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What is Kudos®?

Kudos® is an employee engagement and recognition platform, that harnesses peer-to-peer recognition, casual rewards, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance.

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Kudos® offers a range of use cases that have proven beneficial for organizations across various sectors. The software serves as a …
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Kudos to Kudos!

10 out of 10
January 09, 2021
Kudos is used as a peer recognition platform across our entire organization. It allows us to publicly or privately recognize fellow …
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Great Platform!

10 out of 10
January 05, 2021
Kudos is a platform that we use across all departments to show our appreciation for our remote team and everything they continue to do. It …
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What is Kudos®?

Kudos® is an employee engagement and recognition platform, that harnesses peer-to-peer recognition, casual rewards, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance.

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Product Details

What is Kudos®?

Kudos is an employee engagement, culture, and analytics platform that helps to unlock employee potential. Kudos® harnesses peer-to-peer recognition, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance.

The vendor states the Kudos® platform is used in over 80 countries on six continents in a wide variety of industries and languages.

Kudos® Features

  • Supported: Employee Recognition
  • Supported: Realtime Feedback
  • Supported: Rewards / Rewards Catalogue
  • Supported: Reporting / Analytics & Insights
  • Supported: Performance Management
  • Supported: Manager-to-Peer Recognition
  • Supported: Internal Communications
  • Supported: Social Recognition
  • Supported: Employee Database
  • Supported: Social Feedback Portal
  • Supported: Survey Customization
  • Supported: Birthdays & Annniversaries
  • Supported: Pulse Surveys
  • Supported: eCards

Kudos® Screenshots

Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of

Kudos® Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesAfrica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America
Supported LanguagesArabic, Czech, English, Greek, Farsi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, Polish, Spanish, Chinese

Frequently Asked Questions

Kudos® is an employee engagement and recognition platform, that harnesses peer-to-peer recognition, casual rewards, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance.

Fond, Achievers, and HALO Recognition are common alternatives for Kudos®.

The most common users of Kudos® are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).

Kudos® Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)33%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)61%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)6%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Kudos® offers a range of use cases that have proven beneficial for organizations across various sectors. The software serves as a recognition and rewards platform, allowing HR departments to appreciate employees' work efforts promptly. By saving employees' profiles and monitoring their activities, Kudos enables efficient tracking and identification of individuals who deserve recognition and rewards.

One key use case of Kudos is its ability to create excitement and positive engagement among staff, fostering a lively and recognition-driven environment. With immediate recognition and rewards available, employees are motivated to push beyond their limits and exceed customer expectations. This instills confidence in users that their good performance will be acknowledged and rewarded, fueling their drive to strive for more.

Furthermore, Kudos functions as a social platform where team members can show gratitude and recognize one another for outstanding performance and hard work. The familiar Facebook-like format makes it user-friendly and accessible to all employees, promoting integration and cohesion among teams. The app's ease of use allows for effortless awarding and redeeming of kudos, increasing productivity and employee appreciation.

Kudos also serves as a peer recognition platform, enabling employees to publicly or privately acknowledge their colleagues' contributions. This promotes a culture of togetherness, collaboration, and active participation within teams and individuals. Additionally, the software's integration with Slack keeps teams updated on recognized team members' hard work, further enhancing employee engagement.

Overall, Kudos is a versatile software solution that facilitates employee recognition, boosts morale, and aligns individuals and teams with company values. It increases employee retention, creates a positive work environment, and motivates employees to perform at their best.

User Profile Customization: Users have found it helpful that Kudos allows for saving the profile of each employee individually and tracking their activities. This feature has been mentioned by several reviewers, highlighting its usefulness in recognizing and acknowledging employees' efforts.

Badge Assignment: Reviewers appreciate the ability to assign badges to each employee based on their job performance. This feature has been positively mentioned by multiple users, emphasizing how it helps in acknowledging and rewarding employees' achievements.

