How meta!? I'm having a great onboarding experience in the SaaS tool that is supposed to help me improve onboarding in my own SaaS tool.
February 15, 2019

How meta!? I'm having a great onboarding experience in the SaaS tool that is supposed to help me improve onboarding in my own SaaS tool.

Alex Dingley | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ChurnZero

We're the customer success team within a 17+ year old SAAS company — we've never had a dedicated success platform before, and have always used ad-hoc methods of trying to strategize for/retain our customers... We've mis-used our existing sales CRM tools in the past, and that got us only so far. Now that we've got ChurnZero, we're using it to more acutely manage the onboarding of new customers, and we're using the business intelligence, gathered from ChurnZero, to make decisions about how we'll proceed with certain new retention strategies.

It's directly addressing an issue we've faced for years: having to build our own reporting and having to try to use that reporting info to help us direct our attention towards customers that are struggling to adopt our platform.
  • Connecting data between HubSpot (our CRM) and our own SAAS tool's back-end, so that we have vital stats, all in a single place, and can build views that help us cross-section our customer population for more strategic insights.
  • The fact that it can allow us to build "health scoring" for our customer populations based on fairly specific & tailored criteria — that's been one of the most exciting benefits
  • The ability to push data back out to other systems & live-export to Google Sheets has been really handy.
  • As you create your own "plays" (workflows) and NPS Campaigns, you're likely to take a misstep... but the system won't allow you to clean up some of those errant "Plays" and NPS campaign views... so the ensuing clutter can be a little annoying.
  • This is a bit of a nit-pick, but certain primary data points cannot be used when factoring customer health-scores... Maybe, over time, this won't feel like a big issue, but as a new user — I had some plans to measure things a certain way, and I've found that I can't do it exactly as I'd ensivioned
  • Lack of calendar/scheduling integration is a bit of an annoyance — I've heard that they'll likely have this in the future... but it's something that's so valuable to us that I'm struggling without it.
  • It's pretty soon after we implemented, but I'm already seeing meaningful impact on my ability to quickly judge how to spend my time on/with certain customers.
  • Knowing, in the moment, when it will be the right time to re-engage with a customer... that's going to be a game changer for us.
  • Being able to draw some metrics around our customer success team is going to make it easier to build a case for team expansion
We selected ChurnZero based on how well the sales team was able to help us connect the dots... and how confident we felt in the company, based on the thoroughness of the sales-person. They really did take the time (like we would) to get to know the business needs... whereas the other two sales teams (at Amity and Natero) really lobbed it in as we shopped. Plus, the cost was pretty comparable between all 3. We like the features slightly better with ChurnZero, but mostly — we felt WAAAAY more comfortable trusting them with our business.
For a software implementation team — working with customers who will onboard your software: I think it's absolutely perfect for that situation. But if you're not a SaaS tool... or if your SaaS tool doesn't have meaningful actions that can be tracked as 'usage metrics', then I suppose it's not as ideal for you.

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