Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software Overview

What is Real Estate Software?

Real estate software is designed to help real estate agents and Realtors with all the activities that are part of their daily jobs. This can include finding sources of new real estate leads, organizing and centralizing contact information, conducting email and phone outreach, marketing themselves and their brand, keeping a pulse on the local and national housing market, listing properties, and closing deals. The primary goal of real estate software is to help make agents' lives easier, more streamlined and organized, and more productive—so they can focus on what they do best.

Many real estate agents choose to work independently and are in this sense owners of their own small business. For agents that choose to work alone or lead a small team, finding a real estate platform that has built-in website and blog creation, email marketing, and invoicing capabilities is critical. Brokerages, where multiple real estate agents and Realtors work under one or more brokers, often invest in real estate software for their agents to use.

Different Types of Real Estate Software

While real estate software can help agents and Realtors accomplish all of these tasks and more, many real estate tools are specialized and focus on one or two areas. For example, real estate customer relationship management (CRM) platforms provide agents with a way to store, organize, and track contact information. Real estate lead generation tools, on the other hand, help agents and Realtors source new leads they can reach out to.

When it comes to tools like a CRM platform, real estate agents have the option of choosing a non-real estate specific CRM or (such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Agile CRM) or investing in a CRM designed for the real estate industry. Tools like BoomTown, CINC, FollowUp Boss, and Zillow Premier Agent CRM are all examples of real estate specific platforms.

This holds true for other types of real estate software too, like website and blog builders. Software products like WordPress and Wix are popular website/blog creation platforms that are not specific to the real estate industry but can be used to create real estate websites nonetheless. Conversely, many real estate software suites include a built-in website creation tool.

Real Estate Software Features

Depending on the product, real estate software tools may focus on one or two core areas listed below. Some vendors offer real estate software suites that include CRM, lead generation, IDX website creation, lead nurturing, and marketing capabilities all in one.

Real Estate CRM Software

Real estate CRM tools help agents and Realtors stay organized by housing information about their prospects and clients. These tools allow agents to track the level of outreach each lead has received, provide follow-up reminders, conduct leading scoring, and contact leads via phone or email from within the platform. Some real estate CRMs also include IDX website building, lead routing and distribution, email and text templates, and calendar and appointment setting capabilities.

Real Estate Lead Generation Tools

Real estate lead generation tools provide agents and Realtors with more leads to reach out to, with the goal of generating more new business. Many of these tools will run lead generation campaigns on Google and other search engines, on social media platforms, or property buying and selling communities like Zillow to collect fresh leads. These leads are then shared with users for a given cost per lead. Other platforms operate by attracting leads to their own website and packaging them up for users.

Real Estate Marketing Software

Real estate marketing software helps agents, Realtors, and brokerages with everything from lead nurturing, to creating a brand, managing their online presence, conducting retargeting campaigns on social platforms, and automating email, voice, and text outreach. Some real estate marketing platforms also include website optimization and SEO tools, and social media posting capabilities.

Real Estate Software Comparison

Before investing in one or more real estate tools, consider the following factors:

  1. Type of tool: are you looking for a stand-along real estate CRM, lead generation, or marketing platform? Or does your business need an all-in-one style real estate software suite? Think about what you need before starting to trail different solutions
  2. Your budget: how much are you willing to spend on real estate software and how many users will you need to pay for? Certain tools are more affordable for independent contractors, small business owners, and small teams. The all-in-one style real estate platforms tend to be on the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum.

Pricing Information

Pricing for real estate software varies depending on the type of tool, range of features included, and the number of users. For example, pricing for real estate CRM software can range from $50 per user per month (on the low end) up to multiple hundreds of dollars per user per month. Most vendors do not disclose pricing information publicly but will provide a price quote upon request.

Real Estate Products

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The kvCORE platform is described by the vendor, Inside Real Estate in Draper, as a next-gen solution for modern brokerages and enterprises to run their entire business on one platform.


Qobrix is the go-to software for real estate that helps users capture, interact and convert leads into sales. The system includes a CRM system, client and agent portals and a bulk website generator. Qobrix aims to enable users to manage property listings effortlessly, while supporting…

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a real estate CRM and lead management solution from the company of the same name headquartered in British Columbia.


RealScout is presented as a platform that powers successful relationships between real estate professionals and their clients, from the company of the same name in Mountain View.


