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What is Woopra?

Woopra provides real-time customer analytics. It begins by tracking users across digital touch points (website, mobile app, help desk, marketing automation, etc.) and building a comprehensive behavioral profile for each user. These Customer Profiles are Woopra's building blocks, which are…

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Users have implemented Woopra as their web analytics solution at a B2B SaaS company to track customers through their full lifecycle, from …
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Great Software

9 out of 10
June 06, 2019
Woopra is currently used to identify users on our digital properties (website, landing pages, etc.). Based on their behavior, Woopra is …
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LOVE Woopra!

10 out of 10
May 31, 2014
Not only is Woopra an amazing product, but their customer service is outstanding. It's clear that they truly care about their clients …
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Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $80 per month
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Product Details

What is Woopra?

Woopra is a fully-integrated Customer Journey Analytics platform that helps organizations to visualize, analyze and experience every touchpoint in the customer journey, empowering data-driven teams to grow and innovate substantially faster. With more than 200,000 users and 1,000 innovative customers across the world, Woopra provides the first unified analytics solution that is used by SaaS, eCommerce and On-Demand services for understanding, engaging and connecting with customers through data.

Data below provided by the vendor

Woopra tracks usage across your website, product and mobile applications. The platform offers 51+ one-click integrations with partners such as Salesforce, Marketo, Intercom and Segment to seamlessly unify disparate data points across tools, teams and touchpoints.

Advanced analytics reports include Customer Journeys, Trends and Retention reports powered by consolidated data. Translating numbers into people and opening entirely new views of the who, the what and the how in your data.

Deployment Type

  • SaaS

  1. Customer Profiles
  2. Behavioral Segmentation
  3. Customer Journey Analytics
  4. Trends Analytics
  5. Retention Analytics
  6. Triggers and Real-time Automation

Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available?
  • Yes

Support Options
  • Phone (only for paying customers)
  • Email
  • FAQ/Knowledgebase

Mobile App
  • Yes, for Apple iOS and Android

Pricing Information

Woopra Features

  • Supported: Website, Product and Mobile App Analytics Tracking
  • Supported: Unified Customer Profiles
  • Supported: People Metrics Reports
  • Supported: Customer Journey Analytics Reports
  • Supported: Retention Analytics Reports
  • Supported: Real-time Triggers/Automations
  • Supported: Behavioral Segmentation
  • Supported: 51+ One-click integrations

Woopra Screenshots

Screenshot of Screenshot of Screenshot of People Profiles - Understand Individual Users from Every AngleScreenshot of Journey Analytics Reports - Uncover critical obstacles and opportunities at every point in the customer experience - from campaign conversions to product engagement.Screenshot of Trends Analytics Reports - Analyze the growth of any metric over time and uncover the hidden forces that drive performance.Screenshot of Retention Analytics Reports - Measure the engagement of features and actions over time to proactively reduce churn and identify the behaviors that drive success.Screenshot of Real-time integration triggers to take action in connected tools.Screenshot of 51+ One-click integrations to seamlessly unify data across tools and teams.

Woopra Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Woopra provides real-time customer analytics. It begins by tracking users across digital touch points (website, mobile app, help desk, marketing automation, etc.) and building a comprehensive behavioral profile for each user. These Customer Profiles are Woopra's building blocks, which are used to generate custom analytics reports, funnel analytics, retention analytics, and more.

Woopra starts at $80.

Mixpanel, Amplitude Analytics, and Heap are common alternatives for Woopra.

The most common users of Woopra are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Woopra Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)25%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)30%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)43%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have implemented Woopra as their web analytics solution at a B2B SaaS company to track customers through their full lifecycle, from the first visit to the website to lead, customer, and active user. They have found that Woopra provides an overview of customers' activity per user, including time spent on the site, visited pages, and location, which has helped them better understand their customers and target marketing efforts. Additionally, users have relied on Woopra to monitor their company website data and make informed decisions on changes and improvements to the website's flow based on the behavior identified in Woopra.

