Kentico is a robust, flexible, and easy to use Content Management System
June 04, 2019

Kentico is a robust, flexible, and easy to use Content Management System

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Overall Satisfaction with Kentico

Kentico is being used in our organization as our primary Content Management System for our websites. It is being used across the whole organization including content management being done by the marketing department.

The Kentico CMS has helped us transition away from a limited and clunky CMS to a robust, flexible, and configurable platform that lets us focus on and achieve our goals instead of fighting with the platform and only being able to do the most basic tasks.
  • Extremely flexible content management system that makes content creation and management easy.
  • Includes a 'staging' module that allows content managers to sync content across dev or test environments to a production environment in a very controlled way.
  • Kentico provides an interface for creating page templates and 'transformations' which allow even non-technical users to get in there and make adjustments to these things without necessarily needing a developer or IT resource involved.
  • Kentico makes it easy to sync content between environments, but it does have some room for improvement here. If you have many sites in the same instance of Kentico, there can be some messy synchronization tasks that show and it does make it a bit more confusing and hard to keep track of what's what.
  • Kentico doesn't really provide much in the way of out-of-the-box page layouts or website themes. It would be an improvement if it had an easier to access a library of themes.
  • Implementation would benefit from a team or agency that specializes in Kentico since it isn't the most widely known platform and having a team that really understands the platform would make the setup and transition much easier.
  • Kentico has empowered our marketing team to create and manage content at a much quicker pace than previously possible so that we can do more and do it better.
  • Kentico has also helped us reduce our need for IT and technical resource support by having modules built into the CMS to help sync content across environments and to allow non-developers to make other template or functionality changes.
  • By switching to Kentico, our go-to-market speed for new or updates websites is at least 50%, if not closer to 100%, faster than it was previously. This is a huge win for our department and organization.
Previously we used Microsoft SharePoint as a content management system and it was very limited, required a ton of support, and we encountered bugs on a weekly/monthly basis.

All of the negatives that we had associated with SharePoint went away when we switched to Kentico. It was really night and day and Kentico has really helped us move forward and become much more efficient.
Kentico is a robust and flexible CMS platform that is great for managing multiple websites and multiple environments (dev, stage, and production for instance). It makes content management very easy and makes it easy to keep the environments synced with the same content.

However, the Kentico CMS does require a bit more technical understanding to get it set up properly and requires a bit more effort and support than, say, free open-source options.

Kentico Xperience Feature Ratings

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