OneDrive great accross OneTeam at time
February 25, 2016

OneDrive great accross OneTeam at time

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Overall Satisfaction with OneDrive

OneDrive is being used primarily by our social media and reporting teams. It is used to store and send reports, artwork, and other assets to members across the team and to the client.
  • OneDrive has the capacity to hold a lot of files.
  • The search function is pretty easy to use.
  • You can store and view metadata on assets.
  • It can handle multiple people logged into the same account at the same time.
  • You can easily create links to share work with other people.
  • I am unable to upload folders to OneDrive (I use a Mac), so I have to go folder by folder to upload content.
  • We are able to share and access files off our company network, so even if you're away from work and/or it's a weekend, anyone on the team can access files.
  • Sometimes it can be a part time job for the person managing the account because they need to manage permissions and folders.
  • The client is easily able to access content meant for them.
I feel like Dropbox is easier to use and it allows for folders to be uploaded. Xinet has better security control over folders and assets. You can set usage rights so certain assets are available for certain periods of time.
I think OneDrive is great if you're sharing an account with multiple people on a team, but it can be a bit cumbersome to use if you have multiple folders to upload from a Mac.

OneDrive Feature Ratings

Not Rated
Video files
Audio files
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Document collaboration
Access control
File search
Device sync
Not Rated
User and role management
File organization
Device management
Not Rated
Not Rated
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Storage Reports
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Using OneDrive

Creative, reporting, client management, and project leads.
2 - I don't think you need any specific skills, you just need to be organized. Some people due to the nature of their jobs will become more familiar with the program than others and will understand specific nuances.
  • We work with Microsoft.
  • The client uses it.
  • You can access files outside the company network.
  • Large capacity for storage.
  • Teams can use one account.
  • Sharing creative files between creative team members.
  • Organizing large assets on a monthly basis.
  • Searching and finding old assets
  • To share files between teams.
  • To share animations/video and their working files between teams.
The company will definitely renew the use of OneDrive. I currently work on another on another team and we don't really utilize it, so I'm not sure if I'll be using it again.

Using OneDrive

It's an easy program to use, but it didn't always meet my needs. I needed to be able to upload folders. Sometimes it took too long to upload large files. I couldn't sync the program to my computer. I didn't have control over permissions. And if I signed into Skype with a different account, I would get logged out of my team's OneDrive account.
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Do not like to use
Not well integrated
  • You can drag and drop files straight into OneDrive.
  • The search function is simple.
  • Sharing is easy.
  • I was not able to upload folders.
  • I was not able to sync OneDrive to my computer.
  • Sometimes the upload/download times were too long.