During the Beta Testing phase of their new B2B SaaS product, users have used Woopra to understand how well their product was working and how customers were using it. They have found Woopra's advanced and flexible analytics platform to offer a lot of great features for both novice and advanced users in their organization. Users have also found Woopra to be a very visual tool for breaking down real-time metrics and storing data into funnels, which has helped them make decisions based on time. Unlike other real-time tools that lacked this capability, Woopra has allowed users to delve into each specific user to dig further into their patterns and behaviors.

Furthermore, users have been satisfied with Woopra's customer service, finding that the company shows genuine care for their clients' needs. This level of support has made using Woopra a positive experience for these users. They have also used Woopra to analyze usage metrics and address reported issues by tracking user actions and low usage moments. Overall, Woopra has proven valuable for monitoring user pathways, funnels, most viewed pages, and retention rates, providing insights into who visits their site and why.

Not only has Woopra been useful for assessing software adoption as a team but it has also been employed by the product department to track customer use, customer engagement, and campaign effectiveness. Users have appreciated that Woopra is quickly set up, allowing them to be up and running in less than 4 months. Another key use case is that users have implemented Woopra on their native app for cross-device tracking and capturing personal identifying information, acting as a CRM. This has enabled them to identify users on digital properties, trigger campaigns, create segments, automate actions, and provide powerful analytics reports.

Lastly, users have relied on Woopra to analyze the main steps on their site, identify problems or optimize steps in the funnel, and track specific user actions for debugging and AB test monitoring. This level of granular analysis has allowed users to make data-driven decisions to improve their website performance and optimize user experiences. With Woopra, users have been able to gain valuable insights into their customers' behavior, identify areas of improvement, and effectively target their marketing efforts. Whether it's tracking the customer journey, analyzing usage metrics, or monitoring campaign effectiveness, Woopra has proven to be a versatile tool that provides valuable insights for businesses across various industries.

Real-time Updates: Many reviewers have emphasized the significance of Woopra's real-time updates in user analytics, stating that it is critical for quick follow-ups on opportunities and for customer success to support individual users. This feature has been praised by a significant number of users.

Extensive Integrations: Woopra's extensive list of turnkey integrations, including Marketo, SalesForce, and Slack, has received high praise from multiple users. These integrations were highly valued for their convenience and usefulness. Several reviewers specifically mentioned how these integrations enhanced their experience with Woopra.

User-Friendly Interface: Woopra's user interface has garnered positive reviews from many users. They described it as the best out there, praising its user-friendliness, easy navigation, and minimal learning curve. The intuitive design of the interface was particularly appreciated by reviewers who found everything easily accessible and at their fingertips.

Difficult Setup and Visualization for Custom Reports and Dashboards: Some users have mentioned that the current version of the product has a difficult setup process and lacks intuitive visualization options for custom reports and dashboards, impacting their ability to effectively analyze data.

Limited Keyword Search Functionality: Several users have suggested improvements to the keyword search feature, as they feel that most of the search queries are encrypted, making it challenging to find websites or information.

Lack of Flexibility in Report Customization: Users have requested more control over report customization options. Specifically, they desire greater flexibility in adjusting small details on reports, such as column width, to enhance their overall experience with the product.

Users commonly recommend Woopra for its ease of use and its ability to provide valuable insights for businesses. The support team is highly praised for their assistance in maximizing the software's value. Woopra is described as an easy-to-use tool for data analytics, offering a complete solution for businesses looking to analyze their websites.

Integrations with Marketo, Salesforce, and Slack enable seamless data sharing across various channels. Users recommend trying multiple programs before making a decision, but many personally recommend Woopra for its ease of implementation, flexibility, and adaptability to all types of businesses. It is also recommended for business-to-business product distribution to have full control over the context and generate revenue.

