Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is an electronic signature platform and service, and part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of document management solutions, the other being Adobe Acrobat. Time and Money and Keeping OrderWe use Adobe eSign Services for policy acknowledgements. Each year we have employees acknowledge they have read the employee handbook and use Adobe eSign for this. We also use it when there is a new policy that more than 10 employees have to sign off on. The final use is for when one of our employees wants to use a auto out of our fleet for company business. We send the acknowledgment to them. They have to review and provide us with their drivers license information and birth date. Then we add a second signature which is a person from our insurance team who runs an MVR to make sure the person has an active drivers license and is able to drive a company car. Then final copy goes to HR who makes a copy for the employee file. All can be done in a matter of minutes instead of days sending forms back and forth.,Multiple signatures on one form. Providing an audit trail that stands up in court. Easy tracking of where you stand when needing multiple forms signed. Ease of form creation.,Speed of system.,9,Saved a lot of time in tracking signatures for policy acknowledgements. Ease of access for employees to sign off on form. Don't have to wait for someone to create the form for us. Can have form created and out in a matter of minutes. Only negative is the amount of time it takes to print off acknowledgments once they come in. It would be fantastic if there was a print all feature (form and audit).,SilkRoad HRMS,UltiPro, Tango Card, Oracle Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite,1500,1,Employee Handbook Acknowledgements Spousal Affidavit forms for Health Insurance Motor Vehicle Policy Acknowledgement with additional signature from Insurance authorizing use of vehicle,The work flow of the forms for multiple signatures Management was impressed with the Mega Sign feature,At this time, we cannot think of any other ways we could use the services but would be interested in other's suggestions.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I don't think that we would change the process unless it would be that we looked at Adobe eSign first. It was by far the best value for the money that we found and was super easy to use. We have never regretted the decision to go with this product and it has worked really well for us.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Initial Training Setting up users permissions Getting company to sign off on the product,8,No,8,No,When we were first getting started with Adobe, the person that was assigned to our implementation was fantastic. He took the time to walk me through all the processes and options and was very patient with me when I called with numerous questions. When the time came to launch the product he was available with just a phone call.,Creation of Forms Megasign Feature Tracking status of forms,Printing out forms once completed - too many clicks Intitial use of multi signatures on one form (once I did a few it got easier),Yes, but I don't use it,9Echosign is a no-brainer for small business.We use Echosign to manage over 200 independent contractor agreements. The logistics of trying to get people in the office to sign their agreements each year is challenging. Echosign has allowed us the flexibility to get the agreements to our contractors, signed, and returned much more efficiently. The contractors appreciate not having to make the drive in to sign their paperwork and I can focus more energy on hiring and service management, instead of scheduling and hounding people who are already on board. We use this same model for all of our client contracts as well. 80% of our business happens using e-mail and our online website. When our clients book services with us we can send them their contracts for review and to be signed with the touch of a button. Our clients are busy professionals with full time jobs and they don't have time to come into the office or mail paperwork back and forth. Echosign is a win win solution. I love that Echosign has a built in reminder system as well. You can set up a reminder daily or weekly. It sends an email to the receipt ant on your behalf which allows our team to focus on other tasks instead of managing the items we need signed.,Echosign does allow you to customizes your forms, but I would like the ability to customize it further so that the reminder emails and notifications can be branded with our business pieces, such as font, colors, links, and logo use. One thing I would really like to see changed on these forms is the text formatting. When you add a large form field, the font size changes to fit the field size. It would be nice if all the text stayed a consistent size regardless of the amount of text entered or the size of the box. It makes the forms look a little unprofessional. Also, I would like to see a wrap-function for the text. Instead of the text running off the page in a straight line, having it return down to the next line just like when you're using a field in an Excel spreadsheet with the wrap text function.,Echosign has literally saved us thousands of dollar. It does this by streamlining out process, and making our team member more efficient. We don't have to pay for mailing contracts in the mail or pay our people more hours to manage our contracts. Echosign has given us the ability to provide our clients and contractors with a faster service. They get their contracts in their email which is convenient and accessible. They don't spend additional time or money traveling and mailing paperwork back and forth to us. If we didn't have this function to use in our human resources department we would need to high additional people to handle the work flow. We don't need to do that because Echosign, acts in a sense, like a 2nd set of hands for our process. It ROCKS!,10,10,3,1,Streamlining process,Echosign helped us stay up to speed in a world where people want instant responses We can host the signed documents on our secured server in electronic form now instead of paper only.,8,The ability to drag and drop the text boxes - easy. The reminder function is very easy to use and takes just a second. I like being to review signed documents - echo sign saves them. If you lose something or need to access them again, you can and they are easy to find. Just search the email address you sent them to or the persons name.,Adding multiple text boxes that are the same size. It can be time consuming. Luckily, you only have to do it once if it's a form you use often.,8eSign Makes My Life eAsier!We use Adobe eSign for all of our contracts/agreements. We send