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Qubit works well in certain situations, but any internal backlog in IT, specifically Data Integration or Development, will run into consistent issues between published tests, the ability to hard code winning tests and the actual use of the data engine that Qubit provides. Having a fully Functional IT team is necessary in order to make the best use of the tool. This is somewhat at odds with some of the work we are requesting them to do for us, based on the fact that our IT backlog is significant. In short, we are using Qubit to provide additional IT bandwidth, but Data integration requires a decent amount of IT bandwidth.
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  • Tara and Trip have been excellent contacts and resources for questions and answers. Their Service and support and extremely helpful.
  • The ease of test implementation is very handy. Requirements are discussed, the project is scoped and development starts. Updates are provided as steps are accomplished and tests are visible throughout the entire test period.
  • The provided "opportunities" section helps define what next steps may be taken from a project management standpoint. This is a two edged sword. 1) It provides some light directionality communication on what next mid or low tier priorities exist. 2) This also proves the investment of the tool by adding a third voice to the conversation and consistently communicating ROI in potential dollars to be gleaned from the work that could be done.
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  • I feel that we could be making better use of the Decipher platform (this is where you can ask for custom reports to be created by the Qubit team on key areas you want constant data on). We cannot create any of these ourselves, which means we are dependent on the Qubit team - and often, you don't really know how you want data to be visualised until you play around with it. This creates a lengthy process. These reports are also not automatically updated, and so depend on the Qubit team updating daily/weekly. I know that lots is being done in this space, and so am interested to see what happens to this module - and how Qubit extract greater value from it (as I do think there is a lot of value still to be pulled).
  • My team use the Qubit platform more than I do, however when I was using it (and I believe this module may have since been replaced), I didn't feel that the 'Discover' module was a huge amount of use vs. what I could pull from GA. The timelines were pre-defined (last 90 days rolling), and I didn't find the UI as user friendly as other analytics platforms. It wasn't a fundamental issue as I wasn't really using Qubit as a web analytics tool at the time. As I said, I think that Qubit have addressed this and have replaced it with an even better tool.
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Likelihood to Renew

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Over the seven months we have worked with Qubit we have tried many tests - but most of our most exciting plans are still ahead of us. The longer Qubit is on site, the more complete an impression we build of our visitors - and the more accurately and efficiently we can serve personalised content to them.
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Based on 17 answers
Overall navigation on Qubit is very user friendly and requires a minimal training to be up and running. Be it reviewing existing experiences or setting up new experiences, the process is pretty simple for business user. Add some basic development skills to your kitty, you can do magic with Qubit and make your website do wonders!
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Reliability and Availability

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I would say that the Qubit account managers are always available for any request. We have a lot of different promotions that could always do with last minute optimizing or changes and Qubit can be relied on to get this changes up and running in an impressive amount of time, so that we don't need to patch live or wait for the next IT sprint. Invaluable to our business.
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Service is generally very fast, even for complex tests and reports. The interface is designed well and continually improved to make it easier to use, and all main functions are easily accessible to the user.
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Based on 19 answers
Qubit is an excellent tool and is constantly being enhanced. Add to it their account success management team, and it's a force to be reckoned with.
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In-Person Training

Based on 6 answers
The Qubit team was very responsive and knowledgeable. Our training opportunities were limited due to issues on our side, but Qubit did a great job working within those constraints.
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Implementation couldn't be easier. All we needed to do was insert the tag. (easy) and set up the data layer. (dev required)This was pretty smooth in comparison to some of the other tools we use on our site, and was done in less than a day.Note : Data needs to be collected for a set period of time before you can accurately rely on the data that you are receiving. This is normal though with everyone else that we have used
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Alternatives Considered

Qubit was the first CRO tool we have used, and have stuck with it, even though we've tested other platforms on our other websites. I think it's a testament to Qubit and their staff that they are still implemented on our largest website.
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Our requirements change throughout the year like most E Commerce retailers. At Christmas and Peak we're dealing with around ten times the usual traffic on the site. Qubit had no problems with this at all, tests continued to fire, and stats were still reported accurately. I don't think that it is the most server intensive .js anyway, but we have seen no issues at all.
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Return on Investment

  • We managed to improve conversion rate on our purchase page by a significant percentage via a series of AB tests, which had a six figure impact on our bottom line.
  • Qubit managed to prove that users on mobile were viewing our products then purchasing on desktop (and were therefore worth more), which helped us prioritise cross-device features on our roadmap.
  • Qubit used cluster analysis to show that there were two very different audiences using two of our different products, when we used to think there was a lot of crossover.
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