Implementing Woopra in a company is suggested for better customer handling and data-driven decision making. Users find it helpful for understanding customer interests and integrating with Marketo and Salesforce. Woopra's unique ability to track customers and generate positive marketing impact is highly regarded.

To fully understand Woopra's capabilities, users recommend practicing and interacting with the software. It is described as a straightforward and easy-to-navigate analytics tool with amazing features that save time and are user-friendly. Woopra is recommended as a great tool for sales promotion, data collection, and tracking customer activities.

Users suggest creating an alarm system using Woopra to locate potential buyers and reinforce their behavior with promotions and events. It is also recommended for simplifying marketing services and improving customer satisfaction. Woopra's real-time analytics with advanced and intuitive tools make it a good alternative for businesses.

Users emphasize the importance of not hesitating to use Woopra due to its minimal cost compared to the return. It is recommended as a solid basis for decision making for companies of any level and industry. Users suggest trying Woopra for understanding clients and not being tempted by something new. Woopra can optimize the customer experience through individual-level targeting and personalized messaging.

Overall, Woopra is regarded as a simple and easy-to-setup technology solution, providing businesses with a better overall picture of website performance and a powerful tool for tracking customer behavior across various channels.

Attribute Ratings


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March 01, 2022

Woopra is good

Aditya Reddy Bhavanam | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For Customer Analytics
  • Customer Journeys
  • Trends of the usecases
  • User experience with ease
  • Data Analytics
  • Easy Search navigation
For Business Analysts or Product Owner to know how the product is used or where the user is heading to.
June 06, 2019

Great Software

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Woopra is currently used to identify users on our digital properties (website, landing pages, etc.). Based on their behavior, Woopra is used to trigger campaigns, create segments, and automate actions. Woopra also has powerful analytics reports that help us to better serve our users.
  • Analytics Reports -- the journey report type is really powerful.
  • The configuration is easy and straightforward.
  • Automation/triggers.
I highly recommend Woopra.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Woopra for analyzing the main steps we want people to take when coming to our site. It's used to identify when we have a problem somewhere at these steps (due to content, technical problems, etc.) or if we just need to optimize a step to get more people through the funnel. It's also good for debugging and seeing whether some AB tests we have set are running, as we can track our own specific user actions.
  • Providing funnel analytic reports and ways to filter down/adjust those analytics.
  • User-specific actions and information (as opposed to only showing aggregates)
  • Tracking of users in specific groups using Google Tag Manager triggers
  • Bugs in form elements new report UI which make it harder to filter or do other report related actions
  • Understanding of new tools and exactly what and how they work
  • Long loading times for reports
Woopra provides user-specific data, but not sure what the exact use would be for all that user-specific data. It's typically only handy for debugging if something should be triggering for a certain user. It's great for aggregation based on user group properties, and taking a general overview and flow of user behavior we want to track on our site, which allows us to identify problems at each step.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are actually using Woopra to analyze very few usage metrics and almost daily when we have to address some issue reported by users. This tool complements our own data on our databases. We use the user explorer to see the actions taken by users around the time they reported some kind of issue. We have also used the live view to decide when to make a deploy based on low usage moments.
Less frequently, it helps us understand the usage of certain features we measure with custom events.
  • Works fast with a clean interface. It is easy to use for non-expert users.
  • Has proven to be reliable, compared to other products that seemed to lose some events or reflect them late.
  • The main live view dashboard gives a very fast look at the actual load of the site.
  • User explorer could get some upgrades. It has sometimes been difficult to filter some actions, or groups of actions or combine filters.
  • Can add more cards to the live dashboard.
  • More context data on the user, the device being used, etc.
We have only used it on web applications so I would recommend it in that case. Deploy has been pretty straightforward. Usage is very intuitive so if you are looking for an analytics product to implement fast and easy (for example for a startup or when starting a project) it is also a good scenario to recommend Woopra. The free tier has been pretty useful to us.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Woopra is used to monitor user pathways, funnels, most viewed pages, retention rates. It solves the problem of knowing who visits our site and why.
  • Visit history of individual people (actual pages visited)
  • Daily stats on people by filtering measure
  • CSV downloads of data
  • Lack of documentation and definition (what does 'x' mean?)
  • Setup of funnels - inconsistent results (a lot of conditions have a time related rule, but this is not made particularly clear)
  • New Woopra (I like the old version much better)
Well suited for organisations who are not particularly keen on Google Analytics (GA) and are trying to understand how people use their site (and have the time to delve into the detail). If you just want the high-level figures, it's probably not worth the cost. The cost increases significantly as you hit a set threshold of page views.
Brian Alonzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Woopra to monitor our company website data. We then take the data Woopra collects on our site visitors to make informed decisions on changes and improvements to our web site's flow based on the behavior identified in Woopra. We also build profiles on users based on their page visits once they convert.
  • Woopra does a great job showing you stats for specific site visitors.
  • The install and setup process is very easy and intuitive.
  • Woopra does a fantastic job showing the technology being used my our visitors.
  • I love Woopra's ability to show geographically where a user is located.
  • I would like ability to view the stats in an offline app. The browser is good but sometimes it's easier to use a desktop application
  • Being able to track leads attributed to an online marketing plan would be a great feature to add.
  • It would be helpful if Woopra allowed us to tie into PPC and Search campaigns.
Woopra is a great replacement for Google Analytics when you need a fast and easy way to interpret your website's stats.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Woopra was used by myself and a few others as we assessed what software our CSM team was going to adopt. We really liked a lot of the cross team functionality, but the team I was on found a major lack of adoption from the sales team. We also used Woopra in our product department (we offer a cloud-based service) to track customer use, which was very insightful for tracking customer engagement and campaign effectiveness.