approximately 4-5 agreements out each week. Most agreements are signed by one client, but occasionally we need to send it to 2+ additional signers, and eSign makes that process very simple. Before I joined our company, they were still sending hard copy agreements that had to be printed/signed/scanned twice. Adobe eSign makes us more efficient and our clients much prefer it to the old print/sign/scan method.,eSign is very easy for the end user. Clients rarely have issues receiving/reviewing and following the instructions to sign the document. The "Manage" section in the eSign interface is very handy. In a quick snap shot I can see agreements we have outstanding, the ones I need to sign, as well as all of the recently signed and/or cancelled. Rather than having to check with the employee who issued the agreement as to its status, I can just check there. I really like the reminder functionality as well as the history log for each document. Before we reach out to a client who hasn't signed their agreement we can check to see whether or not they've viewed it (including the specific date and time) and we can easily send them a friendly reminder.,The document "send" process has several steps. There are about 10 fields you fill in before you move to the next page to position the signature boxes on the actual document. If you forget or miss-fill one of the the fields, you cannot go back. You have to start over. The history log does not keep track of the reminders you send.,9,eSign has absolutely made our contracting and onboarding process more seamless. Clients appreciate the convenience. eSign has improved our internal processes. Instead of having to wait on verbal/email communication that a contract has gone out, we can instead log in and check the system. Our client files are all practically paperless. Agreements are stored as PDFs in the cloud. Less paper, less clutter, more security!,,Basecamp, Hootsuite Pro, Insightly, MailChimp, Adobe Acrobat DC,The manage/summary section. Provides a snapshot of activity that I find very helpful. Choose between initials, a simple signature, or a time/email stamped signature block depending on what you need/prefer. Send reminders to Clients who don't sign in a timely fashion.,Unable to navigate back and forth between the send set up pages.,9Adobe Echosign ReviewAdobe Echosign makes it easy to upload documents and then manage them. I particularly like the preview box that allows you to view the first page of the document when selecting it from the list of documents. Echosign allows documents to be viewed and shared with ease. Getting signatures for documents is an easy process.,I think that there should be a notification system that informs you when you have documents that need to be signed. Placing fields in documents is difficult. The field options available are confusing.,Echosign has made it extremely easy to send documents via email. Echosign is a crucial component that allows us to have a completely online process. Echosign allows us to send out documents faster, which is extremely important in consumer financing.,10,10,Sending documents. Viewing documents. Managing documents.,Adding fields to documents.,8Adobe eSign is the way to go!We use Adobe eSign for recieving signatures and information on every one of our buisness proposals that we send to other business owners. Everyone at my company knows how to use it and can do so efficently. We use the program to retrieve ACH information and other sensitive things because it is encrypted and is safe to do. It solves us having to mail out paper copies of everything,Uploading of the document into the program is very very easy placing the information fields is also something that is easy to do Not hard to navigate for a new user a new employee can be trained on its use with one 5-10 min training session,They could make it less strenious on the user to place the information fields when they are the regualr text input fields and nothing special you have to check a box saying to preview and place the fields on document on the website, if you dont it will send a document with no way to add any info. I think it should be required to preview the fields because no one is going to use the program to send an empty document Hard to find the function from,,9,We get more signed proposals back we get those signed proposals much quicker than if we used snail mail Sometimes clients don't feel comfortable signing something electronically, and having it be as valid as their actual signature,DocuSign,SurveyMonkey, GoDaddy, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooksPOS, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions,Adding the information fields Writing an intro to go with the document adding the document to the site,remembering to check the box that lets you add fields adding the order people should sign when people reply to the email,10User management needs work.EchoSign handles the ability to manage signatures and the overall signing process very well. EchoSign handles the ability to add smart tags to all types of documents for easy generation and usage EchoSign document management is both searchable and easy to use Integrates well with multiple systems, including,User management needs work; for adding users it is fine however to edit users or remove them, it is lacking. Cannot send mass emails to users or get any kind of user history such when/who created/de-activated.,We don't currently measure anything specific around use of this tool, we are awesome like that, however I do know reps and legal spend far less time getting signatures than in the past. We have a tangible audit trail for each one of our documents signed using EchoSign.,8,9,75,1,It shortens the contract/legal document signature cycle time. Allows for tracking where the document is in the signature process as well as sending reminders to all parties. Adds a robust audit history to each document.,We used it for a very signature heavy internal project approvals that had to be linked to certain signatures on the doc and be signed in any order . While not innovative, it was good to see EchosSign was up to the job and we have templates for later use.,I am hoping we will use for vendor contracts, employment contracts and our corporate credit card, among others.,,Docusign,Product Features Product Usability,If re-doing the vendor evaluation for an esignature solution, we would conduct more in-depth comparisons and add other vendors to the mix. While I know we would have made the same choice in going with EchoSign, it would have still given use more detailed data for future reference.