TrustRadius - For Reviews You Can Trust, Because They've Already Deep-Researched Themselves!
November 08, 2018

TrustRadius - For Reviews You Can Trust, Because They've Already Deep-Researched Themselves!

Jackie Bassett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

I volunteer as a CODiE Award Judge for the SIIA, and am also CEO of my own SW co. So you can imagine the frustration I met sifting through the myriad communications technologies available to find the one that my CCO would find simple, yet powerful enough to use on a critical project.

Finally I chose the one that my CCO thought would meet all of his needs. The demo went seamlessly, but the paid version was a nightmare. We had 50 video interviews backed up and the early group of them was less than ideal. We were on deadline, and I was at a loss as to what to do.

The worst thing was that "other review sites" claimed that the software we chose was great. Now what?
  • To understand my options (i.e. build my short list or long list)
  • To compare products
  • To determine what to ask a vendor
  • To validate vendor claims
  • To confirm my decision
  • To find evidence to support my recommendation to colleagues or my client
  • To see what other users think of the product I am currently using
So I went to TrustRadius, as I always do, and got very lucky when I found a listing for another product, Videxio. What differentiates TrustRadius from all other such sites is they have a highly disciplined process of researching every technology thoroughly before that tech is included in their portfolio of reviewed software.

That layer of expert research is so important to those of us who depend on what we read from other users. It's where the TRUST comes from. Videxio was listed, but it had only recently been approved for that. That meant a great deal to me. TrustRadius had already ensured that Videxio was worth a look. And Videxio was exactly what I and my CCO switched to, after a live trial and outstanding support from Athina at Videxio! I no longer had any fear that our choice would fail, when in live production. From now on, TrustRadius is my #1 go-to for any and all business challenges where I need to select the best software for our needs!

Transparency - if there aren't any cons, I look at when the review was done as sometimes, it takes an expanded use before one shows up. TrustRadius is great at asking reviewers to update if it's been awhile, too!

How a reviewer uses it - There's lots of great software out there, but what works great for one company might not be great for another. It all depends on the end-user's environment. So the more descriptive the user's scenario is, the better!

It's a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Live environments are too heterogeneous. So, the more reviews from real users, the better one can understand whether the software is perfect for them or not.


  • Highly disciplined process of reviewing which technology to list, long before the buyer looks at it.
  • Highly detailed reviewer questions, where TrustRadius's questions readily extract what insights will really matter to a buyer.
  • Professionalism of the TrustRadius staff, who are truly committed to ensure that they understand what buyers need to know in advance, so that the buyer's purchasing decisions are the right choices for them.


  • More reviews - we all greatly value the well disciplined process TrustRadius uses when a new technology comes through. These days, due to companies finally investing upfront in understanding end-users (there have been plenty of years when it was all 'live R&D',) truly great tech is coming to market faster than ever.
I used technology peers, traditional sources such as Forrester/Gartner. I Googled "easy to use videoconf tools."
Ironically, the tech we chose that failed in the field, was given great ratings on other sites.

I'd been using TrustRadius long enough to quickly see that if Videxio was on their "available to review" list, it had passed a very high bar! From there, my own demo/trial simply re-confirmed that it was a great choice.
I had searched video conferencing/unified communications tools on a few other sites. There are 30+ of them. So I ignored the Goliaths I knew and went through the ones that were new to me.

What other sites did not show me was Videxio, largely because Videxio had great ratings but too few. It's the best kept secret in video conferencing, for whatever reason.

But TrustRadius had it right on their list! Too few reviews, didn't matter. I knew there was quality behind the fact that Videxio even made their list, and the product was high quality indeed.
What really drove my commitment to having TrustRadius to be my #1 go-to was our most recent--and time critical--project, where we were really stuck with a product that failed in the field. In less than a day, I found exactly what we needed on the TrustRadius site. Thanks again!


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