DiscoverOrg provides lead and customer data that is sometimes accurate
Michael J. Towle | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 12, 2018

DiscoverOrg provides lead and customer data that is sometimes accurate

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Overall Satisfaction with DiscoverOrg

We use DiscoverOrg in a couple of different capacities. We use the site for basic lead intelligence as well as for integration with our CRM. With the acquisition of RainKing, the leads have improved somewhat, but still are not perfect. Additionally, the tool has been further integrated with our marketing tools to assist sales teams with coordinating and automating marketing campaign efforts as well.
  • DiscoverOrg provides lead contact information that is supposed to have been verified by their reps within every 90 days, in order to ensure accurate data.
  • DiscoverOrg provides the ability to connect with major CRMs and marketing automation tools for streamlined lead data importing.
  • DiscoverOrg provides a simple user interface with the ability to filter by company, leadership, geography, and many other criteria that are necessary for effective data driven sales operations.
  • DiscoverOrg leads are frequently inaccurate, and the party line that these leads are all being verified every 90 days is simply not accurate. Quite frequently, the leads are found to be very old data. On numerous occasions, the lead information would not have been accurate for several years (sometimes even more than 5 years old).
  • DiscoverOrg does frequently add more leads to their system, but the data quality is an issue with the new leads as well. Users are left wondering what data to trust. Trial and error gets old when you're trying to reach the right person at the right time with the right message, and the data you are trusting is not dependable!
  • DiscoverOrg has to compete with a plethora of other vendors that do the same thing, and they haven't demonstrated a truly significant differentiator that sets them apart from the competition.
  • Overall, the tools we use from DiscoverOrg have had a positive impact on our business objectives, but just like any successful sales organization, we don't keep all of our ROI eggs in one basket. DiscoverOrg is good for sales companies looking to enhance their CRM lead/contact lists with lead quantity.
  • Frankly, tighter integration with CRMs for heads up monitoring of bad data and sales intelligence prompting their repository to flag questionable data would be a great place for them to invest. Obviously, the tight rope that would need to be walked would be the fact that the CRM has plenty of other data they they should not have access to, but a simple check box in the most popular CRMs to notify DiscoverOrg that certain data is not accurate and a simple way to notify what is not accurate would be a great place to start!
  • DiscoverOrg is better than many company/lead data providers; contact information is hit or miss, and some leads simply contain old data, but by and large, the tool does what it claims, and the data is far from the worst that is available.
DiscoverOrg is a good product. They provide a decently deep level of industry, company, lead/contact information, and they provide a well rounded assortment of filters to ensure that data is tailored to specific needs. The quality of their data is not always extremely high, with some of the data being even several years old, but by and large, the basics are accurate, and even if contact data is not always up to date, the general information available is still able to be harnessed for deeper value, depending upon sales models.
We can manually generate lead, contact and company reports, which can then pull directly into our CRM as well as into at least of of our major marketing automation tools. The ability exists to pull directly in from DiscoverOrg, however, we have found that doing so from DiscoverOrg into the CRM and then from the CRM into the marketing automation tool does seem to provide a better overall experience. Occasionally the data pulls from DiscoverOrg into the marketing automation tool does not pull the data perfectly, and then problems ensue requiring more manual processes in order to ensure accurate data across multiple systems., WebEx Meetings, Microsoft 365 Business
Companies need data to do business, and they often need a repository of leads/contacts as a starting point. DiscoverOrg is great for beginner to intermediate level lead data when sales orgs are looking to start somewhere. The reality is that there are simply no solution providers within this market that provide accurate data all the time. Data that is accurate today simply may not be tomorrow, and without constant (and unrealistic) validations, there is no way to ensure data quality across every company and lead.

DiscoveryOrg does a fine job of providing a relatively simple to navigate repository of lead and company data. They could invest a great deal more in providing a supplemental tool for scraping data from resources like LinkedIn, which, by and large, is considered the most up to date resource for gathering intelligence on lead data. The problem is that even with more functionality in this regard, the most important contact information is still not always available.

DiscoverOrg Feature Ratings

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Lead qualification process
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Salesforce integration
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Filters and segmentation

Using DiscoverOrg

They primarily are comprised of sales and marketing reps who are dedicated to front line sales and marketing type functionality. Their usage is primarily dedicated to ensuring that our CRM is up to date with as many quality leads as we can muster, and the overall goal is to ensure reaching the right contact at the right time with the right message via the right medium. If the data is bad, it creates a great deal of wasted time for those dedicated to keeping our CRM data clean.
1 - The person dedicated to supporting the tool requires administrator level access and a working knowledge of how to fix, undo, repeat, and cleanse anything related to lead lists being pulled from DiscoverOrg into our CRM as well as into our marketing automation tools. The admin also needs to understand the access levels and constraints facing the day-to-day users, and adapt a strategy based on the time available to conquer the issues at hand.
  • Sales related company/lead level data pulls
  • Marketing related company/lead level data pulls
  • Ongoing maintenance of customer and prospect data within our CRM
  • The ability to bypass the CRM and pull data directly into the marketing automation tool has proven to be novel and somewhat fraught with difficulty. In theory, the idea is very valuable, but in practice, the limitations of data pulled depends on too many fields that can cause more headaches. The integration is not bad, but it is not perfect.
  • The tool is one of our main sources for purely cold leads. We supplement with many other tools to provide additional leads sand contact data, but it is great for a base line level of lead supplementation.
  • The tool is great for introductory lead data and the acquistion of RainKing was a boon for their company. The filters are a great additional level of functionality for those interested in using their site for tailoring lead lists as well.
  • The tool will continue to be used in its current capacity for the foreseeable future.
  • Tighter integration with LinkedIn would be a phenomenal functional differentiator for DiscoverOrg.
  • Tigher integration with CRMs for ongoing data quality would be necessary for providing industry leading data quality.
The tool is simply better than most other lead/company data repositories, and they are dedicated to keeping their data clean, even if they are far from accomplishing this task at present. The tool works, and it is relatively easy to use. Overall, DiscoverOrg provides the level of lead/contact, customer, and even industry level data the sales orgs have come to expect from this sort of tool in a format that is fairly easy to use. They do also provide support for sales teams looking to use the tool effectively, which is great!