Dedicated Employee Portal: The dedicated portal for employees has been well-received by users. They appreciate having a centralized platform to view their badges, recognitions, and awards, enhancing their engagement and motivation. Several reviewers have highlighted this as a valuable aspect of Kudos.

Limited Variety of E-gift Cards: Some users have expressed that the catalog of available E-gift cards in Kudos is limited and they would like to see a broader selection.

Delays/Lack of Email Notifications: Several reviewers have mentioned experiencing delays or even a lack of email notifications from the software, which can be frustrating when trying to stay updated on important information.

Mobile Interface Not as Smooth as Desktop Version: Users have reported that the mobile interface of Kudos is not as smooth as the desktop version, particularly when searching for colleagues' names. This can make it more difficult to navigate and use the software on mobile devices.

Users have made several recommendations about Kudos based on their experiences. The most common recommendations include increasing options for gift cards in Kudos, improving recognition and appreciation of employees' efforts, and enhancing employee engagement and collaboration. In terms of gift cards, users suggest adding more choices to allow for personalized rewards. They highly recommend using Kudos as a tool to recognize and appreciate colleagues' work, emphasizing its positive impact on team morale. Additionally, users find Kudos user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it valuable for fostering collaboration and unity among team members. Overall, users recommend utilizing Kudos to build a culture of appreciation, encourage growth in employees' efforts, and create a sense of community within the company. They also suggest being patient when collecting Kudos and considering realistic pricing for gifts.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As employees, we use the Kudos platform to recognize and show appreciation for fellow work mates for their hard work and achievements. The product is very powerful for team integration and cohesion by rewarding active team players, thus motivating them to keep performing with excellence. The app is also user friendly and allows for easy awarding of and redeeming of kudos thus increasing productivity in our company due to motivated and well appreciated employees.
  • User friendly to most users with no need for specialised computer skills.
  • The variety of prizes that Kudos offers when redeeming points is something awesome and worth mentioning
  • This product has enabled us to have a way to bring everyone together and also to support our core values of the business, by also allowing me to feel appreciated by my peers for a job well done.
  • I have noticed that the kudos that are awarded expire if not used at the end of a month. If this can be looked at so they don't expire, that would be great.
  • I wish the kudos I am given every month to award to work team members are only limited to a certain amount. Would really wish they were more kudos so I can award more to cater for the various departmental workers that I work with. Thus, I have to choose carefully who I recognize each month.
  • I have realized that our company has reduced or cut down on the gift cards or rewards available when redeeming kudos. Would be great if more options could be added.
Kudos is especially useful and helpful during project deployment where team members can be awarded kudos and appreciation and motivation for their team efforts in meeting milestones and targets. In some instances, the reward types or gifts may seem irrelevant to some departments in certain regions or my company' operations in other parts of the African continent.
Tommy Parker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use this service to reward and recognize the work and effort of workers in all areas of our company, since, for us, it is important to promote the idea that a job well done is the key to success in any type of business. The first commercial problem that we are solving with the implementation of this service is that now our co-workers are fulfilling their assigned tasks in a more efficient and proactive way making it worth paying for this service in the long term.
  • I like the aspect of how the platform looks like it is something similar to Twitter or any other social network.
  • I also really like the idea that the platform has a portal where all members of the company can interact with our activities or news related to work.
  • And last but not least the reward system which allows us to award points according to the work performed by the employee or the activities performed there.
  • I would like you to implement an option in "kudos" that allows us to evaluate the performance of each employee and assign badges according to their level of performance.
  • I would also like to see an option that allows us to establish work objectives for employees who do not fulfill their assigned tasks in the correct way.
The best scenario to use this service would be with the intention of rewarding a member of the company who correctly fulfilled the assigned tasks. And what better way to say thank you than with a gift card as an incentive. A wrong way to use this service would be to do it fraudulently and reward people who do not deserve it.
Jack Mattheus | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
•We currently use [Kudos] to reward the work efforts of our employees in all sectors of our company. Since for us it is important to have a place where employees feel satisfied and can always count on their work being appreciated and valued.

