Radian6 was acquired by in 2011 and - along with Buddy Media - is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. (It is no longer available as a standalone product.) The Radian6 platform is perhaps the best-known listening platform on the market with over 3,000 customers, including over half of the Fortune 100. However, this is now a very crowded space and there are many competitors. of Radian6Radian6 allows us insight into identifying potential brand evangelists for our business by targeting relevant keywords. Our strategy was to use these brand evangelists to help build the brand.,Radian6 is definitely proficient in twitter search General keyword search,The only real issue with Radian6 is the pricing for the product. It's a little high.,Our ROI initially was great. We were able to identify keywords we needed to add and be more proficient in.,7,HootSuite Pro,,6,7,5,9Radian6 ReviewIncorporates tons of data, but allows for control of what and how much. Has great data output for additional analysis. Robust and allows for a large number of social accounts.,It is geared for industries where there is a large amount of chatter on social media. Not a good fit for the company I was at while using it. Very easy to screw up data via the use of keyword hierarchies. At times the platform was overly complex and really required a team of 3-5 minimum to get full use of it.,Very little - our industry was one that sold to the buyer, but the buyer was not the end user. We spent a fair amount of money to discover we were largely listening teenage girls complain. We quit using it and went with Hootsuite.,1,5,No,Hootsuite Enterprise,Product Features Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,Be more in-depth and worry less about what others say and focus on the needs it should meet for a specific company/situation.,The Engagement Console was easy to use. Drilling in data in the analysis dashboard was easy as well.,Understanding the implications of what you were looking at. Setting up profile properly so that the data coming in was relevant, not too much and not too little. It was easy to get way too much or eliminate essential data.,4Radian6 ReviewThe ability to dive into data various ways and bring user directly to source of mention. I love the ability to look at data and dig into the data. For example, looking at Topic Trends and then being able to dive into the River of News from a specific point in the Topic Trends. Another way would be to look at the keyword groups, dive into media type and then dive into a specific media type for more detailed data about Twitter or Forums specifically. I really like the art of the Keyword Configuration and ability to filter noise. Number of sources covered. One of the things I love about the tool is the ability to crawl so many sources including social media sites, blogs, mainstream news, forums, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more. The tool covers over 650 million sources of data the last rep I talked to in late July, 2013. Ability to train multiple users across the organization. I really like the Engagement Console workflow and use the feature to delegate mentions to the appropriate stakeholders. I also like to flag and prioritize mentions among team members. We can also respond to mentions from the tool specifically if we need to.,Provide insights based on data. Customize Reports. Many times, I would like to see data a specific way. Currently, this tool does not allow me to custom build a report in the tool to send to my managers. I will need to export data and create my own dashboard based on the data I would like to see. The Summary Dashboard does not provide me the reporting I need. Sentiment could be improved.,Turning data into actionable insights across the organization. Using custom reports to gain more budget for paid media and other areas.,9,,4,2,Listening for mentions of the brand, industry and competition. Based on insights determining what actions should be made for the product, company or brand.,9,,Implemented in-house,10,Online training Self-taught,8,Yes and No. I believe the live webinars are needed and then time needs to be dedicated to self-train or work with a team who has additional training.,No,8,9,9,9,Google Analytics Omniture,SalesforceExpensive to scale listening. Other tools better for engagement.Localized, keyword, social media monitoring,The product had lot of "noise" despite filters; no easy integration with social intranet and natural employee workflow; standalone system. We needed a tool that integrated with our social intranet (in this case Jive). Additionally, we wanted workflow capability that would provide a clear process for all employees to follow, and not something we would have to buy an individual license for every user. It was crucially important to collect and filter the data, and then assign it to the right people within the organization to respond.,brand mentions and awareness tracking,1,2,5,1,Social media monitoring,,,Vendor implemented,10,Online training,8,Yes,4,6,10,9,No,,# keywords, # usersNeed an analytics person on staff to reap full value.Software is really powerful, but does require some staff members who have a passion for analytics who are able to analyze the data and figure out appropriate engagement strategies. The tool certainly supplied highly relevant data, but it requires someone with an analytics background to spend a considerable portion of their time figuring out what actions to take based on that data. Product has a great UI, and is quite flexible, but it is a bit overwhelming. We have only started to scratch the surface of what the platform actually does. There is a lot of functionality that we don’t even use yet.,Even with the nonprofit discount, the software is still quite expensive and there are limits to the amount of data that we can pull into the system. Pricing plans have data ceilings based on the number of topic profiles and mentions we pull into the system. Exceeding those limits