Email Management Software


Email Management Software Overview

What is Email Management Software?

Email management software is a technology tool that connects to your email inbox. It sorts and organizes email, can manage multiple accounts, and helps businesses respond to customers and partners quickly. Companies use this kind of software to filter sensitive information and send automated responses to prioritized channels.

Email management software frequently uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to handle large volumes of email and improve the customer service experience. In a competitive business world, the more important the email, the more critical fast responses become.

A good email management software platform facilitates communication and workflows, preventing crucial communications from being lost or delayed.

These tools can be purchased stand-alone but are usually connected to CRMs, email marketing software, and IT management products as apps or modules. Automated response features can help track customer information, campaign feedback, service desk communications, and improve overall communication. Email management tools can also be components within or addons to office suites.

Email Management Software Features

Common email management software features include:

  • Advanced search
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Archiving and retention
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Backup/recovery
  • Batched delivery
  • Data security
  • Digest of blocked emails
  • Email folders/filters
  • Email monitoring
  • Email signature(s)
  • Inbox snooze
  • Integrate across multiple email clients and systems
  • Manage multiple inboxes
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Mobile access
  • Reminders
  • Routing/response management
  • Scheduled/delayed response
  • Spam filtering
  • Task Lists
  • Templates
  • Unsubscribe
  • Workflow automation

Email Management Software Comparison

Email management software tools range in features and price for small, mid-market, and enterprise organizations. There are some options for individuals as well. Pricing typically increases with more features and complexity.

When purchasing email management software, evaluate the volume of email you need to manage--now and in the future. Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that integrates with your CRM or other software? Do you need to set up a system to route emails containing sensitive data? Or do you just need to organize your office email?

Consider also the ease of migration, integration with your current apps and modules, and the learning curve of the new product. How seamless is the data sync across platforms? What capabilities and customization options are included? Also, decide whether you need a desktop installation or a web-based solution.

When considering budget, also remember to examine options that offer room to grow and the customer support you will need. Some vendors have storage limitations and charge extra for training, tech support, and added space.

Pricing Information

Pricing varies widely, depending on the functionality required, integrations involved, and the number of accounts managed. Vendors typically offer freemium plans or free trials for individual and small business solutions.

Paid options begin at around $9/mo for entry-level and range to $79/mo per account for small to mid-market levels. Contact enterprise vendors to request a demo and specific pricing information.

Email Management Products

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Groove is a sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce. Built for the needs of relationship-based sellers, Groove aims to increase rep productivity, drives Salesforce adoption, and provide revenue leaders with key insights to know what’s driving their business. Because…

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign

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Adobe acquired Neolane in July 2013 and later re-named the product Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign provides both marketing automation and marketing resource management functionality such as spend & financial management, workflow, and asset management.

Key Features

  • Email deliverability reporting (134)
  • Dynamic content (83)
  • List management (83)
Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight integrates Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. Instantly View Contextual Salesforce Information in Your Inbox. Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce with a Click. Sync Your Google & Salesforce Calendars. Create & Edit Salesforce Records…


Front is a social collaboration platform designed around a collaborative, shared inbox. It has third-party integrations with Slack and Twitter along with workflow automation capability.


Mixmax, the sales engagement platform for businesses using Gmail, helps revenue teams accelerate revenue at every stage of the customer journey. This product amplifies AEs, CSMs, and anyone in a customer-facing role, not just the SDRs. By automating repetitive tasks and organizing…


Gmelius Mission: Build the 1st collaboration platform that lives where you work 🚀 Gmelius offers a way to collaborate, manage projects and automate workflows inside Google Workspace (formerly G Suite),and beyond, by connecting the other tools that are used daily at companies like…

Zoho Mail

Zoho offers their business email suite, which includes Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts bundled with an inbox.


Hiver helps you manage customer support and sales right from your Gmail. With Hiver, teams can collaborate on Shared email accounts like support@ or sales@ without having to leave their Gmail accounts. Hiver works like a full-fledged help desk, built right into Gmail. It gives you…


Mailbutler is a personal assistant for sales emails, designed to make users more efficient and productive. It adds a wide range of features to Apple Mail and Gmail while working in their native interface.

Boomerang Commerce CommerceIQ

Boomerang Commerce headquartered in Mountain View offers CommerceIQ, an intelligent pricing optimization platform built to spot and take automated actions to capture sales opportunities and plug revenue leakage.

Email Manager for Microsoft 365

Email Manager integrates SharePoint into Outlook and Microsoft 365 apps.


SaneBox helps clean up your inbox and management messages.


InMoat's AI-Powered Smart Filtering technology integrates directly with your existing Gmail and Outlook account.


Emailgistics provides a shared mailbox management solution for Microsoft Office 365.


BlueMail provides an email service in an unified account package.


Mailbird is a desktop email management client for Windows 7, 8 and 10. The email client works with any IMAP, POP3 or Exchange email provider, and supports G-Suite (now Google Workspace) and Outlook users, with Mailbird for Mac coming up next.Mailbird users can manage all their email…

Frequently Asked Questions

What does email management software do?

Email management software makes it easier to categorize and search email information and quickly respond to clients and team members. It can help manage high-volume email, eliminate spam, send auto-responses and use artificial intelligence to analyze habits and protect sensitive data. Email management software is often combined with other business management tools.

What are the benefits of using email management software?

Email management software saves time and money and helps businesses improve customer service. It can increase productivity, automate responses, and filter unimportant emails--reducing distractions and errors. It can also enhance the security of sensitive data and communications.

How much does email management software cost?

Vendors typically offer free versions or free trials for individual and small business solutions. Paid options begin at around $9/mo for entry-level and range to $79/mo for mid-market. Contact enterprise vendors for a custom demo or quote.