Woopra set up was very quickly too. Perhaps because we already have a large integration team, but we were up and running in less than 4 months.
  • Customer profiles were fantastic for the detail oriented industry we are in. We could quickly know about MPAs, compliance restrictions and easy upsells for our customers.
  • Customer tracking was incredibly handy as well. We could organize engagement campaigns based on which of our uses need it most.
  • Quick integration into our systems was nice too. We use a dozen or so softwares that are a part of their integration partners, which made cross team communication very convenient.
  • The price point seems a little high... Valuing a software is tough, and I know Woopra would sign this one off, but this leads into my next point.
  • The package never saw much expansion. I would have liked to see updates to improve and expand functionality. Sometimes you see client pages disappear, things would sometime freeze or take a while to load, and there was a few documents we would have liked added.
It's hard for me to say exactly who I think Woopra is for, but it would be a great software to have in our early years. Don't get me wrong, Woopra is great, but it can be a little hard to take what it offers to my managers/team and try to explain why the price is a little high, and it won't suit all our needs.

If you are a big company, with revenue to spare on a CSM team, that works in a specialized industry, that doesn't require massive amounts of note and tracking, I think Woopra is right for you. I think some good examples would be utility companies with user portals, or maybe specialized mobile apps that serve a specific purpose (say security camera diagnostics). I think that Woopra would give you an ROI and reduce your need for team growth in less than 6 months.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I was introduced to Woopra when we were hired to develop a native app on iOS and Android. The organization that hired us was currently using Woopra on their website and wanted to have it implemented on the apps for cross device tracking. Woopra is a unique tracking tool that allows for the capture of personal identifying information, which addresses the need of this organization as it can also act as a CRM of sorts. It is important to note that the website and apps are product offerings that users pay for, and upon doing so, they agree to have their PII collected.
  • It is quite easy to implement once the structure of the platform is understood.
  • Funnel building and capabilities look powerful, although I do not use them personally.
  • Reports are very simple to set up as they are based entirely on the schema/strategy that you create.
  • The interface is not set up well for analysis.
  • The native developers I worked with did not like that the SDK has not been updated in a few years.
  • The interface does not make tools, such as building segments and creating filters, very intuitive.
Woopra is quite simple to implement but does not provide the tools necessary for in-depth analysis. I see this as an ideal tool for a product owner who wants to understand high level audience metrics, be able to quickly see conversion rates around the goals of the product, and be able to reach out to users to obtain further information to help improve the UX.
March 30, 2017

Woopra is wonderful!

