Office 365 an integral part of our start up company's solutions.
January 25, 2017

Office 365 an integral part of our start up company's solutions.

Mike Petrich | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Microsoft Office 365 (Cloud)

Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is being used both desktop and cloud for our email and Microsoft Office needs. In the office of course as you always have the latest edition of the software, and in the field it's fabulous as my field guys phones and tablets are set up for them to edit items, use the email apps and accept/review Word, Excel and PowerPoint for job issues and uses.
  • The admin panel is very easy to navigate. Can see/edit people, subscription status, set up accounts etc. with ease. I do this for all the field employees and work as the defacto IT guy, and it makes my life very easy to set up and new users, and lock out people being dismissed quickly and easily. (sad that has to happen at times!)
  • The updated program status and simplicity works well for our field operations. These guys arent 'techie' types, they are construction workers. They're all grasping how to use the system very well.
  • It's stable, it's rare we have any issues that aren't..'um restart your device' as a response. Dependable and works as required.
  • An all in one might be nice for field use. But setting up the individual cloud settings isn't too bad.
  • It can be difficult to switch or pay subscription fees when they expire, it's not intuitive where to find it.
  • Other than email, knowing and practical use of working the Office apps could be improved, but once you figure it out, it's not too bad.
  • Helped get us started with very little cash outlay, easily expands or contracts with the size of our field crew. Everyone has grasped it well, and it's really helped us keep productivity up by making communication easy with the field.
  • Really helps us maintain cash flow by paying smaller more frequent fees, and being able to quickly adjust to users. Since it's really the standard for software, it's helped us transition some team members in to and out of the office, where the switch to full desktop suite was less intimidating for them.
  • Has been great at saving MY time in getting thing set up since we don't have a dedicated IT person. It's so easy to use it didn't require outsourcing.
Not aware of any competitors. Not sure I'd even investigate that option. Having all the Office products available that swiftly and being able to get smaller packages of it depending on the need of the user assigned account makes it entirely too easy a choice. Especially with as flexible as the plans can be.
Well suited for keeping the mobile field up and running, and keeping costs to a minimum for our small office peer to peer. Since we don't have a real server here, this has been ideal to be up and running fast, grows as you need easily and gives the admin full and easy control to keep things working. It's cost effective for cash flow, and we haven't had any issues with it. Couldn't recommend it more highly to start ups especially with field workers needing to stay in communication and receive job plans and updates via Word or Excel.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

8 because sometimes you do need to wait for a callback or help.
But they are a huge company and I can't expect to have someone at our beck and call the very few times i've needed immediate support.
They're always friendly and try hard. Feel like they really want you to be satisfied.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Quick Initial Response
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
No - Haven't needed to pay for premium support. Most issues I've been able to address myself or with a minimum of searching. When I have needed tech support the standard plan for the most part has been fine. There's been the occasional need to escalate, but that's only one time in the perhaps 1/2 a dozen or less times I've needed help in 4 years. And this with me learning the systems themselves as we grow.
Yes - Yes. A few times, response was good. Hard to complain when of the 4-6 times I've called, at least 1/2 were device issues.
As we grew, and once I fired our third party IT company that was overcharging us, I had to call support because I was bound and deterimined not to pay a third party to come in and fix the issue. Complete user error and settings issues based on our previous IT team. They were more than patient, educated me as i went, and made sure I understood the 'why' involved so I'd be able to move forward without revisiting the same issues. Very patient, very helpful and didn't feel rushed.