Linode vs. Others - Our journey so far
Updated March 08, 2024

Linode vs. Others - Our journey so far

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

We have been using Linode to power websites, web, and mobile applications for our customers for around eight years. We have been managing Linode accounts for few customers and would strongly recommend any developer to start with it. The dedicated CPU plans are quite powerful and affordable, unlike market leaders stealing our CPU power. The addition of new services like Object and Block Storage really gives flexibility to developers. The upcoming Cloud Firewall and Bare Metal option would help us reach more Enterprise customers. The Marketplace library and Stack script options make Linode unique and customizable to spin an instance. Availability of Mumbai region in India has further added scope to our services. Hope we get more regions in India soon.
  • Dedicated CPU.
  • Developer friendly services.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Detailed monitoring and analytics.
  • Availability in India.
  • More regions in India.
  • Waiting for Bare Metals.
  • Email services would be great.
  • Has increased our revenue.
  • Enabled us to address more client needs.
  • Offers flexibility with plans to suit every need.
Linode stands tall for Ease of Use and Developer Friendliness. The plans and pricing slabs makes it tough to resist from competition. Also as we get what we are subscribed to, unlike providers like AWS stealing our CPU during high demands, we don’t face issues due to noisy neighbors. Apart from the above, manageability is good and better than other service providers. API also enables us to connect our account with billing system like WHMCS. This helps us to provide our client with direct access and control of their instances to our customers, and makes them happily use it. Backup options adds value to our business for customers requiring business continuity.
There have been very few times we had required the support. Most of them were spam or malicious code injection incidents which when notified helped us to resolve the issues. But the effort and concern the support personnel had during such times are really appreciated. We were given enough turn around time to fix the issues and revert. The fantastic KB has made it really possible to learn almost anything required to manage the instances without getting to reach the support team. And at times when we needed assistance, we almost had it within short time. We have also been assisted at times for very generic questions related to managing the instances, even though we hadn’t opted for Manages Services plan.
As they portray, Linode offers fantastic services and support at affordable pricing. We have been using services from multiple providers, but see Linode to be most true to their promise of providing top class service at low price. Our TCO at Linode is almost 40-50% less than other service providers we had worked with.
In a span of five years, we haven't faced any network or service downtime with Linode. That really comes in handy when all our customers look for minimum uptime guarantee of 99.9%. That's Linode’s level of uptime which has helped us to stay peaceful and focus on our core. Linode has been most reliable in this matter.

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Linode perfectly fits any startup. Not just that, it holds true for design and development business[es] to manage their client’s websites and applications with ease. Scalability is never a problem with Linode. Having said that, a load balanced cluster setup fits precisely for any Enterprise requirements. The availability of multiple linux flavors also gives us an additional choice while setting up opensource applications. Though we are using few Linodes for email servers, we would love to have an email service from Linode. That would take off our worries about managing the email server and services. We had been receiving few requirements year ago on GPU based applications, which we weren't able to take up. Now with the availability of GPU plans we don't have to worry.

Using Linode

3 - We primarily use Linode to host and manage our customer's websites and applications. Having said that, out support team and technical team used Linode for various purposes starting from Testing, Development, Deployment and Support.
2 - We had been into hosting business for over 15 years, thereby have in-house talents required to manage the nitty gritty of hosting business. Though Linode is very simple, user friendly and easy to use platform, we are equipped technically to manage everything inside the servers created. Having said that, out tech support manage and optimise services like Apache, MySQL and support control panel like cPanel, Plesk and Interworx. We are one of the 10 Certified cPanel Partners in India.
  • Development and Testing
  • Production Servers for Customers
  • Managed Services for Linode Customers
  • The Marketplace Apps on Linode are extremely good
  • Overall experience of Cloud panel is great
  • Setting up Block and Object storage are simple and easy
  • So much of KB articles and extended Help articles
  • Bare-metal Servers once they are available
  • GPU for AI related applications
  • CDN services for Websites
In this eight years of being Linode's customer, there hasn't been a single day we faced problem. Even the migration or maintenance activities have been planned, organised and priorly informed. Kudos to taking care of even such small metrics. Though the instances are unmanaged, the support team helps with relevant document links, or their own articles that help us to fix or solve the issues we face.

