Great for collaboration, better alternatives for tech support
February 26, 2018

Great for collaboration, better alternatives for tech support

Sean VanderMolen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TeamViewer

We use Teamviewer in our organization to provide technical support to our end users and partners. It provides a quick way to access a system and troubleshoot, train or work on any computer or device. It's important that our remote tool is fast, featureful and available at all times. It also needs to be resilient when other programs behave badly or issues exist on the network.


  • Teamviewer is a robust remote screen sharing tool
  • Multimonitor support
  • Conference bridge and online presentation included
  • Easy drag and drop file sharing
  • Decent support for mobile devices


  • Expensive for what you get
  • Discontinued perpetual license model
  • Break basic functionality with previous versions in an attempt to force users to upgrade to the latest version
  • Say they honor the perpetual licenses, but constantly drive end users to upgrade with pop ups and advertisments. This causes major headaches when urgent calls come in and the remote software doesn't work.
  • System ID's are generated by a combination of hardware and software checks. Any change in the underlying elements such as a firmware upgrade, hardware change or software change can cause the sytem ID to be regenerated without any notification. This breaks your ability to reconnect to the remote system unless someone is on-site to discover the new ID.
  • File transfers are sluggish
  • Quick connect software used to connect to remote clients who don't have teamviewer already. It is also the suggested alternative to connecting to machines that have newer versions of teamviewer than you. Unfortunatly the Quick connect software will not run while a newer version of TeamViewer runs. End user must uninstall in order to run, making their promise to support older perpetual licenses invalid. When confronted with the issues they run you around in circles.
  • As long as you stay up to date the software works fine. But working with other people who run different versions means you won't be able to connect with them.
  • I've had so many issues with ID's changing or end-users accidentally upgrading and locking me out that the ROI is not good.
  • Other users in my org who use this as a collaboration tool are very happy with it.
Originally TeamViewer had great technology and a good price. What drew me to it was that it was cheaper than LogMeIn Rescue and you could purchase a perpetual license. It soon became clear that they broke functionality between older and new versions. If you plan on only using this in your own organization it shouldn't be a problem. If you think you'll be collaborating with other users that may or may not be on the same version its usefulness is diminished.
TeamViewer is well suited for teams or families that have a fundamental need to collaborate and share screens. Because of their restrictive license model and unwillingness to support previous versions, it is not a good solution for those end users that previously purchased perpetual licenses as they poisoned the software not to function correctly or conveniently.

For people thinking of using this as a technical support tool, please stay away. There are too many better alternatives. As a tech the chances that you'll be making changes to the OS, firmware or software is pretty high and having the ID codes change is a deal breaker.

As much as I do like the technology behind Teamviewer, my interaction with support and billing have left me very unhappy. TeamViewer is a company that is not concerned about the needs of their end users. They want the money and you either fit their model of the right kind of customer, or you don't.

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