•Kudos is being used mainly only by the HR department as it is best suited for this type of work. However, implementation in other departments is being evaluated.

•One of the labor problems that this tool is offering us. It is that it allows us to have the profile of each of our employees saved in its data system. And in this way to be able to monitor each of their activities and reward them if necessary.
  • One of the most useful aspects of this tool is that it allows you to save the profile of each of the employees individually and to be able to track their activities and give them the recognition they deserve.
  • Another useful feature of "kudos is that the system allows you to assign badges to each profile based on their job performance.
  • I also really like that the platform has a dedicated portal for employees. In which they can see their badges, recognitions and awards obtained for their efforts.
  • I would like this tool to have the functionality of being able to create surveys and polls. This allows us to better include employees and further understand what their complaints or needs are.
  • I would like you to have a broader E-gif card catalog as I don't think there is much variety.
It would be very appropriate to use some of its functionalities when an employee has finished his work and has reported it correctly. In this case, we proceed to rate and mark your work on the platform and then reward him.
January 09, 2021

Kudos to Kudos!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kudos is used as a peer recognition platform across our entire organization. It allows us to publicly or privately recognize fellow colleagues by sending them Kudos points that can be accumulated and used for cash or gift cards. Kudos helps to increase employee retention, create a positive work environment and supportive culture, and spark positivity and happiness. It can also help to boost employee performance.
  • Your hard work turns into cold, hard, cash!
  • I like that you can choose from Kudos-branded or company-branded rewards!
  • I like that you can choose to send your Kudos privately or publicly.
  • I like that you can endorse a Kudos someone else has sent.
  • I like that you get kudos on your birthday!
  • I like that you can't send all your Kudos to one person, forcing you to spread it out.
  • I wish unused kudos could roll over to the next month.
  • I wish adding GIFs to a post was easier.
  • I wish that clicking the +K button actually added additional Kudos.
  • I wish there were more Canadian-specific Kudos rewards.
  • I would like to get a reminder email towards the end of each month, reminding me to use up the last of my Kudos.
Kudos really helps to build team morale. I love seeing everyone call each other out for the great work their doing, and I think that kind of feedback makes people work harder. Sometimes teams can be very segmented. With Kudos, you can easily see what other teams are working on, fostering an atmosphere of engagement and communication.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We deployed Kudos across the whole organisation to enable employees with a platform to share their good experience with others in the organisation, recognising and rewarding them. This allows recognition across different business units, locations and all job families, allowing individuals and teams to be called out for their good work and aligning them to our values.
  • Easy to use, user friendly platform.
  • Ability to have different levels of recognition depending on the job recognised.
  • Ability to add on not only comments to kudos given, but also additional kudos points.
  • It provides with visibility of highest kudos points givers and receivers, but not at a team or business unit level.
  • Very straight forward, so much so that sometimes recognitions might miss their impact as there are only 4 levels of recognition.
Kudos is best suited for organisations looking for a recognition program across all employee levels and groups. In my experience, it works well if it's encouraged by the organisation and most importantly its leaders, as it can be a tool used by teams and team members, both internal and external.
January 05, 2021

