support, project management/implementation, and some sales calls. Anything inbound or outbound usually goes through Talkdesk - other calls or conference calls that depend on visual coordination go through screensharing applications.

Talkdesk is simple enough for our team to use, and it solves the problem of getting a unified phone/VOIP system set up across many different workers, computer types, and departments.
  • Talkdesk works on most browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari - and it does well across different devices/computers.
  • We can depend on Talkdesk to be reliable and not be down. It has never been 'down' in the entire time I've used it.
  • I like the simplicity of the UI. It isn't overwhelming or full of areas that I have to fill out. It gets me on to the next call quickly and efficiently.
  • The Voicemail area shows a red mark notification if anyone on the team has a voicemail. I would like it to show a 'red mark' notification only if I have pending messages or voicemails, not my teammates. However, this is useful for very small teams of 3-10 - maybe our team is getting too big for our level of Talkdesk.
  • I'd like Talkdesk to tell me if it is detecting audio problems more often. Sometimes I will make a call and my headphones wont be working, but Talkdesk is just fine. I'd want Talkdesk to warn me if it can that my headset needs to be turned off/on again.
  • The customer search area is great for maybe 3000 or less customers, I'd like to see more detailed search queries and retrieval be introduced. Sometimes, the caller ID is not perfect.
  • "It Just Works" - this is a benefit because we don't have to extensive training on Talkdesk. I've been at other companies where phone system training takes hours and figuring out the phone system is like writing a dissertation in fluid dynamics.
  • Support from Talkdesk has also been positive. Whenever I have an issue, the team gets back to me via email within 20 minutes. Overall this makes me feel like it is a good investment/good choice.
  • The Salesforce integration saves tons of logging time and provides valuable clarity for our management team.
I like both Freshdesk and in addition to Talkdesk, but the main difference is Talkdesk is better for midsize-to-large enterprises. works well for 10 people, and Freshdesk can work well for just 1 or 2 support reps, but Talkdesk was the right software for a company of our size.

Talkdesk is also a good solution for multi-department teams - ie, sales and support, rather than being JUST a support software or JUST a sales-team-geared software.
I think Talkdesk is well suited to a team of 1-50 people. One person on a super small support team could do just fine with Talkdesk, and up to 50 people could use Talkdesk well (Given the plan my company is currently on). If I were starting a company or just getting going with a business and had maybe 3 support reps, I'd get them set up on Talkdesk. That said, if I was running a company of 200 people, I'd look into both Talkdesk and other solutions.

Talkdesk also integrates with Salesforce - which is a BIG deal for many enterprises. Basically, if your company is big enough to use Salesforce, it is big enough to benefit from Talkdesk.