UiPath is a Major Upgrade in Automation and Digital Transformation
May 04, 2019

UiPath is a Major Upgrade in Automation and Digital Transformation

Rahul Kumar Khatawani | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform

We mainly worked on Web Automation for US-based Clients in Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) Domain, which involves automating end to end processes based on functional requirements using Agile Best Practices.

Technically, it involves Excel Automation in terms of reading the details of users having loads of data around 2-3 lakhs records per process.

These are further processed after login into the application using integrated securities and Client Level authentication.

At the end of the process sending the automated emails to the stakeholders informing about the insights above the transactions and errors that occurred using an unattended bot for the whole process.

The handiest aspect when learning and implementing UiPath, it is less programming when compared to other software tools which require firstly programming concepts then one needs to have tool familiarity.
UiPath has now introduced Source and Version control capabilities using GitHub and NuGet by Microsoft Corporation which gives us more control for the overall maintenance of repositories and workflows providing Continous Integration and Continous Deployment.
  • It provides more control while dealing with Web Applications, Desktop Applications, VDI and Image-Based Automation on Citrix.
  • Can be extended its scope on Mainframe Automation.
  • GitHub Integration in order to maintain different repositories for different process.
  • Implementing image-based automation is quite challenging especially when you are working on the Client network using VDI.
  • There can be many more activities that need to be provided so it can be further enhanced.
  • If not possible to give the activities, then at least provide some paid activities like Abby OCR when it comes to the Optical Character Recognition.
  • They have recently rolled out a course which is having contents for automating salesforce application, but no automation is required when you use sales force for development.
  • Extension to Linux based Applications.
  • Security can be further enhanced by providing different activities rather than basic Typesecurestring in order to control logging at the verbose level.
  • Automating the rule-based tasks with the help of robots saves time money and dollars for an organization.
  • Inbuilt framework for implementing Banking and Health Insurance.
  • The third-party integration adds on like ABBYY FlexiCapture is quite costly.
  • Linux-based applications cannot be automated.
  • Citrix applications are some times difficult to handle when the screen coordinates changes.
As compared to other products, we require programming knowledge and concepts to work but UiPath is for everyone. It provides us extensive event logging at various stages and effective exception handling for applications and business. It increases our agility and enhances the overall productivity further by using the source control SVC. The solution that we implemented is also very scalable in terms of incorporating new requirements.

The open source tools require lots of IT effort in order to set up and maintain over time. UiPath is like a complete package and customer service is also active in terms of solving issues arising while automating procession on a day to day basis.
SoapUI Pro, Selenium, Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS), GitHub, Jenkins, JIRA Software, Unified Functional Testing (formerly HP UFT), TOSCA Orchestrated Service Virtualization, Appium, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, MS SharePoint, Oracle Database 12c, Microsoft SQL Server, Eclipse, Notepad++, iSpring Suite, Postman, Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, Micro Focus LoadRunner (formerly HP LoadRunner), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Microsoft Office 2016
It is well suited for web-based application automation which involves structured and unstructured data. It provides GitHub integration for maintaining different repositories for different processes, as well as NuGet package integration for managing dependencies. The scope is extended to implement mainframe automation which is quite secure in terms of managing data and bank related operations. It did well with controlled robots in terms of unattended and attended bots by using state machines and orchestrator. We appreciated the ability to trigger different processes by using the orchestrator app. It was found to be less appropriate when we wanted to run a process for fewer times. Since this is a paid tool it does not bring value when implemented for a process that is not recurring, the reason being there are other free open source tools that can do that job which will cost less money.

Using UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform

  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • CI CD
  • Implementing Agile Practices
  • Implemented in Health Care and Banking Domains
  • Enhancing its capability in onboarding portal
  • Migration to Telecom Sector.
  • Creating of test data for rule-based sets and writing effective test cases for quality delivery.
20 - 
  • Manager
  • Architects
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Product Owner
  • Chief Technical Owner
  • UiPath Developers
  • Support Executives
  • Automation Testers
  • Database Testers
  • Migration to Telecom Sector
  • Automating business transaction end to end flow for BFSI Domain
  • Automating Mainframe Applications
  • The Citrix-based application can be better handled by using the custom activity approach.
  • Updated framework for easy migration
  • In Automation testing
  • In creating Custom Framework
  • Organizing Hackethrones to bring in more creativity
This tool helps in distributing our tasks to robots which makes it very useful.
It provides more control as it runs on the top of everything and the backend algorithms are quite secure