Contact lists are a huge benefit to overall ABM strategy
August 14, 2019

Contact lists are a huge benefit to overall ABM strategy

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Overall Satisfaction with EverString

We are using Everstring as part of our new ABM/targeted demand gen strategy. Both marketing and sales departments are making use of the product. We use Everstring in two ways:
1. Create company lists around certain search topics (Ideal customers) to try and increase our sales funnel.
2. Create contact lists (us only) around companies we are currently targeting through ABM (this helps our sales team with their process).
Everstring allows us to get contact level information, our ABM tool does not provide this information.
  • Target users based on products they are currently using. This helps determine if a potential customer is a good fit for us.
  • USA Contact lists: we have clearbit reveal on our website to determine which companies are engaging on our site, but that's only at an account level. Everstring is able to provide us contact (company list upload) so we can find the right "active buyers" to reach out to via sales.
  • Being able to filter by job title and department allows us to find the decision-makers at a target company.
  • Contact lists are only available in the USA currently; adding to EMEA would be great. Might be a compliance/security thing though.
  • Sync with salesforce is buggy; we want to add in new contacts to our salesforce from EverString (minus duplicates) there is a "don't show contacts in my CRM" feature, but it does not work properly. When I applied this filter to a contact list, there were a bunch of duplicates already in our Salesforce. Added more work in having to remove them ourselves. Hopefully, they fix this issue.
I come from a marketing/analytics background; the platform is pretty intuitive when it comes to generating account lists. It is easy to understand the available filters. At our company, the tool is only used by individuals on the sales teams and marketing teams. After our initial onboarding session and just a bit of time exploring the tool—we were able to get a pretty good handle on how to use it.
We have only been using the product for a couple months; it's a bit early to have a definite answer on how leads have turned out. However, the combination of filters around job title, department, software being used, etc, has allowed us to generate target lists for our sales and marketing teams.
We have just started using the contact lists for sales purposes, will keep looking out for feedback from our team in regards to accuracy. Our goal is to add at least 2 contacts for every account in our CRM. There is currently a bug with hiding contacts already in salesforce; once this is fixed it will make using this feature easier for us.
We are using ABM + Everstring to increase the amount of highly-qualified accounts in our sales funnel. We just rolled out handing over account lists to our sales team in the past few weeks, so we are still looking for feedback on how these accounts are turning out. Everstring lets us know which software a company is using, so that helps save us time when qualifying if they are a proper fit for our product.
Everstring allows us to identify accounts who maybe be interested in our product ahead of when we would without it. Everstring also shows with products a company is using + researching. This gives our sales team leverage when working on a deal. Usually, we have to spend time with a company figuring out if they are compatible with us. Using Everstring and other ABM tools allows us to qualify accounts faster than ever before.
Everstring has better filters when it comes to creating target account lists; being able to filter accounts by job title, industry, department, software being used, etc, allows us to be very specific in who we want to target. The biggest thing Everstring does for us is create contact lists for the US. Other ABM tools only provide information at an account level, so being able to find contacts at target companies with Everstring is a huge plus for us.
If you have an ideal customer profile, Everstring can be a great tool for generating target company lists for sales/marketing. When paired with an ABM tool like Terminus or Demandbase, Everstring is an amazing companion. If you don't have a way to measure engagement by the company on your website, the tool might be less helpful.