Great Platform!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kudos is a platform that we use across all departments to show our appreciation for our remote team and everything they continue to do. It is absolutely wonderful and allows us to bake in our core values into the platform so that all our users see the impact they have made and continue to make. We love how it integrates with Slack and allows our team to stay even more up to date on team members that are being recognized for their hard work. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to make their remote team feel valued and appreciated!
  • Recognition
  • Integration
  • Rewards
  • System images could use updating
  • More custom reporting
I love this platform and what it does for our team! It is a part of our everyday conversations and every team member is aware of the platform and how to use it to recognize others. Absolutely wonderful!
Matthew M. Morris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Kudos across our organization to recognize employees in all areas. It is our primary recognition system and allows immediate positive reinforcement of good behavior through company wide updates on Kudos, as well as the monitors we feed it directly too and run 24/7. It has been a Godsend and the familiar Facebook type format makes it very user friendly.
  • It allows for immediate positive recognition
  • Customized badges and awards
  • Ease of use
  • I am honestly so happy with Kudos that I don't have any suggestions to improve - love it!
Having a larger staff of hourly employees it is difficult to always make them know they are being recognized for a job well done. Kudos makes it easy and most importantly fun. The GIF, etc. that can be added are awesome and keep morale up too! Some employees may not like the public attention as much, but have found even my team members that say that shine a little brighter when they see themselves on the board for something someone else pointed out they did well.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used in the entire organization where employees reward and recognize each other for the good work they do. It keeps up morale and motivation among the teams. They remain focused to do more and achieve overall company objectives.
It promotes a culture of togetherness among teams and individuals, as well as active collaboration.
  • Active collaboration.
  • Employee recognition and rewards based on honest feedback.
  • Boosts morale among individuals and teams.
  • Promotes a solid culture in the company for recognition.
  • Helps in retaining staff.
  • Members go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service to clients.
  • Some employees do not appreciate the rewards and recognition, especially the executives.
  • Inequitable employee rewards.
  • Employee entitlement.
  • It's improved security to access the portal by adding more security questions.
Usually, after successful project implementation and success, one deserves to be rewarded by the team members. Kudos provides a high level of product execution and leadership spirithood.
In general though, one gives Kudos points as and when he desires, even when scenarios do not deserve to be rewarded. There is a need for checks and balances to establish who is worthy to receive Kudos.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kudos is being used across the whole organization to shine and recognize our fellow colleagues for a good job done on spot. We conveniently shine fellow colleagues and give them kudos on the spot for what they have done and later redeem our points for rewards as allocated by the company. It's also used by the HR department for employee awarding an appointment. Kudos is mobile so it can be used from a mobile phone or even on a laptop giving us the ability to recognize colleagues at anytime.
1. We do not have to wait for the end of the year for best employee recognition, this is done on the spot and rewarded about a month later.
2. It's easy to track the highest receivers and at the end of the year, these receivers are sieved and awarded accordingly.
3. It creates excitement and positive engagement within the staff creating a lively environment knowing that everyone at least is recognized.
  • On the spot recognition, like, you get nominated on spot by a fellow teammate after helping them out.
  • Used as a tool for rewards and appointments within our company converting earned points into vouchers and other incentives.
  • Easy evaluation of an employee's input/qualities in terms of collaboration, engagement, accountability, model leader, and promoting integrity.
  • Gives us visibility of everyone profile in the company its more like a social site things like birthdays, highest point receivers and senders.
  • Rewards take a long time to be given out, but this I would put on the company's policy.
  • From my own perspective on a mobile phone, it's not so smooth like on desktop, like searching for a colleagues name sometimes is difficult.
  • Sometimes email notifications take too long to come, or they don't even come at all.
When a colleague shows a "Get it Done" attitude where he/she identifies problems and/or risks and then proactively taking action to resolve or escalate them without waiting for someone else to notice them I give them a kudos. When a teammate shows best practice through experience and research, one’s ability to willingly share with others, the trends and knowledge that reflect the leading practices in a particular subject I give them a kudos. When a colleague demonstrates efficiency in improving speed, achieving savings, or simplifying processes or systems for the business I give them a kudos. When one conducts themselves to ensure that the company maintains a reputation for corporate integrity, sound professional principles, and values that promote the company's mission I give them a kudos.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kudos is used as a social platform to acknowledge all the great people that work for throughout the entire company. We use it as a positive tool to raise people up and encourage our agents to be more customer focused. In our line of work, it doesn't address any business problems, it gives all employees an outlet to create a positive working environment and to encourage one another even if we haven't met.