Zurple is a real estate marketing technology solution from the company of the same name in San Diego, designed to intelligently engage leads on the agent's behalf by sending personalized emails to each lead from in an email address. The emails reference specific properties and market…


Realvolve is a residential real estate CRM boasting automated workflows, from the company of the same name in Greenwood Village.

klapty 360

Klapty lets users create/post a 360 tour for free. The vendor states they aim to deliver a smooth and efficient platform that helps users create tours to keep audiences engaged. From sending links through email to offering integration to social networking sites, desktops, and mobile…

Rabbet for Real Estate Developers

Rabbet is financial management software for real estate developers. The software brings together people and data to streamline project finances—tracking agreements, costs, forecasting, draw preparation, and reporting—so development managers have real-time visibility into their projects…


Auctm is an analytics platform for real estate teams that aims to increase profitability, improve conversions, and conduct data-driven 1-1s so that real estate teams can make more informed and data-driven decisions. Made to empower brokers, team leaders, sales managers, and coaches,…


ARVO BMS is a Real Estate Business Management System that enables medium to small-size construction companies to manage customer requirements, project planning, documentation, site execution, engineering modifications, and project communication in Real-Time. This solution aims to…

Yardi Corom

Yardi Cororm is a cloud-based software platform that combines corporate leases and deals with an accounting system. Its features aim to put the user in charge of managing an entire lease portfolio end-to-end. The user can analyze, track, collaborate, and managea deal pipeline to…


BoomTown is a software platform designed to help real estate professionals generate leads, manage contacts, and run their business better, from BoomTown ROI headquartered in Charleston.

k+TEAMS (formerly Kunversion)

k+TEAMS (formerly Kunversion or Kunversion+) is a lead acquisition and relationship manager solution for teams and agents from Inside Real Estate. The platform was developed by the former Kunversion company, which merged with Inside Real Estate in 2016.


CINC (Commissions Inc) headquartered in Marietta is a provider of web-based real estate marketing and CRM software for agents,real estate teams, and mortgage brokers across North America. The solution includes a consumer facing website that integrates with local MLS data, a CRM platform…

Hubzu Online Real Estate Marketing Platform

Hubzu an online residential marketing platforms, featuring properties in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., from Altisource, designed to drive buyer traffic through an investment in marketing to targeted channels, including syndicated websites, digital advertising and local marketing…

Real Geeks

Real Geeks headquartered in Dallas offers a real estate lead automation and CRM solution boasting lead notifications and tracking, lead routing and profiles, SMS autoresponders, follow up reminders, and activity live feed.

Buildout (Rethink CRM)

Buildout is a commercial real estate software used to drive marketing and brokerage operations. Now offering database, pipeline reporting, and back-office tools—Buildout aims to enhance the entire deal cycle in a single platform. Buildout acquired REthink CRM in February 2021, a…


Propertybase is a cloud CRM for real estate brokerages and teams looking to showcase their brand and drive more business through digital experiences, collaboration and automation, from the company of the same name in Boston. The Propertybase platform includes IDX and MLS-integrated…

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow offers Premier Agent, a network designed to help real estate agents connect with active buyers on Zillow and Trulia as soon as they begin their home search.


Convex is a data-rich software designed by and for the commercial services industry.

Top Producer CRM

Top Producer Software, a Move, Inc company, offers Top Producer CRM, a real estate CRM designed to give users the information and tools needed to personalize interactions, build meaningful relationships, and connect with people at every stage in the pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does real estate software do?

Real estate software helps agents and Realtors manage all the activities relating to their day to day job. For example, real estate CRM software helps agents store and track contact information, lead generation provides agents with new potential clients, and real estate marketing software assists with email and phone outreach, lead nurturing, and engaging with prospects and clients on social media.

Why should real estate agents, Realtors, or brokerages invest in real estate software?

The biggest benefit of using real estate software is that it can help make the lives of real estate agents, Realtors, and teams of agents easier. Rather than manually needing to keep track of a bunch of phone numbers, real estate CRM software provides a database for storing all types of client and prospect information. Lead generation tools can also help agents get their hands on new leads faster, which in turn leads to more new business.

What are the different types of real estate software?

There are a few different types of real estate software, which include:

  • Real estate customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Lead generation tools
  • IDX Website and blog creation tools
  • Real estate marketing software
  • All-in-one real estate software suites

Some of these tools (e.g. CRM and lead generation tools) primarily focus on one specific area while larger all-in-one software suites provide agents with capabilities spanning multiple areas.

How much does real estate software cost?

Most real estate software vendors do not openly disclose pricing information on their website but will provide this information upon request. The cost of a specific platform also depends on what type of tool it is, the degree of capabilities included, and the number of individuals who will be using the software. For example, a basic real estate CRM platform will cost around $50 per user per month. For more advanced software with a wider range of features, the cost can increase up to multiple hundreds, or thousands of dollars per month.