Cisco Umbrella
Updated August 04, 2023

Cisco Umbrella

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Umbrella

We started using Cisco Umbrella to improve productivity and to prevent users from accessing certain sites they shouldn't. We also use it to try to increase our cyber security stance by preventing users from accessing malicious websites. It gives us a broad view of what users are trying to access and gives us the ability to allow or block the connections.
  • Monitor Connections
  • Prevent Malware and Phishing
  • Smart Search
  • More detailed connections
  • App for Umbrella
  • Upgraded smart search

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  • Increased Productivity
  • More visibility on users.
  • Detailed reports
We currently don't have many employees that work from the outside that would require DNS protection but we do have the ability to re route DNS traffic and monitor their activity. After installing it on specific devices all their traffic is re routed to cisco DNS server then it gets reported on our reports.
We implemented "Splunk" for security purposes to have a broad view of many different devices. Umbrella will allow you to export logs and import them on the Splunk instance for all in one monitoring solution.
Umbrella provides an API that dumps logs into an aws servers and splunk retrieves them with the API.
When we first implemented Umbrella and got some servers running for the instance we had some issues that we needed help with. We contacted our Cisco Representative and in a few minutes we were on a call being guided on what we needed to do and not to do.
We also tried Getting our meraki AP's integrated with the Umbrella and they also helped us get that running.
We needed a more descriptive view of our network traffic to keep on top of cyber security.
Our firewall would show us what kind of traffic was going on within our network but we needed a more specific view.
The firewall also allowed us to allow and block certain websites but Umbrella is more user friendly and more descriptive.
After integrating Cisco Umbrella we noticed a user that had daily traffic to sketchy websites that he wasn't trying to access, Umbrella gave us the access to track down and eliminate the traffic that was running on the user's background. Umbrella is also extremely useful to block websites that are not productive at work such as social media.

Resilience and Reliability

Cisco Umbrella gives you the opportunity to narrow down to a specific workstation to track down unusual activity or non work related activities. We had an employee that his work station was constantly trying to access a specific website without his knowledge and Cisco Umbrella helped us resolve the issue by tracking down the workstation.
By constantly monitoring and staying on top of dns requests and user activity. A constant back up of any kind is always helpful and recommended. Having a recovery plan and actually exercising the procedures on the plan.
Training and testing employees helps the organization as a whole to prevent any unwanted cyber threats.
Cisco Umbrella has been useful for our organization so far.
We have had some instances where it blocks certain websites that are not supposed to be blocked or instances where a website is mis-classified, but other than that it is a great and useful product Cisco offers. Cisco Support is also great and really responsive.
Implementation was not difficult and their instructions were clean and to the point.
It did take me about an hour or 2 to get the 2 linux virtual machines running and configured, but was more simple than other implementations I've done.
I did run into some problems but the Cisco technicians got back to me quickly and got my problems straightened out.
Cisco Umbrella's availability was great, they got back to me in less than an hour to get my problem solved.
We needed to get our Meraki AP's hooked up to Cisco Umbrella to monitor that specific traffic and they got back to me promptly, they guided me and explained every question I had.

Integrating Cisco Umbrella with our network was easy and everything is straight to the point.
We needed to integrate our website and our 2 separate Internet providers, which was extremely easy after implementing the 2 linux Servers.
After that we needed to integrate our Access Points with it as well which was just done with a few clicks.
  • Monitor DNS requests
  • Block employee traffic
  • Block phishing and malware websites.

Using Cisco Umbrella

2 - Everyone in our organization currently uses Cisco Umbrella, Everyone's internet traffic passes through our virtual appliances. We only have 2 admins that monitor, manage and change the umbrella configs or updates. We also use Splunk to monitor the users activity from Cisco Umbrella. Syslogs are being sent to splunk and splunk alerts us of unusual activity.
2 - Cisco Umbrella is fairly easy to implement and manage. A basic understanding of domain knowledge is required, Information Technology knowledge is a plus. After implementing the virtual appliances everything else is self explanatory, the most technical part of Cisco Umbrella is the implementation. We currently have 2 admins managing Cisco Umbrella and its more than enough.
  • Blocking
  • Monitoring
  • Investigating
  • Umbrella has the option to have it installed on devices outside our network.
  • Tighten the activity of users.
  • More strict policies