Can-do Canva
Updated April 26, 2021

Can-do Canva

Thomas White | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Canva

Canva is a great tool to use for fast image content that doesn't require the skills of a graphic designer. We use Canva at multiple levels and departments to create content for publication across our website, social media, and direct communication. It's a great tool to have when you are short on time and want to get something out the door without using Photoshop. The ease of toggling between different layers, opacities, and image sizes is remarkable.
  • Create multi-layered graphics quickly using a simple interface
  • Set company colors and fonts so that every user has quick access to the brand style
  • Provides a large database of free-to-use graphics and templates
  • I'd like an integration that removes the background from an image in one click
  • There is no ability to collaborate on an image with someone else in real time
  • I would like to be able to resize a canvas once I've started working on it
  • Rapid graphic creation with minimum fuss
  • Simple interface with little-to-no learning curve
  • Ability to generate visual content on the fly without significant time overhead
  • Canva has cut down on editing time for simple projects, circumventing the need for a designer
  • Using Canva is very fast and you can create a professional social media graphic in minutes
For rapid turnaround time projects with limited graphic scope, Canva is a great tool and I prefer using it to Photoshop. The ability to quickly create a canvas, drag and drop and rearrange uploaded images and free-to-use graphics is not something that Photoshop does well. If you are a power user of Photoshop, Canva is less likely to be your go-to platform. For the cost and even the free model, Canva offers a great package. For creating truly professional artwork, Photoshop is a much better choice.

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It's well suited for small to medium businesses that don't have a full staff of designers available to create content at any time. It's a powerful tool to create content quickly for use on social media, in emails, on websites, and more. Power users of Photoshop and professional image software would likely find it extremely limiting. Large companies would be better off with enterprise-level software. Smaller companies would benefit greatly from the free option.

Using Canva

3 - Managers of social media, email marketing, and web content. These business functions all require differing levels of graphic content. There is a constant need for updated graphic content that reflects seasonality and is as original as possible to differentiate from competitors. Canva makes it easy to create content for online use with a quick turnaround time.
Canva requires no support and is entirely self-sufficient. There is no need for any integration because you can easily export your images in a variety of file types. Uploading content is a simple drag and drop action. The platform itself is very robust and I have never seen it go down or be unavailable. There is also no expiration on the content you create, even with a free account.
  • Creating last minute social media content
  • Modifying images for website banners
  • Quickly updating content without requiring a graphic designer
  • Creating several versions of a graphic takes seconds, with the useful ability to duplicate a canvas and modify subsequent iterations within the same file.
  • The free layouts provided are a great way to update your social media content without outsourcing designs.
  • Uploaded content can be shared between business account users, making it easy to use one photo across several different areas of business.
  • Creating rough drafts of content before handing over to graphic designers to fully realize the vision
  • Modifying images while away from a desk for live social media coverage
The ease of use makes Canva a powerful tool for manipulating images, creating original content, and testing ideas without requiring the involvement of graphic design or more time-intensive image editing software such as Photoshop. While it doesn't have the full functionality of a mature software, such as Photoshop, The speed and simplicity of Canva makes it a necessity in a business of any size.

Evaluating Canva and Competitors

Yes - Canva partially replaced Adobe Photoshop. The software is so easy to use and fast that it quickly replaced Photoshop for smaller graphic requirements. There is no lagging load time, no bloated download, and no learning curve to using Canva which empowered coworkers to use Canva for simple tasks that previously required Photoshop.
  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Canva is so simple to use and fast that it saves time and money by reducing reliance upon graphic designs and the use of expensive Adobe software. The free version is also a great way to give coworkers an idea of the experience and ease of use without investing any money or arranging time to sit through an unnecessary presentation.
I would review the most common requests and needs for my team and identify which graphic projects could be handled in-house with a limited level of technical abilities. While Photoshop is the industry standard, there is a huge gap between that product and the day-to-day business needs. I would also note if it is important to be able to remove backgrounds and create transparencies, as this is an area that Canva does not (yet?) do well and we still use other software for.

Canva Implementation

Remember to download the mobile app onto your phone for easy image manipulation on the go. Adding company colors, logos, and typefaces to your company account is an easy process. When images are uploaded, these can also be shared between accounts within a company, as can canvases you've created for easy editing among teams.
Change management was minimal - Canva is super easy. There is no implementation to speak of, other than perhaps adding company colors to your account. This shows up in each company account, so it is easy to change colors of buttons or elements to match your company. The website is ready to go as soon as you sign up or in, and as there is at most a ten minute learning curve.
  • As an online software, there was no issue with implementation. Simply signup and sign in to start creating content.

Canva Support

Canva has a very robust FAQ and Help Center. I have yet to encounter an issue that requires working directly with their support team, though they do have forms for questions not answered already. There is also a way to open a ticket for any issues encountered, including ability to upload screenshots and select a particular design affected.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I did not purchase premium support because it is not offered. The pricing tiers include Free, Pro, and Enterprise level. Each level of support is given access to the extensive Help Center, ticketing system, and feedback forms. When I've encountered problems, the help center has had everything I needed to proceed and self-manage. When I have opened tickets before finding the solution myself shortly after, there is a rapid first response from the Canva team.

Using Canva

The ability to manipulate individual graphics within a single canvas is simple, with intuitive controls. Dragging and dropping images into the screen from your desktop automatically uploads into Canva, where you can easily add to the canvas to edit. The main controls are all there, including resizing, opacity, manipulating the layer order, and cropping. The image edits are also retained in the platform, so you can return to a graphic saved in Canva and continue editing with ease.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • It's easy to layer different images into a graphic
  • Creating social media content is easy with many different free layouts provided, allowing you to easily drag and drop your own content into pre-built designs
  • Adding your own content is straight forward with a drag and drop interface
  • It is not possible to resize a canvas you've been working on, so be aware that you will have to start with each canvas size you wish to create graphics for
  • There is no way to remove backgrounds from images to layer images with transparencies within canva and must be done before adding a png to Canva
Yes - The interface works well, with a simple header bar for navigation within the software, a central image of the canvas you are working on, and a responsive menu along the bottom that adjusts to reflect the item you have selected. For example, tapping on a text element on your canvas brings up the text editing options along the bottom. Tapping on an image brings up resizing, duplicating, color options etc. It is also easy to add more elements, with options to upload images from your phone's library, camera, or third party apps (facebook, google drive, Instagram, dropbox, etc.)

Canva Reliability

Very easy to add accounts and share content between them. Collaboration is also easy to manage and can be done on a project-by-project basis. The cloud-based software means it is incredibly fast to add a coworker and have them editing images within minutes. A live internet connection is required to access Canva so this is something to consider if expecting to use the software while on journeys without access to wifi etc.
I have yet to encounter Canva being offline in at least 6 years of using it regularly. They also announce well in advance if there may be upgrades to the code and the hours during which there may be issues accessing the service.
I haven't ever had issues with a slow-loading site and there haven't been any lag issues within the software. There have been maybe a handful of times over the past six years where I have tried to upload a large image and it will slow down as it loads the last megabyte, but I have yet to have the system time out or require any interference by me.