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If you don't have development resources Qubit can solve some simple problems for you. Similarly if you do, and they are trained on the platform, the possibilities are endless.
It may not be appropriate on parts of your website with smaller traffic, as your results may never reach significance.
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  • Qubit is a great tool for building experiments for A/B testing, replete with advanced JavaScript capabilities, numerous built-in modules, a robust API, and a "basic mode" editor for non-developers to use and build experiences.
  • Qubit also supports segmentation (e.g., segment users by device type, browser, location, etc.) and advanced URL targeting to really hone in a select user groups and personas.
  • For analyzing your tests' performance/data, Qubit offers advanced reporting within the dashboard and a great support team who will also pull raw data upon request.
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  • There is room for improvement on the velocity of getting new tests developed and QA'd.
  • I would like to see improvements to the exit survey interface to make it easier to flag, categorise and disseminate feedback to different areas in the business.
  • Depending on the test/experience it can add extra weight to page load times and cause 'flicker'.
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Likelihood to Renew

Based on 29 answers
If I were the sole decision maker, I would definitely renew. I consider Qubit an integral part of helping deliver effective campaigns, optimising website assets and providing analysis that helps us understand our customers better.
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Based on 17 answers
Very simple user interface, built on top of advanced functionality, makes the platform easy to use. The team at Qubit are also very open to feedback and introduce new and useful features fairly often. On the reporting side, the inbuilt dashboard reports are good for a top-level view of test results, and Qubit have made a lot of their output data available should you wish to run your own analysis
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Reliability and Availability

Based on 3 answers
I would say that the Qubit account managers are always available for any request. We have a lot of different promotions that could always do with last minute optimizing or changes and Qubit can be relied on to get this changes up and running in an impressive amount of time, so that we don't need to patch live or wait for the next IT sprint. Invaluable to our business.
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Based on 21 answers
Too many large scale tests throughout a period with high traffic tend to slow down the site considerably.
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Based on 19 answers
We were considering adding a new 3rd party supplier to our website. Qubit came to us with ideas of how to measure and test the success of the 3rd party. The report we were able to generate gave us the result split by different aspects, not only general conversion rate but also a few others interesting numbers, which helped the company to make a decision to renew the contract or look for a better solution.
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In-Person Training

Based on 6 answers
The Qubit team was very responsive and knowledgeable. Our training opportunities were limited due to issues on our side, but Qubit did a great job working within those constraints.
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Based on 8 answers
Implementation couldn't be easier. All we needed to do was insert the tag. (easy) and set up the data layer. (dev required)This was pretty smooth in comparison to some of the other tools we use on our site, and was done in less than a day.Note : Data needs to be collected for a set period of time before you can accurately rely on the data that you are receiving. This is normal though with everyone else that we have used
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Alternatives Considered

The decision to proceed with Qubit over other products was because of strengths on sample size and statistical significance of test results. The expertise, professionalism and enthusiam of their consultants and strategists was also a factor.
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Based on 6 answers
Our requirements change throughout the year like most E Commerce retailers. At Christmas and Peak we're dealing with around ten times the usual traffic on the site. Qubit had no problems with this at all, tests continued to fire, and stats were still reported accurately. I don't think that it is the most server intensive .js anyway, but we have seen no issues at all.
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Return on Investment

  • Higher website profits from new or amended website features
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