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Adobe SiteCatalyst Review


Powerful platform with extensive functionality and strong integrations to other products.

Partner at web analytics consultancy with deep SiteCatalyst expertise provides a very detailed review. Strong points are product platform functionality and powerful pre-built integrations to other products. Some reservations about UI design and customer service.

Overall Satisfaction

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Adobe SiteCatalyst if asked by a colleague?

This review9
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average8.1
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average7.9

Please provide some examples of things that Adobe SiteCatalyst does particularly well.

Adobe SiteCatalyst does a good job at providing a platform for collecting website behavioral data. It has many variables that can be used and can be adapted to meet many business needs.

Please provide some examples of areas where Adobe SiteCatalyst has room for improvement.

  • Adobe SiteCatalyst does not do a great job at tracking online marketing campaigns. It does not have great multi-visit campaign attribution or statistical modeling built-in
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst does not do well at providing segment comparisons, which require an add-on product (Adobe Discover).
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst does not provide Pathing capabilities across multiple visits.

What positive or negative impact (i.e. Return on Investment or ROI) has Adobe SiteCatalyst had on your overall business objectives?

Adobe SiteCatalyst derives its ROI from improvements made to the website and conversion rate increases that can be attributed directly to use of SiteCatalyst.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to renew your use of Adobe SiteCatalyst?  Why do you give it this rating?

While there are other tools out there, customers who truly take advantage of Adobe SiteCatalyst's capabilities are likely to renew. Those only using a portion of its functionality may consider switching to Google Analytics, which has a simpler interface and often a cheaper cost.
This review9
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average8.3
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average8

Product Usage

How many people in your company use Adobe SiteCatalyst?   What business functions do they represent?

30 - Adobe SiteCatalyst is normally used by web analysts, online marketers, product managers, campaign managers and website designers.

How many people do you have in-house to support Adobe SiteCatalyst on an on-going basis.  Describe the types of people or skills required to support Adobe SiteCatalyst.

2 - Normally Adobe SiteCatalyst is supported by one product owner and one or more developers.  The product owner manages the relationship with Adobe, understands the product, may do in-house training, etc. Developers are responsible for writing the code required to capture the desired data in SiteCatalyst variables.

What are the 3-5 most important use cases for this product in your organization?

Adobe SiteCatalyst is used to provide directional guidance for improving websites. Using data collected about website use, web analysts can suggest website improvements that will improve conversion rates.

What are some unexpected or innovative ways that your organization has been able to use Adobe SiteCatalyst?

What are some additional ways that your organization might be able to use Adobe SiteCatalyst in the future?

Evaluation and Selection

Did Adobe SiteCatalyst replace another product in your organization?  What products did you replace and why did you want to replace them?

Many clients switch to Adobe SiteCatalyst from a competing web analytics product (Webtrends, Coremetrics, etc.) or choose to upgrade from Google Analytics, which is a free product in the space.  - Most reasons for switching have to do with data ownership, extended features and inclusion of web analytics in an overall marketing suite including things like testing and content management.

Which other products were on your short list as alternatives to Adobe SiteCatalyst?  What made you choose Adobe SiteCatalyst over the alternatives?

Webtrends, Coremetrics, Google Analytics

Which factors were most important in your decision to purchase Adobe SiteCatalyst?

If you had it to do over, how might you change the evaluation and selection process that you went through?


On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied were you with the implementation?  Do you have any key insights regarding implementation of Adobe SiteCatalyst?

I have found that initial SiteCatalyst implementations are too basic to be useful. Adobe professional services is usually tasked with the initial implementation using their "Fusion" methodology. This is good for vertical-based basics, but I find that many clients fail to go beyond this. This has the negative effect of selling SiteCatalyst short within the organization, since first impressions can be long-lasting.
This review5
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average4.6
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average8.2

How did your organization implement Adobe SiteCatalyst?

  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
  • Professional services company

Was the implementation broken up into phases?

Was organizational change management a big part of the implementation?

What were the most significant issues encountered during implementation?


What kind of training did your organization get on Adobe SiteCatalyst?

  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the in-person training?  Why do you give it this rating?

Myself and others have found the in-person training ok, but not outstanding. Trainers are good at explaining how to use the product features, but sometimes lack "real-world" experience on how to use the product as they are people who have often not previously been web analysts. There is also a shortcoming in company-provided training on advanced uses of the product. The implementation training is very good.
This review6
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average4.3
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average7

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the online training?  Why do you give it this rating?

The online training for Adobe SiteCatalyst consists of short product videos.  These are ok, but only go so far. For a while Adobe charged a fee for this, but recently made these available for free. There are many great blog posts that help users learn how to apply the product as well.

