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Best Phone Number Validation Tools include:

ClearoutPhone and Experian Phone Validation (Mobile Validation).

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Textmagic is an SMS communication platform for businesses. It facilitates direct engagement with customers through messaging, offering tools for marketing campaigns, customer support, and notifications. Its suite of features includes personalized messages, automation capabilities,…


Sinch (formerly CLX Communications) offers a range of SMS messaging services, including the former mBlox, which was acquired in 2016 and serves as a component of Sinch messaging services

Vonage Communications APIs

Vonage APIs (formerly Nexmo and TokBox) help growing startups and agile enterprises enhance customer experience and realize new business outcomes at scale. With a comprehensive suite of communication channels, a global platform, and expert support, users can abstract the complexity…


ClearoutPhone performs Phone number verification/validation to primarily know the validity, line type, network carrier, location etc, of the users before reaching them through various ways like SMS/call etc. The vendor describes it as a real-time process that takes less than a fraction…

Informatica Data as a Service (DaaS)

Informatica's Data as a Service (DaaS) is provided for contact data enrichment, using trusted third-party data sources so that users can learn even more about customers and prospects. Informatica’s data enrichment services are selected to provide quality with both the B2B and B2C…

Melissa Data Quality Suite

The Data Quality Suite from Melissa headquartered in San Margarita, helps organizations of all sizes verify and maintain data so they can effectively communicate with their customers via postal mail, email or phone.

Experian Aperture Data Studio

Experian offers the Aperture Data Studio, a data quality management platform based on technology acquired by Experian with QAS, ltd.

Experian Phone Validation (Mobile Validation)

Experian phone verification software finds the number and checks if it’s active. The software also collects information like phone type and network provider. To make sure the phone number is receiving calls, the software sends a test message to the phone, which is not visible to…


IdealPostcodes helps businesses improve UX and data quality with its Address Finder, Postcode Lookup & Data Cleansing. It is supported by IDDQD, headquartered in London. While focusing on addresses, the service can also be used to validate phone numbers, and emails.

EnrichHQ by Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot Data Enrichment Engine helps marketing, sales and operations teams collect more intelligence about prospects and customers. Data Enrichment Engine provides company-level information such as industry, number of employees, annual revenue, HQ location, corporate social…

Melissa Clean Suite

Melissa, headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, helps organizations profile, cleanse and verify, dedupe and enrich all their people data (name, address, email and phone number) and more. With clean, accurate and up-to-date customer information, organizations can monetize Big Data,…

WinPure Verify

WinPure Verifiy is a range of verification tools for Email addresses, Mobile & Phone numbers and Worldwide Address details.

Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact is an SMS marketing tool and omnichannel messenger platform that helps reach, connect, and convert more leads. It is designed to help users build personal connections with customers even while they scale communication efforts and channels with a CRM, bulk texting,…

Tata Communications DIGO

Tata Communications DIGO is an in-network cloud communication platform that optimises the customer experience through a real-time, omnichannel framework. The solution offers omnichannel Voice, SMS, OTT, and web, and includes functionality for smart IVR, click to call, number verification,…

IPQualityScore (IPQS)

IPQualityScore (IPQS) is an enterprise-grade fraud prevention solution provider, catering to companies of all sizes. With globally optimized data, IPQS can provide fraud detection for companies in any region or niche. The solution includes a suite of tools such as bot detection,…

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NumVerify is an API service for international and national phone number validation, from apilayer headquartered in Vienna.

CommPeak LookUp

CommPeak LookUp is a service that enables users to validate mobile phone numbers. The vendor states its users can retrieve accurate, detailed information on any mobile phone number in the world in real-time. Used to keep databases clean and minimize calling and messaging costs.

Loqate GBG
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GBG now offers Loqate (acquired 2015) to replace the former GBG Matchcode360, an IP geolocation solution for enriching and validating customer data.

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Swordfish is an online identity verification service used by recruiters, sales, fraud prevention and investigative professionals.

Learn More About Phone Number Validation Tools

What are Phone Number Validation Tools?

Phone number validation tools and APIs provide users with the ability to verify calls coming into their business for information accuracy. Caller identification isn’t always highly prioritized and can often go overlooked. But having a system that automatically verifies contact information can improve the overall quality of your customer data.

With the number of spam, telemarketers, and fraud callers increasing, it’s important to know that your business isn’t at risk or could face security threats down the road. Phone number validation tools can protect against this by analyzing phone number values and checking for validation. They are also capable of using outside services to augment incomplete data residing in a CRM or other systems. Other systems that are closely related to the functions of phone number validation tools include:

Phone Number Validation Tools Features

Some of the most common features phone number validation tools provide are:

  • Validation from numbers worldwide

  • Phone number geolocation

  • Quick response time

  • Bot detection

  • IP health check

  • Bulk validation

  • Real-time API

Phone Number Validation Tools Comparison

Before choosing to invest in a phone number validation tool, consider the following key points:

  • Business Size: Business size should play a role in determining which validation tools to use, and may also factor into how much you are willing to spend. For smaller businesses that do not get a high volume of calls, it may not make sense to spend more on a product that offers protection for a larger number of calls.

  • Ease of Use: Phone number validation tools that are easy to set up and use help save the user a lot of time. These products are ideally meant to be set up and forgotten, with little to no maintenance. Having to constantly adjust the software could make the investment less worth the time.

  • Customer Support: Due to the security threats that these products are protecting against, it’s important to know your business has customer support readily available. Before deciding to purchase a certain product, research the amount of customer support each product offers.

Pricing Information

Pricing for phone number validation software can be customized to the needs of the user. Some vendors, such as ClearoutPhone, have a credit-based pricing system (1 credit = 1 phone call).

These are usually set up as a one-time pay-as-you-go model or billed monthly. Prices can range from $5 to $1000 a month, depending on the phone call volume you plan to receive and the amount of protection you desire.

It is best to speak to a vendor representative to determine the right price for your business. Some vendors will offer a free version of their product with limited features, as well as a free trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do phone number validation tools do?

Phone number validation tools protect users from phone calls that could be spam or a threat to their business. They do this by verifying the authenticity of each call the business gets. They are also capable of retaining call information for future reference as well as determining the location of the caller.

What are the benefits of using phone number validation tools?

The biggest benefit to using phone number validation tools is the peace of mind that your business is being protected from outside threats. Using these tools allows you to focus on your business and further increase productivity.

How much do phone number validation tools cost?

Prices can range from $5 to $1000 a month, depending on phone call volume and the amount of protection you desire. Interested buyers should speak with a representative to determine the right price for your business.