Enterprise Marketing Management5Enterprise marketing management (EMM) software is used to provide, monitor and maintain a promotional structure across a large organization. It includes campaign management, customer experience management and management of marketing resources.Workfront1https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Xq/ex/S9BCBZNK5NEL-180x180.PNGHCL Unica2https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/z0/so/OW6ZG3V2HUG9-180x180.JPEGAdobe Marketing Cloud3https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/wz/eT/6KLTR4CT92LN-180x180.PNGNewsCred4https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/vk/7r/S974U05BLGG1-180x180.PNGSkyword5https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/r8/3i/IG6FD815B1SI-180x180.JPEGOracle Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite6https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/e7/6G/F3JK0T3RS775-180x180.PNGSAS Marketing Operations Management7https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/1R/C2/78WM406O343V-180x180.JPEGWeb.com for Enterprise (formerly Centermark)8https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/uM/67/FSIFIJTDKQHR-180x180.JPEGSAP Marketing Cloud9https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/sW/OA/CZD3RG21S16S-180x180.JPEG

Enterprise Marketing Management Software

Enterprise Marketing Management Overview

What is Enterprise Marketing Management?

Enterprise Marketing Management Software (EMM) is used to provide, monitor and maintain a promotional structure across a large organization. It includes campaign management and analysis, customer experience management and management of marketing resources.

Closely related to customer relationship management (CRM), EMM Software helps manage customer conversion rates and new leads through integrated, multichannel campaigns instead of just maintaining existing customer relationships.

There is also some overlap with marketing automation software. Marketing automation software primarily focuses on managing marketing leads and campaigns on multiple channels, such as email, web, and social media applications. As you can see from the EMM feature set listed below, CRM and campaign management are included in most EMM software solutions. It is worthwhile to explore a specific CRM or marketing automation solution if you don't need comprehensive enterprise-level software or if your CRM or marketing automation needs are very specific and you want a larger feature set in these areas.

Features & Capabilities

  • Manages marketing campaigns

  • Digital marketing optimization

  • CR management

  • Budget management

  • Marketing resource management

  • Optimization of marketing campaigns

  • Web analytics

  • Analyze marketing results

  • Vendor relationship management

  • Alignment of company goals and quotas across departments

  • Resource allocation and job assignments

  • Alignment of marketing, sales and analytics divisions

Pricing Information

Pricing corresponds to the complexity of the solution you choose to implement. Simpler enterprise marketing management tools can be obtained between $200 and $900 per month while complex enterprise marketing management tools can range between $2,000 to $6,000 per month on average. EMM companies offer sales advice and demos to help you determine the solution that is best for your company.

Enterprise Marketing Management Products

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Workfront is a web-based project-management tool. It is designed for both IT and marketing teams, but can be implemented for any kind of project. Workfront offers all the features standard to project management platforms, as well as resource allocation, automation, and agile workflow.

51 Ratings

HCL Unica (acquired by HCL Technologies from IBM in late 2018) is a suite of enterprise marketing management tools including marketing automation with cross-channel campaign management, budgeting and forecasting, project workflow management, asset management, brand management and spend management.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a suite of products including analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management. It comprises foremost the popular integrated web content management and digital asset management (WCMS / DAM) solution Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign's cross-chan…

7 Ratings

NewsCred is a marketing work management software designed to elevate team performance through an integrated approach to marketing. Through its complete solution of technology, content, and services, NewsCred brings marketing teams together to easily plan, collaborate, and manage work across your ent…

8 Ratings

The Skyword Platform is designed to make it easy to produce, optimize, and promote content at any scale. The platform serves as the technical infrastructure for the content marketing process, providing a space for ideation, editorial and review, publishing, amplification, and measurement. According …

The SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly the hybris Marketing Suite) is marketing operations and customer journey management software to enhance the marketing automation and campaign management functionality of both the SAP CRM and the SAP Commerce Cloud.