The Industry Standard in Video Editing
November 01, 2018

The Industry Standard in Video Editing

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Premiere Pro

As the Audio/Visual coordinator for a multi-campus church, video editing has become an essential step in our workflow in distributing our video materials across all campuses and online. Adobe Premiere has provided our A/V team with the tools needed to produce our weekly sermon and video materials in a timely manner with quick turnarounds while maintaining high-quality production value.
  • Editing Tools and Utilities — Compared to other editing software, Adobe Premiere provides utilities and editing tools allowing the editor to manipulate footage, audio, and images in a way they best see fit for the production. These utilities include in-depth color correction tools, audio production utilities, and production templates.
  • Streamlined Adobe Interface and Functionality — As an avid user of multiple Adobe software, Premiere utilizes a similar user interface across all of its products. Users familiar with one Adobe software (such as Photoshop) can easily figure out how some tools and functions work solely from their previous experience. Premiere also supports integration with other Adobe software, providing the user the ability to import file formats from other Adobe products and maintain the ability to edit / adjust files after import as needed.
  • Regular Updates/Support — As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere is regularly updated with new tools, features, and functions to assist video editors with their workflow. Software is well tested prior to release, ensuring bugs and glitches are minimal. When any issues are discovered, Adobe is typically quick to release patches and updates to remedy issues.
  • Creative Cloud Subscription Service — Premiere is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service. This means that software is not a one-time purchase, but rather part of on-going pay-to-play. Adobe does not offer the ability to purchase software per version which can frustrate users who are not worried about regular updates and would rather make a single software purchase and have access to it for life.
  • Learning Curve — Due to its large selection of tools, utilities, and menus, Premiere can be difficult to just "jump in" and use without prior video editing software experience. Basic production editing can be learned quickly with additional resources (such as YouTube or training courses), but more in-depth functions may take users time to learn to access and use efficiently. Adobe provides some learning resources, but additional free training as part of the Creative Cloud would be beneficial.
  • Additional Preset Templates — Adobe Premiere implemented new templates for lower-thirds, titles, and other graphics in a recent update. However, there are only a select few templates to choose from for each category. It would be nice to have additional templates added in a future update for individuals looking to quickly create without manually creating each aspect of the production.
  • Adobe Premiere has provided a software that allows our audio / visual team to accomplish all that is required in maintaining a multi-campus church organization via distribution of pre-recorded video, for both our PC users and Mac users.
  • When using MacOS across our campuses, we found that Final Cut Pro was a better value for semi-professional video with a single-time purchase that is lower than a single year of Adobe Premiere. This is no longer an option for us as Final Cut Pro is Mac-exclusive (we now primarily use Windows OS).
Compared to Final Cut Pro X and iMovie, Adobe Premiere is the only software available for Mac and PC. Premiere also provides a much more complete and extensive set of editing tools and utilities compared to other software. Alternatively, iMovie provides the most user-friendly experience of the three, closely followed by Final Cut Pro. Since our organization has migrated to primarily Windows-based computers, Final Cut Pro X and iMovie are no longer options for us, and iMovie did not provide sufficient tools to deliver the final outcome we desired.
Adobe Premiere is perfect for the semi-professional or professional video editor. For our church, we produce weekly sermons for YouTube with embedded graphics, video clips for reference, and music, with Premiere being the only suitable software (on PC) that allows us to accomplish this at a high-quality, professional level. Premiere may also be suitable for individuals new to video editing if they are doing so looking to learn, as Premiere provides plenty of growing room. Casual video editors may be better suited with a less intensive, friendlier video editing software.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro

3 - Premiere allows us to create our weekly video productions for our organization, allowing us to reach audiences beyond those participating live on site. We also utilize Premiere (in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop) for creation of video marketing materials on social media (including Facebook video, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter).
1 - In addition to basic computer literacy skills (navigation of an OS, installing and launching software), must also have in-depth knowledge of Adobe software tools, functions, and utilities (e.g. how to use a non-linear video editing timeline, proper use, application and adjustment of effects, etc). Additional knowledge of basic audio production (adjustment of audio levels, audio devices) is also beneficial.
  • Weekly Sermon Video Editing and Distribution
  • Creation of Video Marketing Material (promos, previews)
  • Basic Audio Production Editing and Finalization
  • Basic Audio Production
  • Direct-to-platform rendering & distribution
  • Creation of motion graphic supplements for other productions
Adobe Premiere has become an integral part of our weekly production workflow, providing advanced tools and functionality not currently available in competing software