Uberflip provides high level of discoverability, agility and customization to our Resource experience.
Updated September 08, 2021

Uberflip provides high level of discoverability, agility and customization to our Resource experience.

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Overall Satisfaction with Uberflip

My company is using Uberflip for three different use cases.

ABM Hub - We started the relationship with Uberflip through our ABM Hub project. This Hub is only being used for our ABM efforts with the marketing team.

Resource Center Hub - This Hub replace our internal CMS built resource center that is the central location for all our external facing resources including PDFs, Videos and Blogs. The main business problem that Uberflip address was discoverability of content. With Uberflip's features such as search, menu filtering and AI based recommendations we were able to make our Resource Center more discoverable and increase time on page.

Internal Content Hub - Our newest hub is an internal place that the whole company can find internal and external content. This hub pulls in content for the Resource Center as well as internal only documents and presentations. This was the first hub we have utilized the authentication features Uberflip provides.

  • Discoverability: Uberflip gives multiple different ways to encourage users to continue the discovery journey. This not only makes the user experience better but simplifies our work as content creators.
  • Analytics: The Uberflip analytics dashboard is extensive and gives you many options of collecting data. In the past we have only had page views and downloads to figure out success of pieces of content. Uberflip breaks it down to even more details about content performance.
  • Problem Solving: My companies use cases have been complicated with a lot of moving parts. The Uberflip team went above and beyond to problem solve every new challenge we sent to them. They had out of the box ideas that made our Hubs perform they way wanted.
  • Building Hubs Backlog: As they are growing as a company the "onBrand" time has drastically increased. A project that was originally said to be built in 8 weeks ended up being around 12. They were good about getting us on the list even before we signed the contract but these delays pushed our internal timeline back.
  • Automation: Uberflip has some great tools to automate tasks within the platform. But I think this has room for improvement. An example would be that when you want to add a form to a piece of content you have to go into each stream and add the form vs having the form automatically be added to all locations of the piece of content.
  • Occasional Downtime: This is another room for improvement area for Uberflip. As they are growing there has been some downtime. Most are only for a few minutes but when they happen it looks like our resource center is down.
  • (Positive) Agility: We are able to move and add content 200x quicker than in the past.
  • (Positive) Tracking: We are able to get a better understanding of how pieces of content are performing so we can optimize.
  • (Negative) Drop in Digital: We have noticed a drop in our digital conversions with the Uberflip forms. This will take some testing to figure out exactly why and will need to work with Uberflip on updating anything that is causing the drop.
My company has not utilized the sales hubs but we have utilized the personalization within our ABM hubs.
There is a lot of initial work that needs to be done on the Uberflip side to set up the Hub. Once the Hub is set up creating and adding streams is instant. They also provide a great service of bulk uploading. This helped my company our initial upload as we were moving close to 500 pieces of content.

Uploading individual content is also a quick process. It does take a bit of training to make sure you are utilizing all the great features that come with uploading content but the publishing process is seamless.
We looked at 6 different categories of these products. Below I outline how Uberflip stacked up against the other products.
  • Look N Feel: The Uberflip platform and front end hub look n feel scored higher than either of the other products. They had more template options, better customization options and the platform has an easy user face.
  • Functionality: Uberflip compared nice with the rest of the products on features but also included thins like AI recommendations and Bombora integration.
  • Ease-of-Use: Uberflip scored high in ease-of-use for analytics, building hubs, streams and individual items.
  • Integrations: Uberflip does integrate with Marketo and SDFC but does not with emails such as Outreach and Gmail
  • Metrics: Uberflip had a robust amount of Analytics capabilities that was a huge plus for our organization
  • Timeline: Uberlflip had the longest timeline of the 3 products. This was the category that Uberflip scored lowest on.
  • Cost: Uberflip was also the product with the highest cost. We felt he cost was worth the Functionality we got

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[Uberflip is] well suited [for:]
  • Self Service Content Platform - If you are looking for an easy platform to add and manage content Uberflip is great. Our past resource center took 3 days to add a piece of content but with Uberflip you can upload in seconds.
  • Consolidation of Resources: Uberflip has a lot of great ways to bring in different types of content with RSS feeds, Video platform connectors and a whole PDF management section of the platform it makes Uberflip the singe source of truth.
  • Need for specific content focused hubs: If you are a company that has a lot of content that you want to utilized based on theme or campaign Uberflip makes it easy to add marketing streams for every different type of content.
Less appropriate:
  • Development Control: If you want to be able to control the development of your resource center or content hub I would not go with Uberflip. The page is build within their system so if you want to make updates you need to reach out to the Uberflip team.