Cisco AnyConnect - keeping employees connected wherever they choose to work
April 16, 2021

Cisco AnyConnect - keeping employees connected wherever they choose to work

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco AnyConnect is being used throughout my organization as the primary tool to connect offsite employees to company network drives and intranet sites. AnyConnect and other Cisco software products have been used by my company for years even prior to the pandemic, but AnyConnect has especially received regular use company-wide since more than 70% of the workforce has transitioned to working from home exclusively. AnyConnect software allows employees to retain secure access to company intranet sets and network folders from anywhere in the world, provided a secure internet connection is established and 2-factor authentication through PingID is satisfied.
  • Easy installation and configuration. Upon downloading the software, the setup prompts are very intuitive and well-integrated with single sign-on using your company login credentials.
  • Fast and reliable remote access connection. The VPN access, system scan and DNS protection are all typically completed in less than 10 seconds, and the connection is held continuously for a period of 18 hours without any interruption.
  • Intuitive layout and accessibility to network and diagnostic information. A quick Status Overview summary is available in 1-click, and the connection time elapsed and remaining are continuously displayed in the viewer window.
  • Software currently relies on soft token two-factor authentication through PingID. Hard token option or other means of authentication would be a helpful feature for employees with alternate preferences.
  • System Scan is mandatory and sometimes does not quickly run to completion. There have been instances where the System Scan got stuck at 10% complete for several minutes, which prompts me to disconnect and try again. These are rare (maybe 1 in 100 connection attempts), but cost valuable time.
  • Slow to reject a mistyped password. If a login password is mistyped, the connection attempt proceeds for several seconds before prompting a re-enter of the password, which is a minor inconvenience and time loss.
  • AnyConnect has allowed business operations to continue uninterrupted during the pandemic, which has been key to maintaining business continuity with customers and stakeholders.
  • AnyConnect has played a part in allowing for downsizing of some physical office sites. At least 4 office buildings within the organization have now been sold as employees haven proven the ability to work effectively remotely indefinitely.
  • AnyConnect has also facilitated globalization within the wider organization. Productive meetings with colleagues around the world at various times of day are possible with continuous access to company virtual resources.
Cisco AnyConnect was very easy to install and setup, even for novice users. The setup prompts are very easy to follow, and the login credentials used are well integrated with main company login credentials, so users don't have to remember additional passwords. The layout of the viewer window is intuitive and informative, with a useful overview of status overview and connection time elapsed and remaining.
My organization has greatly benefited from AnyConnect providing employees secure remote access to company resources. It essentially has allowed employees to transition to 100% remote work without any interruption to accessibility to network drives, intranet sets, and company resources. By allowing employees to effectively work from home with the same access as they would have on-site, remote meetings are more productive and inclusive, and business operations carry on uninterrupted with fewer office building resources.
Support is not often needed for Cisco AnyConnect, as reliable connectivity and functionality are well-maintained. In the few instances that the support team has been contacted to resolve an employee-specific issue, the team has responded in a timely manner with effective support to resolve the issue. Updates to the software are also easily tracked, and there have been no compatibility issues found after upgrades or changes to other software systems.
AnyConnect has the same functionality for the purposes of my organization at a fraction of the cost of FortiClient. FortiClient may have some advantages in administrative ease, but the end functionality to the user looks to be about the same in terms of content and reliability. Initial configuration appeared to be similarly easy and intuitive on both platforms.
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Cisco AnyConnect is great for large organizations that use uniform VPN configurations for its employees and PingID two-factor authentication. It is great for companies that wish to grant access to all appropriate company intranet sites and network folders to employees working off-site, to emulate the virtual environment of working onsite.
AnyConnect is less appropriate for companies where saving time is a higher priority than security to company resources, as occasionally there are hang-ups in system scans which could be avoided if some security measures were bypassed.