An easy to use tag management tool backed by a friendly, helpful support team!
November 03, 2015

An easy to use tag management tool backed by a friendly, helpful support team!

David Gailey | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Tealium Custom Container

Overall Satisfaction with Tealium iQ Tag Management System

Tealium iQ Tag Management System is being used on our main company website and a replatforming project. The decision was made to move from Google Tag Manager to Tealium iQ Tag Management System based on a group evaluation of several tag management solutions including Google Tag Manager, Tealium, and Adobe Tag Manager. Tealium iQ Tag Management System is used primarily by our marketing team to deploy analytics tags quickly without having to wait on IT capacity and deployment schedules. However, our IT team occasionally uses Tealium to deploy JavaScript that has vendor dependencies, and QA testing tools. For example, we have a Jira tag that is deployed only on our QA environment that allows our QA team to easily create tickets from the website instead of having to switch to another window or tab.
  • The user interface is easier to use and organizationally more helpful than that of other tag management solutions.
  • The versioning system provides a nice diagram to minimize confusion when trying to trace a particular change/version
  • The Tealium support team is by far one of the biggest benefits. The are friendly, helpful, and quick to respond. We've had some bad experiences with vendors that thought they knew GTM but ended up breaking our site several times. With Tealium, it is their product, and they know it best. We haven't had any site problems as a result.
  • The Teamium team is great at onboarding. They do an analysis of current analytics tagging and suggest a tagging strategy for the UDO. The UDO is a universal data object that holds relevant data for any given page. This is the same concept as Googel TagManager's data layer. However, the Tealium team is right there guiding the implementation team through the process. They then end with an audit and training to make sure everything is good to go live. There is no endless Googling about what might be the best way to implement something.
  • Tealium's tag marketplace is where you can find a smorgasbord of vendor tags. We only ran into one vendor tag they didn't have from an obscure vendor. Their solution to this: they were happy to write us a tag and add it to the tag marketplace! Tealium really does pamper their clients and are always willing to help.
  • Really the only thing I can think of is that the js templates for custom containers are hard to find. The casual marketing user would probably never find it unless they researched it. But then again, our marketing department usually isn't changing these. Just one of those things that as a developer, you have to remember how to do or make a note of.
  • This one is minor and based on the perception of certain individuals on our marketing team and didn't apply to me. After the launch of Tealium iQ Tag Management on our site, there was some confusion over a poorly performing third party tag. It was thought (wrongfully) that the Tealium servers were causing the performance problems with data not being sent to said third party. However, this was not the case at all. The Tealium servers were managing and delivering the JavaScript for the tag just fine. It was the final delivery of the data to the third party servers (via a pixel tag) that was causing the issue. So maybe the weakness here was that there was a broader misunderstanding of how Tealium iQ Tag Management actually worked.
  • Faster answers into unknowns and best practices. With Tealium support, you can ask an experienced implementation engineer and get quick answers. We used to spend a lot of time churning on researching answers to questions we weren't sure about. We can now focus more on strategy and actionable data.
  • Increased efficiency between IT and marketing teams by not being bound to IT deploy schedule. By giving tagging power to marketing, IT has taken on a supportive role with fast turn around.
  • Tealium iQ Tag Management has increased employee efficiency in our marketing department. Marketers are able to get tags deployed faster, and get the data they need to make actionable marketing decisions.
  • Tealium iQ Tag Management has increased employee efficiency in our IT department. The IT team is able to focus on features and stability rather than routine maintenance of analytics tags.
  • Tealium iQ Tag Management has increased employee efficiency in our QA department. Our QA team is able to log bugs faster with tools we deployed through Tealium iQ Tag Management on some of our QA environments. Our QA team may soon also be using Tealium iQ Tag Management to do automated testing.
Google Tag Manager is a very good tag management system considering the price (free). It is still used on one of our supported sites. Even though your company will have to pay for Tealium iQ Tag Management, the benefits it has above Google Tag Manager are worth it in my opinion. The support is amazing and it offers a better interface and marketing tools (like the Tealium Web Companion). If there is something the marketing team can't accomplish on their own, the Tealium support team is always there to help. Adobe DTM was a product that we evaluated at the same time as Tealium iQ Tag Management. Their features seemed comparable to that of Tealium on paper. It was during a demo of the product that the lack of preparation of the presenter and the unintuitive interface unimpressed our marketing team enough that we passed on them.
The scenarios where a tag management solution is appropriate are:

  • Your marketing team needs to move faster on actionable data than your IT team can deploy tags.
  • You want to give your marketing team the power and responsibility of managing and deploying analytics tags.
  • Vendor tags are interfering with site performance or uptime and you wish to have an easy "off" switch.

One key question to ask is: "Do I need assistance with the technical implementation of the data layer?". And if you do, "how much assistance?". Another question is "does our marketing team need direction on a data layer or tagging strategy?" Tealium excels at these areas because of their excellent support before, during, and after implementation.

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