Cindy Romanowski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company uses Woopra on a daily basis to track our website analytics. The app gives us an overview of our customers' activity per user and allows us to see how long they have spent time on our site, what pages they visit, where are they are located, etc. We use this information to better understand our customers and target our marketing efforts.
  • Hands down, their user interface is the best out there! The app is extremely user-friendly and I can navigate their page with ease. Everything is at your fingertips and the learning curve is minimal.
  • We are a small startup and the free version gives us what we need while we are growing. They pack in a ton of features in the free version and I will not hesitate to pay for the next plan once our business is profitable and we reach the next level.
  • The only thing I would like to see Woopra improve is the keywords people use to find our website. 98% of the search queries = encrypted. I don't know if that is Woopra's fault or a security change to the web browsers.
My rating of Woopra is the absolute best possible. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an analytics website that prefers a visual interface and a beautiful design. I have not encountered any problems using their app -- ZERO! Their integration with other marketing software, such as MailChimp, helps our company zero in on our marketing campaigns and gives us the information we need to make better choices. I LOVE Woopra and think they are the best out there! I have used other websites and there is no comparison!
Ross Reynolds | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We implemented Woopra as our web analytics solution at a B2B SaaS company. We wanted to be able to track customers through their full lifecycle, from the first visit to the website, to lead, to customer and active user. A key requirement was to be able to identify individual users in real time for the purposes of funneling "Product Qualified Leads" from our freemium product to the dSales development reps. Once converted, we also wanted to understand product and feature usage on an account by account basis, to understand how they were driving revenue.
  • Woopra tracks *individual users and customer accounts*. It cannot be understated how important this is. Google Analytics and other low cost solutions only sample users and provide aggregate data. For enterprise sales, this is critical. Likewise, for product managers trying to segment product usage by types of accounts, this is incredibly useful.
  • Woopra updates user analytics in real time. This is critical in a sales context as you want to be able to follow up quickly on opportunities. Likewise, it is useful for customer success as they can see usage in real time for an individual they are supporting.
  • Woopra has the most turnkey integrations of any web analytics solution on the market. By far the most useful are Marketo, Salesforce, and Slack, but there are several more we didn't tap into. While any solution worth its salt has an API, Woopra's integrations usually require a login and/or API key, and you are good to go. Here is the current list:
  • Woopra enables B2B product managers to track product and feature usage by revenue, not just clicks. Again, in a B2B context, this is critical, as there are high-value users and low-value users. Knowing the difference is critical.
  • Woopra's implementation is super simple. We were able to set it up with a couple of hours of one frontend developer and some help from our product intern.
  • The current version of the product does not have the easiest setup and visualization for custom reports and dashboards. Not a blocker to usage, just not as easy as it should be. A major update is in the works as of this review, though, so check the latest release. The team is very responsive to user feedback, so most of the usability nits should be resolved with this update.
  • There are some additional new features coming out fall 2016, so check out the latest there.
Woopra is great for:
  • B2B Companies who want account based analytics
  • Supporting Account Based Marketing
  • Identifying Product Qualified Leads from a SaaS Product with a Freemium model
  • Product Managers who want to analyze product and feature usage on an individual level
  • Providing Product KPIs such as Total Revenue behind users per Product per Feature. For example, we just launched this big feature, what's the value of the accounts that used it?
  • Identifying navigation paths and support issues. For example, what features or pages logged the most help articles and support requests?
The company also has a lot of B2C customers, especially in the e-commerce space. Although they also serve this market, this wasn't our use case.
Brent Pearson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been designing and building a new B2B SaaS product for about a year now. We have recently entered the Beta Testing phase and I needed a product that would answer one fundamental question...."Do we have the product right? Is it working for our customers". So I didn't want a high level analytics tool.... I wanted a tool that let me look into the "black box" of our application and understand how well it was working, and how customers were using it.
  • Love the interactive nature of Woopra. When you come up with a question, you can query Woopra and it will give you answers in seconds.
  • Love the retrospective nature of its labels.... Define a specific segment of your customer base, and Woopra will highlight them. With other systems I've had to define the segments up front.
  • Love the ability to define triggers and alerts and have Woopra notify me when certain conditions are met.... whether it's a new VIP customer that has just signed up, or a problem with our site... Woopra alerts us in real-time.
  • Being able to adjust little things on the reports (like column width) would improve the experience, however so far Woopra have been great in reacting to feedback.
  • Their new customizable dashboard could be improved in terms of layout and customization.
I really do love Woopra. It is one of the most powerful and flexible tools I've used in terms of understanding what your customers are doing with your web site or application. When you are launching a product or site, often you don't know all the questions you need to ask when you start off, however Woopra really allows you to interrogate the user behaviour on demand. I also love the ability to explore the funnel analysis by different dimensions. Eg. What is our conversion rate by day, or by platform, or for customers from different industries, or countries. Wonderful insights!!!
May 31, 2014