Was the product easy to learn without training? Would you recommend this approach to others?

I have found that Adobe SiteCatalyst is a difficult product to learn, but more and more resources are now available to help with this including a publicly available book on the product.


On a scale of 1-10, how configurable is Adobe SiteCatalyst?

Do you have specific recommendations or "best practices" for configuring Adobe SiteCatalyst?

Have you customized the user interface?

Have you added any custom code to Adobe SiteCatalyst?

Any additional configuration or customization that you did for Adobe SiteCatalyst that you want to mention?

Adobe SiteCatalyst is more of a platform than a product. It does very little out-of-the-box, so it is meant to be customized for your organizational needs. Each organization needs to determine what website KPI's should be set as success events and which breakdowns should be provided using eVars, etc.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall support for Adobe SiteCatalyst?  Why do you give it this rating?

I have had many clients that are not thrilled with some aspects of the support. I think the actual day-to-day technical support (ClientCare) is great, but I have heard (and experienced) complaints about the the longer-term services (initial implementation, account management).
This review7
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average5.4
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average7.9

Please rate customer support for Adobe SiteCatalyst for each of these factors .


If available, do you pay for premium support?


Have you ever reported a bug with Adobe SiteCatalyst?

Can you describe a time when Adobe provided you with exceptional support for this product?


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Adobe SiteCatalyst's overall usability?  Why do you give it this rating?

I think there are some interface improvements that reduce Adobe SiteCatalyst's usability. For example, having two different variable types (eVars and sProps), can be confusing to end-users. Additionally, there are few "out-of-the-box" reports and dashboards that a novice end-user can take advantage of right away. The learning curve on Adobe SiteCatalyst is greater than other tools like Google Analytics.
This review7
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average7.8
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average7.8

Please rate Adobe SiteCatalyst for each of the factors on the System Usability Scale.


What functions are particularly easy or elegant to perform using Adobe SiteCatalyst?

What functions are particularly difficult or cumbersome to perform using Adobe SiteCatalyst?

Does Adobe SiteCatalyst provide a mobile interface?


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the product's overall scaleability?

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the product's overall availability?  Why do you give it this rating?

Adobe SiteCatalyst has a good up-time track record, but there are cases in which the interface reports a "Network Acceleration" issue, which can be frustrating. There are also times when data can be "latent" for customers, but most of these cases are due to spikes in traffic or temporary server issues.
This review9
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average9.3
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average9.4

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the product's performance?  Why do you give it this rating?

For the most part, Adobe SiteCatalyst reports work ok, but there are cases in which reports take a long time to return. These cases are usually when too much data has been stored in Conversion Variables (eVars).
This review7
Adobe SiteCatalyst Average8
Web Analytics/Visitor ID Average8.8


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Adobe SiteCatalyst for ease of integration?

What systems have you integrated or attempted to integrate with?   What is the depth of integration and how difficult was it to achieve?

  • E-mail tools like ExactTarget, Responsys
  • CRM tools like
  • Marketing Automation tools like Eloqua & Marketo
  • Voice of Customer tools like OpinionLab and Foresee Results
  • Customer experience tools like Tealeaf and ClickTale
Many 3rd party products can be integrated with Adobe SiteCatalyst using the Genesis (API) integrations that have been built over the years. These integrations are a great way to combine data from multiple tools and are a key differentiator for Adobe SiteCatalyst over other web analytics tools.

Are there systems that you would like to integrate with or plan to integrate with?

Which of these integration technologies have you used with Adobe SiteCatalyst?

What advice do you have regarding integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst?

Vendor Relationship

On a scale of 1-10, how easy was the vendor to work with during the sales process?  Why do you give them this rating?

Adobe SiteCatalyst has a reputation of costing more than other tools and the sales process can be vague at times. I have found that the sales people do not go as deep as you would like with the product and that key implementation considerations can be glossed over in the sales process.  I have also seen cases where customers have "over-bought" products and features they did not need.

In the post-sales process, I have found that there is often not a great hand-off between items discussed during the sales process to the team in charge of the actual implementation.

On a scale of 1-10, how easy was the vendor to work with after the sale?

What were the principle terms that you were able to negotiate with the vendor?

My main advice would be to learn as much as you can about the product before entering the sales process. Most clients buying the product are ignorant of its features and as a result end up buying the wrong stuff and paying a price for it later.  I suggest going to training before you buy the product or reading as much as you can about the product ahead of time. Even better, talk to a product expert and have them coach you throughout the buying process.

Do you have any tips or advice for more effectively dealing with the vendor?

This review covers Adobe SiteCatalyst version 15

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This review covers Adobe SiteCatalyst version 15
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