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194 Ratings
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Qubit is well suited to a medium size organisation with enough resources to fire tests frequently and act on findings as they become available. An important detail to remember is that final implementation is often quite different to testing, so the ability to then transfer winning variations to your live projects is crucial


  • Tara and Trip have been excellent contacts and resources for questions and answers. Their Service and support and extremely helpful.
  • The ease of test implementation is very handy. Requirements are discussed, the project is scoped and development starts. Updates are provided as steps are accomplished and tests are visible throughout the entire test period.
  • The provided "opportunities" section helps define what next steps may be taken from a project management standpoint. This is a two edged sword. 1) It provides some light directionality communication on what next mid or low tier priorities exist. 2) This also proves the investment of the tool by adding a third voice to the conversation and consistently communicating ROI in potential dollars to be gleaned from the work that could be done.


  • Our biggest challenge with Qubit was around integrating with our existing analytics tools. Qubit offers robust solutions designed to work in concert with their testing tools, but working with other solutions can be complex and occasionally frustrating.
  • Qubit was able to offer integration with our commerce platform, but we were never able to align from a technical perspective. This may have been more of a problem with the customization built on top of our platform; still, it did leave us with some limitations.
  • Qubit provides some really cool tools that we never got to take advantage of during our contract. I think we would have benefited a lot from getting better calibration and training on all the customer facing tools at the outset.

Likelihood to Renew

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If I were the sole decision maker, I would definitely renew. I consider Qubit an integral part of helping deliver effective campaigns, optimising website assets and providing analysis that helps us understand our customers better.


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Very user friendly!

Reliability and Availability

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I would say that the Qubit account managers are always available for any request. We have a lot of different promotions that could always do with last minute optimizing or changes and Qubit can be relied on to get this changes up and running in an impressive amount of time, so that we don't need to patch live or wait for the next IT sprint. Invaluable to our business.


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Too many large scale tests throughout a period with high traffic tend to slow down the site considerably.


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Qubit is an excellent tool and is constantly being enhanced. Add to it their account success management team, and it's a force to be reckoned with.

In-Person Training

Based on 6 answers
The training was great, but would be great to have a script or PDF with some explanations of the qubit JS layer. Without the script you can just try to learn on your own, so the training is not as powerfull as it could be. On the other hand - would be great to have training related to reading statistics or personalisation.


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I've received a great training from one of their pro codes. I've also had a massive support from Qubit with every problem I have. The rating is not 10 because of a really low amount of sample code/test/personalization cases. I would really appreciate a monthly newsletter with ideas of what we / other companies do to reach their target

Alternatives Considered

Customer support.


Based on 6 answers
Our requirements change throughout the year like most E Commerce retailers. At Christmas and Peak we're dealing with around ten times the usual traffic on the site. Qubit had no problems with this at all, tests continued to fire, and stats were still reported accurately. I don't think that it is the most server intensive .js anyway, but we have seen no issues at all.

Return on Investment

  • Higher website profits from new or amended website features

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