Evaluating Linode and Competitors

Yes - AWS Lightsail and Digital Ocean were the two products that Linode gave a tough time to. The hidden terms and conditions with AWS and availability of better and easy platform than DO really changed our mind to give it a try initially, of-course with free credit. Since then, no turning back.
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Ease of Use
We are not a Datacenter expert, but have been in hosting business for 15+ years. That way, we need vendors and partners who not just push their product, but also help us give a complete solution to our customers. That way, Linode was amazing in terms of its simple though strong products, documentation and marketplace to explore and provide solution to customers, and a strong technical support team to help at any point.
No plan to change anything as of now

Linode Implementation

We haven't faced any issues so fare related to implementation of Linode and are quite happy with it.
Change management was minimal
  • Getting used with the interface
  • Learning to use LISH console

Linode Training

We got kick started with an initial walkthrough along with some free credits. The initial walkthrough helped us to understand Linode's ecosystem and start our hands on with Linode. We tried out some apps from Marketplace initially with the free credits, which not only helped us understand Linode better, but also those apps. We had implemented many such apps to our customers with Linode
Yes. Though the basic overview was provided, we were able to catch up with the system within a day.

Configuring Linode

As mentioned earlier, not just the user experience, but the extent to which we could configure nodes in linode is extremely important feature. From just selecting the operating system, zone, templates, marketplace apps, configuring vlan, IP management, RDNS settings, backup, restoration, migration etc plays a vital role in day to day server management.
I am sure, the linodes help documents and kb articles are better choice.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

Linode Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No, we haven't purchased premium support. Since we have our in-house technical team which is experienced for year with hosting, we haven't made that decision.
It was a time, when we have issue with moving some instances from one account to another account. It was really getting a nightmare as we had been trying all ourself with manual migration by creating new server in new customer accounts. Then came their rocking support team, which gave us a clear way, and helped us to just move the entire instance from one customer account to another. It was a breeze and a great sign of relief to us, else we would have spent days togather to just get this simple task done.

Using Linode

Simplicity is the core of Linode, let that be the UX nor their products. I had never faced any challenge with using the Cloud panel not configuring products, right from the very first time. That way, i would say Linode's overall usability is the best compared to all the Cloud providers. It is simple, straight and developer friendly.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creation of Nodes
  • Server management like stop, restart etc
  • Adding additional storage like Block and Object storage
  • IP and RDNS management is a breeze
  • Setting up backup to happen on specific date
  • Moving server between different zones as the IP changes

Linode Reliability

I completely agree with the above statement. Linode provides the best option in terms of configurations and scalability. We have chosen share CPU instances many times and then moved on with dedicated CPU instances, just with a click of button.
We haven't faced any outages in service in past 8 years. Also, any important maintenance are informed in prior.
We use Linode for its Geographical presence across multiple locations. That way, we don't really face issues with it.

Integrating Linode

Customers are quite happy to use and mange their Linode from our billing system like WHMCS and Hostbill
  • HostBill
We just used a ready to use Linode module from a 3rd party developer
We use WHMCS and HostBill only
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)

Relationship with Linode

From the first enquiry form submission to taking the first Linode live with free credits, the entire process was butter smooth and systematic.
The after sales support from Linode has been excellent so far
We wanted to become their partner to on board our clients are direct customers of Linode, and they were transparent and open for discussion.
Discuss with clarity

Upgrading Linode

Yes - As we had been with Linode over 8 years, we have seen some upgrades in the mean time. They were all for good reasons to make the user experience better.
  • High Compute power are affordable pricing
  • Competitive pricing compared to AWS
  • Better IOPS on SSD for good read/write performance of database and files
  • Its time for revision with cloud panel UX
  • Mobile App would be a great idea
Yes - It was during the initial time when we decided to become a paid user after our free credit trial period