LOVE Woopra!

Benny Luo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Not only is Woopra an amazing product, but their customer service is outstanding. It's clear that they truly care about their clients needs and will do whatever it takes to make sure they're met. I'm very glad to have randomly stumbled upon this product 5 years ago.
  • Product
  • Customer Service
  • Communication.
  • The app could be slightly better. Sometimes it freezes when I try to open it.
Anyone looking for a quality analytics tracking tool should definitely use Woopra. The GUI is beautiful and easy to follow unlike their competitors.
Anthony Soohoo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dot & Bo has tested many other analytics packages in the market and I feel that Woopra is the most advanced and flexible advanced analytics platform for our needs. A lot of great features are available for the novice to the most advanced users in our organization. Amazingly knowledgeable support who are responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend Woopra.
  • Flexibility of API
  • Ease of setting up customized tracking events for each use case
  • Powerful label creator to track customized events
  • Real-time view and visualization
  • Amazing service
  • More approachable UX for novice
  • Better onboarding videos
Fast, easy and responsive
Jason Dainter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Woopra provides a very visual way for us to break down our real time metrics for Eco Market but also since it stores data nicely into funnels we also use it to make decisions based over time. This has been a pain point with other analytical tools, most real time tools are *too* real time and do not really give you anything meaningful. Most other tools that don't cover real don't let you delve into each specific user to dig further into their patterns and behaviors. Woopra lets you do both, very well.
  • Real time customer analytics
  • Customer funnel analysis
  • Event tracking
  • Cohort analysis
  • More integrations with third party tools
Woopra is very well suited to startups since its clever triggers and filters let you really segment customers giving you accurate data. When startups don't have that many users to segment, accuracy is vital to give you proper metrics so it is very suitable for this.
Kara Thornton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • The product was helpful in managing our international reach. I needed to listen to social on an international level and having the ability to integrate those conversations was critical.
  • Generating customer reports was time consuming.
Steve Reeder, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Provides web traffic by company or organization so a user can see interest by company. Potentially, it can help direct marketing and sales efforts.
  • Nice web based GUI.
  • Easy installation - simple code install and you are running.
  • Free module gives excellent information at no cost with easy to set up "actions".
  • Does an excellent job at tracking PDF downloads.
  • Discontinuing the desktop based client was an enormous disappointment.
  • Removing the chat agent made the product less useful to our organization.
  • Inability to download data to Excel format
  • Free version does not allow you to see data more than 90 days old.
Adding back the desktop client would make this product much more appealing as this was the KEY differentiator in an already crowded space.
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