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Using the role based signatures.,9,Self-taught,Yes but still need training for end users especially if you have not set up smart tags and users have to drag signature blocks and other data into the legal documents.,7,I have now implemented EchoSign twice, once using web only with no integration with any system and the second time integrated with While the first, non-integrated implementation was much easier, the business value associated with the integration to CRM system to much more. The automated file attachment of the signed contract is just one small example of how this integration saves the sales time clicks and time.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,We have not done any customization to the UI or anything else as there as not been a need for it with the simpler and easier requirements of the first implementation and now with the second implementation using the agreement templates and built-in data mappings as part of integration setup, no additional customization has been necessary. The one item we are considering is on the side.,No,8,Yes,I was in the midst of trying to do multiple more complicated documents, I had to log multiple support cases. One of the cases I logged was asking how to setup a document with very specific and somewhat complicated requirements and how to do that in EchoSign. While he ultimately referred me to their training module for their smart tags, which was appropriate, he did respond very quickly to my questions with detailed information, including samples, regarding how to solve my issue when he could have just sent me to training or documentation.,9,8,8,9,Eventually we will integrate with,9,7,Lower per license rate for the contract term.,Be willing and able to walk away to get a better price. 2013 Update: They are losing customers due to their previous outages so they are slightly more willing to work on price.Simple to use. Integrated with Salesforce and Big Machines.Very easy to use. It has a simplistic interface which means the learn time is straightforward. Easy for a user to set-up and for the signer to sign. Takes most any document type. Integration was straightforward. We have integrated with and BigMachines.,They set some maintenance timeframes at the end of the month. However, when I’ve complained, they have adjusted. Have had a couple of outages – not major, but noticeable. It is not easy to tell when you are in the preview screen if you’ve made a mistake. The software has the ability to place fields on the document. If you drag a field to edge, it disappears, and you think it’s gone but it’s not really gone, and it shows up to the client somewhere else in the document. This can be confusing to new users.,Higher quality orders are being submitted. Previously, we had a lot of problems with missing pages on contracts and clients writing on contracts, both of which could cause orders to be rejected. In general document integrity is really important. It helps assure to a sales rep that their order will be accepted. No lost revenue. It reduces the risk of a contract being rejected in a quarter. Previously, we had a 1-2% contract rejection rate and now it’s practically zero. There is a staff time benefit of not having to check documents that come through Echosign. You don’t have to count pages etc. For my staff, it probably saved her 10% of the time.,9,9,100,0,Obtaining counter signature for sales orders Internally for signing correspondence w/clients Approving timesheets and expense reports,,,Implemented in-house,,Self-taught,We didn’t need training, as it was so easy to use. We referenced training materials to train other people. I needed something more company specific to train internal users, so I created my own.,It is possible to set-up Echosign tags.,No,9,9,8, BigMachines,Box,We did have a sales rep and did negotiate – we didn’t pay list price, however they weren’t willing to entertain a whole lot of negotiation. IT accepted contract terms as is as it is a low $, low risk application.Pretty effective document signature system.Getting documents signed Saving documents for reference Storing templates from common document types,We use it at the most basic level, but it does what it needs to well enough,Shorter time to document signing Faster and more efficient document management,8,8,3,0,Collecting signatures from clients Saving signed documents in the cloud,No,,Implemented in-house,8,Self-taught,Very easy to learn. The feature set is pretty obvious and intuitive. The workflow is logical.,No,7,7,9,8,Google docs - I know it has that capability but haven't had time yet. Dropbox - Again, pretty sure they have implemented hooks just haven't gotten around to it.,,Standard pricing, cancel anytime.
Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign)
114 Ratings
Score 8.3 out of 101
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Adobe Sign
114 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101
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Gretchen Gosnell profile photo
November 09, 2013

Adobe Sign Review: "Echosign is a no-brainer for small business."

Score 10 out of 10
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It was very easy for me to understand and learn to use. However, when I have trained others on the software who have less experience with technology it can be a little overwhelming at first. However, everyone that I have trained, once they know how to use it, it's easy for them to use on a daily basis. On the flip side, I have had employees who need little to no training at all. They are able to figure it our and navigate it on their own.
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Alex Lim profile photo
November 19, 2013

Adobe Sign: "Adobe Echosign Review"

Score 10 out of 10
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Adobe Echosign offers a wide array of features and most of them are easy to use. The feature that allows you to add fields to documents is actually somewhat difficult to use and often lags. Other than that, Adobe Echosign is very user friendly, which is why I gave it an 8.
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November 04, 2013

Adobe Sign Review: "User management needs work."

Score 9 out of 10
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EchoSign is extremely easy to use through the entire signature cycle, from sending to signing to administration with a very guided approach.

The only way this could be more usable is if it auto-detected the fields but you can get there for the end users by using smart tags in just one extra admin step.
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Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is an electronic signature platform and service, and part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of document management solutions, the other being Adobe Acrobat.
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