  • Great social media platform. It allows all employees from all locations to become connected.
  • The wide range of rewards is nice.
  • When redeeming points for items, it would be nice to receive updates about the status of our order.
Kudos is well suited for the industry I work in because it's all about positivity and lifting up your coworkers and acknowledging all the amazing things that happen that make our company so great. Kudos is a great tool for us because it brings all our locations into 1 place and connects all the employees from all across the country.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kudos is used by our organization to provide an incentive for our employees to push further and beyond customers expectations! Chewy prides itself in customer service so when our employees go above and beyond for our customers we like to reward good deeds with KUDOS! It addresses our employee confidence! They are confident that when they do a good job they know they will be rewarded! So KUDOS keeps our employees striving for MORE!
From Customer Service agents to Managers at the highest level, we all interact with KUDOS for the benefit of all employees!
  • Encourages employees to go above and beyond!
  • Encourages our staff to make an effort to support our employees by handing out KUDOS for good deeds or for bright ideas that help innovate the company.
  • Helps our leaders make informed decisions on good staff by viewing the distribution of KUDOS to our employees and helps maintain a level of professionalism between the employees.
  • Increase in the amount of KUDOS being able to be given out by a normal, basic user. Being limited to 100 a month is a little low in a company of 8000+.
  • Increase in the amount able to be given. The current maximum is 50 per person but it would be nice to enter our own.
  • When the window is opened up to half scale, the username and account information becomes unable to be seen. I believe the website needs to be customized to be able to function in a windowed or full-screen style of mode!
Kudos is well suited to give employees confidence in the job that they are doing and to provide an incentive for them to keep doing their job. IF an employee goes out of his way to write a card to the CST, he will receive KUDOS if the customer calls in to thank us! It's just a little thank you to our employee for reaching out to our beloved customer! If an employee is always late or messing up at work, KUDOS is not a system we use. Instead, we do a 1 on 1 training with our employee to see if there are any areas to improve upon!
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Kudos as a way to show gratitude and recognize team members for their outstanding performance and hardwork
  • It is great at helping get exposure to your team members when you recognize them publicly
  • It can be used with a point system that has a monetization backing, putting your money where your mouth is
  • It has a great system for managing different types of recognition such as "Thank You" and "Great Job"
  • I think Kudos could use some UI enhancements as it can be a bit much info at one time
  • I believe Kudos could probably do a better job guiding administrators in setting up their organization kudos page/system to maximize its appearance and layout
Kudos is well suited for large organizations they may have distributed members who don't get a lot of face time with each other. Remote or distributed environments can often suffer morale loss due to impersonal working relationships that leave you feeling alone or abandoned. Being able to show gratitude and recognition through an organizational system helps raise that morale and boosts employee outlook.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company uses Kudos as a rewards incentive. It's used by all from the top level to entry level. The program does a great job keeping employees engaged and encourages them to do an overall good job. I use it in the classroom environment as a trainer to create excitement and to set the tone for those in the classroom to use the program for the greater good. It doesn't just reward those who do well in their job, but can be used as a goodwill tool to thank others for their kindness. Kudos inspires a pay it forward sense of mentality that creates a positive work environment.
  • Inspires.
  • Rewards.
  • Encourages.
  • Uplifts.
  • Creates ownership.
  • Accountability.
  • Accessibility.
  • Recognizes.
  • I would love to see Kudos allow for a custom number to be issued. For now, it only offers 5, 10, 20 & 50 point increments. We would like to see this change to a custom field.
  • The interface has too many bells and whistles. The process could be simplified.
  • Would love to see the opportunity for Kudos reward points for completing company-wide surveys or internal training refresher courses.
Kudos is perfect for creating an in-house rewards program for employees at all levels of the company. It's an incentive to do your job and do it well. It achieves recognition for those who are going above and beyond. It also inspires goodwill throughout the company and inspires others to be good, not just do good. It creates hype around rewarding and recognizing effort.
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