MarketNo - use HubSpot, SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign instead
July 23, 2021

MarketNo - use HubSpot, SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign instead

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Modules Used

  • Marketo Lead Management
  • Marketo Analytics

Overall Satisfaction with Marketo

It is used across the whole organisation, it tries to address the lead capture, nurture and email side of things. Our organisation has been using it for over 3 years now, however, all modules have not yet been implemented.
  • [In my experience] compared to other marketing automation programs nothing
  • [In my personal experience,] it is good at extracting money from our company with very little results, once you are locked in that is it, [I believe] it just leeches off you.
  • It is good at making money for its partners [in my opinion because of] the need [for] constant training for your employees
  • [In my experience, it requires] constant site maintenance, failures and days where you lose work
  • No real WYSIWYG editor for landing pages, [I feel] you need to get an external company to code your templates, and then they are really limiting
  • [In my experience it is a] very clunky user interface, very idiosyncratic, takes a long time to learn. HubSpot, SharpSpring, and ActiveCampaign are much better and a lot cheaper.
  • [In my experience,] sending emails and email editor is really clunky and basic
  • No integrated CRM and [in my experience] it doesn't play well with others, minimal API functionality with a lot of CRMs including Sage and D365
  • Training back up is minimal, [in my experience] you have to employ a third-party training partner to help you. The help given by Marketo University, Marketo Notes and Marketo Nation is minimal. You still have to pay to get certified in Adobe's learning programme. [In my opinion] you [won't] get up and running straight away and [it is my personal belief that] the UX is terrible, so singular that you will need external training, [and I believe] all part of Adobe's plan to make more money.
  • For the stuff that you get [I believe] Marketo is really expensive
  • Just sending basic emails is a pain [in my opinion]
  • If you are the type of person that likes to get things perfect and take time on programming in functions and actions and making sure that there are no conflicting actions this is for you. But if you are creative then don't bother. [In my experience], it will stamp out any spark of inspiration in its frustratingly annoying way of handling things. [In my experience,] one wrong filter or trigger or link in a campaign and you will have to spend days finding out where it is and undoing it.
  • It could really do with a visual plan of how you are laying out programmes
  • You [can't] schedule social media and Google ads and posts from this automatically like you can with HubSpot, SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign. [In my experience], you can kind of, but you have to upload a list of contacts that you want to target and link them to a campaign that is already set up in Google or the Social Media platform, kind of defeating the object of doing this. So you still have to use platforms like Hootsuite for scheduling
  • [In my experience] analytics and reporting is awful. We still have to export all contacts to excel and create reports manually through that.
  • Product Launches
  • Lead Management
  • Prospecting / New Business
  • Other
Email campaigns to inform the current database about new campaigns. Lead generation is done through social media ads and google ads managed on their respective platform as Marketo cant handle this, however, we do use Marketo to capture the new leads that are coming in. We have a very basic lead scoring system in place with Marketo that pushes [some] leads through to CRM, but [in my experience,] it is really badly set up and doesn't really work, and no one really has the impetus to set it up properly.
HubSpot, SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign are much better and a lot cheaper than Marketo all have [a] better user interface, UX, WYSIWYG editors. Their lead flow management [is] more intuitive. You will be able to pick them up and run with them in no time. Reporting and assigning tasks is so much better, they all also have an integrated CRM.
[I don't believe it] is suited for small or medium sized companies, you need a team of about 5 people solely dedicated to creating Marketo campaigns for your organisation. [I believe] If you have that structure and endless money that you can throw in the bin then great.

Adobe Marketo Engage Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Dynamic content
Ability to test dynamic content
Landing pages
A/B testing
Mobile optimization
Email deliverability reporting
List management
Triggered drip sequences
Lead nurturing
Lead scoring and grading
Data quality management
Automated sales alerts and tasks
Event/webinar marketing
Social sharing and campaigns
Standard reports
Custom reports
Role-based workflow & approvals
Integration with
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Integration with SugarCRM
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