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In 2012, Oracle acquired three social media management software companies: social marketing platform Vitrue, social intelligence platform Collective Intellect, and social media development platform Involver. The three products are part of Oracle's social media management offering today: Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM).

In building this profile, we considered reviews of each of the three products after acquisition but prior to integration, as well as the final, integrated platform. Per the mix of all of these reviews on TrustRadius, about half of the product's customers are agencies. Non-agency customers include computer software, consumer goods, and retail companies. (Note: According to Oracle, agencies make up about 25% of the tool's customer base.)

Some of Oracle SRM's customers include Lego, GM, Marriott, State Farm and Polaris.

Read a TrustRadius interview with Oracle's Group Vice President of Social Cloud on Oracle SRM.

*Vendor provided
Best used for: Publishing; Monitoring competitor activity
Not as strong for: Workflow
Most often compared to: Sprinklr
Customer focus: Enterprises
Channels covered*: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube; Listening-only: WordPress, Vimeo, FourSquare, LiveJournal, Flickr, Yelp, Digg, Slideshare, Vine, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Quora; Oracle SRM's listening/monitoring engine supports more than 40 million sites. This includes social content across all the major social networks plus news sites, blogs, consumer reviews, video sharing sites and forums. We are unable to provide all 40 million but can answer by network upon request. Also please note Oracle SRM will be aggressively adding additional network support (publishing, response and analytics) throughout 2015 including Tumblr, Pinterest, WeChat, VK, LINE and others.

Oracle Social Relationship Management Customer Distribution

Oracle Social Relationship Management Customer Distribution Pie Chart Source: (11) User reviews of Oracle Social Relationship Management on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Oracle Social Relationship Management on TrustRadius

Source: (11) User reviews of Oracle Social Relationship Management on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Oracle Social Relationship Management # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average SMMS Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 6.5 11 8.0
Likelihood to renew 4.7 9 7.6
Product usability N/A N/A 7.9
Product availability N/A N/A 9.2
Product performance N/A N/A 8.3
Support 9 1 8.5
In-person training N/A N/A 8.8
Online training 5 1 7.9
Implementation satisfaction N/A N/A 8.1
Analytics & Insight 9 1 8.3
Data Collection 9 1 7.8
Publishing 8.5 2 8.7
Engagement 8 1 7.9

Summary of Oracle Social Relationship Management Reviews

Source: (11) User reviews of Oracle Social Relationship Management on TrustRadius
Oracle Social Relationship Management Pros Oracle Social Relationship Management Cons
Data collection
Oracle SRM (via Collective Intellect) allows users to monitor competitors using Boolean search queries. Users can view sentiment analysis, and export data for further analysis.
Various glitches
Users of each of the different products mention specific glitches and usability issues, such as slow load times on tabs in Vitrue, bulk upload failures, and contest posting failures.
Oracle SRM (via Vitrue) helps users manage multiple social media accounts, including post scheduling, community moderation, ability to geo-target, and the ability to create tabs and contests.
Additional functionalities
Users also would like to see various, specific functionalities, such as the ability to like a tweet from within the platform, and the ability to assign tasks to team members.
Users can evaluate the effectiveness of social posts and campaigns.

Oracle Social Relationship Management Response to Reviewer Feedback

Data Collection: A major competitive advantage of the Oracle SRM is our listening and data capabilities. But it's more than monitoring competitors. Oracle SRM listens, captures, monitors and analyzes social conversations across the global social web, listening across more than 40 million sites, with access to more than 700 million messages per day, and growing daily. This includes social content across all the major social networks plus news sites, blogs, consumer reviews, video sharing sites and forums. The listening engine can monitor all social content -- posts, comments, shares, as well as by brand mentions, keywords, topics, themes and much more. Oracle SRM has an extensive and accurate analysis process through a proprietary algorithm that is powered by Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). SRM leverages LSA + keyword + NLP + proprietary algorithm to allow customers to more accurately and quickly filter through the noise to get the data and insights that matter most to their business.

Various Glitches: We are continually working on all product glitches and have greatly reduced the occurrence of these to ensure a more effective and efficient user experience. Rest assured our users' experience is our No. 1 priority and will stay laser focused on delivering a superior product and superior performance.

Additional functionalities: (No longer accurate feedback) Users are able to favorite a Tweet now within SRM platform. Additionally, SRM gives users comprehensive and flexible approvals and workflow capabilities for team member assignments and permissions.