Call Rail is the most effective and best-value call tracking product we've used (and we've used 3)
September 07, 2018

Call Rail is the most effective and best-value call tracking product we've used (and we've used 3)

Georgina Cole | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with CallRail

We use CallRail across the website to track enquiries to specific teams within our organisation. CallRail calculates call volume, conversion rate and cost per lead for each team, and tracks ROAS back to specific paid search campaigns.


  • With a small tweak that CallRail made to our set up, we can now track calls to individual team numbers and track those back to specific ad campaigns, allowing us to see varying CPLs for different ad campaigns/departments, rather than all calls in total. This is vital to our ROAS calculations.
  • It was easy for us to configure and deploy after moving over from an alternative call tracking provider. The software has a clean UI and is straightforward to use so it's easy to onboard colleagues in the sales team and teach them how to pull call reports.
  • CallRail allows us to define a 'qualifying call' by call duration, and to only include qualifying calls towards our conversion stats which allows for greater accuracy by weeding out wrong-number or irrelevant calls which tend to be quite such.
  • Like-for-like to our previous call tracking provider, CallRail is around 75% cheaper! Because of this saving, we've been able to buy more numbers to ensure that at peak visit times, we have enough dynamic numbers to track the channel data from visits much more accurately.


  • Ideally, it would be great if the volume of tracking numbers in a pool could be increased/decreased automatically dependent on busy/low visitor times to the site, just so you don't have to always be paying for the maximum numbers you would need when the site is busy.
  • CallRail has a huge positive impact on ROI. Before implementing call tracking we were simply not counting good, qualifying phone calls as leads, which means the marketing team's efforts were being under-valued.
  • It's allowed us to see a much clearer ROAS every Adwords campaign, including a 25% improvement in CPL from branded paid search. Within the world of complex travel, many people phone us to book and the lead is closed on the phone. Some of our most expensive-seeming Adwords campaigns now report a much stronger return as we can count qualifying phone calls leads back to Adwords as a conversion - we're not just counting submission of a web form as the only way to get a lead.
CallRail have been more accommodating, helpful, organised and understanding of our business requirements than our two previous call tracking providers in the UK. Combine with the massive cost saving and self-service abilities we have from the back end of CallRail, switching over was a no-brainer. I wish I'd found CallRail 2 years earlier when we started with call tracking.
I've already recommended CallRail to another company in the travel sector. I think the pricing of CallRail is so affordable that even quite small companies can justify the outlay to see where their calls originate from - it's all valuable intelligence. It's far less relevant to businesses for whom the majority of enquiry comes in organically, as there will be no data associated with those calls (Google encrypts organic search terms). If your business gets leads via referral sources, social, paid ad campaigns or via social - I'd say this is an essential tracking tool.


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