Adobe Advertising Cloud - The next Influencer Social Marketing Platform for 2019
December 21, 2018

Adobe Advertising Cloud - The next Influencer Social Marketing Platform for 2019

Haley Fox | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Advertising Cloud

I work with many companies on their social media marketing campaigns, some are long-term and some short. Long-term ones I recommend they invest in Adobe advertising cloud for many reasons. But the short of it is, if you are a small business it is expensive and there is a steep learning curve, but if you are large and we do most of it for them, it is an amazing platform that offers an in-depth interface for setting up campaigns


  • Automation - One of Adobe Marketing Cloud’s amazing marketing solutions is Adobe Campaign. This allows users to implement marketing automation to increase their campaign productivity and deliver an amazing customer experience. I can even set up users so they can build individual customer profiles based on the interests, actions, and preferences that are tracked through different marketing channels.
  • A/B Split Testing – Most platforms have this now and most do not know how to even use it. However, the only way for a user to know how their marketing can be improved is to get a clear idea of how it is performing. But if all their data is in separate locations, it’s difficult to know which image, text or video is leading to sales or conversions. Adobe Marketing Cloud helps with keeping all of this clear for everyone on board.
  • Social Analytics – when you or your customers are looking to improve their social marketing results, this platform offers Adobe Social, which is a social management platform that allows users to monitor conversations, promote and publish content, and analyze and engage with followers. One of the best parts is that the system automatically attaches tracking codes to users’ social content to identify what content drives engagement. It is a very powerful tool.


  • Hard to learn - It is not one of those plug and play programs. It is very confusing, even to seasoned program specialists like myself. There were a few times I literally felt like I was pulling my hair out trying to get things to run correctly.
  • Price - They claim it is set up for small to large companies, but when you check all the other programs out there, their pricing is steep. Adobe has always been that way-- they are really not for the beginners and don't care about the newbies.
  • Time Consuming - if you are a newbie, the learning that is involved just to get up and running can take a full week. The only cheat I can give a newbie is that there are tons of others on Youtube that feel the same way and now there are great tutorials out there that can help you over a learning curve.
  • With all the reports that come along with it, the ROI for this is on the high end of everything out there. I feel I am being repetitive a bit here, but again, it is all on how much the user knows and how easily they can pick it up.
  • The ROI when it comes to the learning curve is still well worth it, if you can dedicate a week to the learning and get it over with, it is all that much better as in the long run it will be a program that will almost walk through things on its own.
  • The ROI when it comes to the learning curve for someone that is a newbie though may be a lot more challenging and may be one of those programs they are paying for but never ever end up using, like so many of us with our gym memberships.
ClickFunnels is way too expensive, and even though they claim they do so much, it is way too difficult to get it to work, plus there are tons of external costs they don't mention until you're inside the system. Most are exactly like that as well. Hootsuite is a good alternative, but it is missing some stuff that Adobe does. HubSpot needs a lot of work. I would say it is too casual, but at the same time, it is too complicated too.
I honestly would have given it a 10, if my colleagues were all as experienced as myself or my staff, but not everyone is. I would explain what is entailed and let them make their own decisions. However, Adobe Advertising Cloud is on the top of my list if they are quick to pick up things like this.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Feature Ratings

Ad campaign creation
Ad deployment
Display advertising
Ad display and retargeting segmentation
Sequence targeting
Data Transfer
DSP integration
Ad dashboards
Ad performance reports
Ad conversion tracking
Ad attribution reporting
Cross-channel ad management
Ad forecasting and optimization

Adobe Advertising Cloud Support

They are super knowledgable and help in almost all situations, however sometimes I feel they put you on hold to find the answers themselves as they literally have said. "Can you hold a few minutes while I research that answer for you?" Most of the time they come back with a solution, other times they manually escalate it to someone else.
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Yes - It is not available on certain pay levels, but the one I am on it is, the only problem is when you need it, it depends on the time of the day. If it is busy or not, etc. Sometimes I get very fast replies, others it is a bit of a wait.
Yes, there was a time, early on, when I could not understand how to use the A/B Split screen, it was not set up like other programs. The person that answered the chat literally held my hand through the experience and I was all set in a timely manner. I went from zero knowledge or understanding to full knowledge within a matter of minutes all because they put things into layman terms for me aka baby terms.


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