incurs quite a bit of extra cost. For example, we would love to monitor supporters of peer organizations, but it is too expensive for us to do that. We use Small Act Thrive for scheduling (and are interested in future functionality from Thrive allowing us to cross-reference social activity with our donor file). However, it would be nice if we could do everything in a single tool. I'm not actually sure if Radian6 allows for scheduling.,The software does a fantastic job of letting us understand who are top social supporters are. It would be impossible to understand this without Radian6. We now know who shares our content and helps us grow virally. Knowing who these people are is crucial to the success of the organization. Our marketing team understands who among our supporters can help us grow, and which messages resonate the most.,9,7,5,0,We use the tool mainly to monitor what is being said about us and to indentify who our top influencers are. We really want to know who is tweeting about our campaigns, sharing our content etc. Once we have identified top influencers, we reach out to them for engagement using other channels (email / blogs). In a nutshell, we use the tool to ID our brand promoters. The software definitely helps us to solve the problem we purchased it to solve. The only real problem is on our side. We do not have adequate resources to really analyze the data that Radian 6 returns and build appropriate communication and engagement strategies to better target these people. We simply don’t have enough people to really parse the data. We use a different tool for scheduling tweets / FB posts (Small Act Thrive).,,Vendor implemented,8,Online training,8,No,7,6,Yes. We are working on integration with Adobe Site Catalyst (Omniture) so that we are doing more than simply tracking mentions but are able to pull web analytics data into Radian 6 so that we can see how much of the social media buzz we are tracking actually results in visits to our website or participation in webinars. We have not actually done this integration yet, but intend to do it using in-house resources.,As a nonprofit, we benefit from the 50% nonprofit discount.Great for Twitter monitoring.We appreciate it's twitter results more than it's other functions. Twitter monitoring is acceptable and translates well to measurement reporting in Social. Social Brand Analytics, Social monitoring & Competitive Analysis,FB analytics due to account privacy settings Sentiment analysis,Social Brand Intelligence reporting. This involves monitoring of the client's brand as well as their competitive set. You can determine sentiment of conversation via random sample and can determine the Share of Voice in various media types to include, blogs, twitter & Facebook. Helps develop Social insights through SBA performance, Sentiment and Competitive analysis The alternative to not using this platform of course is to monitor manually. This is both cost prohibitive to the client and requires a large team of hourly billable staff versus one or two individuals using R6 which is less the $1000 per brand profile.,7,7,5,0,For our purposes, we use Radian 6 for Social Listening and it serves as a both a listening and Real-Time monitoring tool and the output / or return provides us with data to produce analytic reports, Social Brand Intelligence as well as data that provides snapshot analytics for Competitor Intel reporting.,,Implemented in-house,7,Online training,7,Individual profiles configured for each client and the desired criteria for specific reporting.,Yes,9,7,9,8,BuddyMedia CMS,,The terms are on a client / brand profile basis. Believe it is currently a $800 / profile for agencyDoesn't support Arabic keywords!Radian6 is the easiest platform to use. User experience is of great quality. Certain analysis and outputs of the platform are yet to be matched by other platforms (such as an analysis of most mentioned hashtags under a campaign),Provides data for only 30 days from starting date, but it builds up (day 1 gives you access to 30 days prior. Day 31 gives access to 60 days worth of data) Difficult to use 1 campaign (or profile) for more than 1 client (if the intention is to cut costs) Not good for Arabic.,Stopped using it anymore so none.,2,6,2,2,We were using the product to listen to conversations and mentions about our clients and their competitors. We generated reports about these mentions and then presented them to the client and measured sentiment.The primary activities were listening, reporting, and online reputation management.,,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,6,Self-taught,It's easy to use, easy to figure out, and my colleagues loved it.,Specific keywords, searches, and reports.,8,8,9,8,
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81 Ratings
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November 12, 2012

Radian6 Review: "Need an analytics person on staff to reap full value."

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• Would rate this a 6. The User Interface is pretty intuitive, but the platform was still considered pretty intimidating by our non-technical staff when they first saw it. It took a while to get used to it and feel comfortable. There was quite a lot of setup work in the beginning (for example, we had to build our own reports using a canned report as a template, and this was not simple). Although it took a while to get it setup correctly, it’s quite intuitive once that work has been done.
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About Radian6

Radian6 was acquired by in 2011 and - along with Buddy Media - is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. (It is no longer available as a standalone product.)

The Radian6 platform is perhaps the best-known listening platform on the market with over 3,000 customers, including over half of the Fortune 100. However, this is now a very crowded space and there are many competitors.

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