Stop fighting your infra and start loving it
August 12, 2022

Stop fighting your infra and start loving it

Eric Mintz | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

We use Linode to host custom software applications that we write, to host websites, and to store off-site backups.


  • It's super easy-to-use - set up a complete virtual environment in a few minutes.
  • Linode is the ONLY service I know that will let you DOWNSIZE a VM - super useful.
  • The price is right - spin up any size server and add additional block storage if needed.
  • Object memory is cheap and integrates very well with S3 CLIs and applications.
  • I've been very happy with the knowledgeable and friendly customer service.
  • The more recent additions of a firewall and Kubernetes is a welcome plus.
  • The load balancer ("Load Balancer") service is easy to spin up and configure.


  • I'd love to see the ability to make snapshots, vs full backups only.
  • We run our entire infrastructure on Linode. That's an amazing value for a very small price.
  • Linode's prices allow us to offer a very affordable infrastructure solution to our clients and prospects, making our solutions very competitive.
  • Linode's infrastructure is so easy to manage, and it takes so little time, that we didn't need to hire additional personnel to help manage it.
We've used larger solutions, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. In each case, the pricing was confusing and, with all of the add-ons needed for even a simple infrastructure, ended up being several times the cost of a similar Linode solution. On the flip side, we've used services like and DigitalOcean. The products and pricing were similar (almost - they didn't have a built-in Kubernetes service), but they didn't provide the ability to downsize a machine. With those services, you had to rebuild the machine with a new IP address which is very inconvenient and sometimes disruptive. To boot, Linode's tech support is considerably better.
Linode's techs are both friendly and knowledgeable and happy to help. That's a rare combination these days.
Linode's prices are very reasonable. We run our entire infrastructure, and it costs us very little. But more important than the expense, Linode's infrastructure is so easy to manage that we hardly spend any time on it at all. That's the biggest benefit to our company.
Uptime is important to us for sure. But even more important, it's important to our clients and prospects. When we propose a new solution, 100% uptime is an important consideration.

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We do both software development and DevOps. In nearly EVERY case, Linode was a better fit for our clients than the "Big 3" competitors, based on Linode's simple, predictable pricing structure, and the ease of provisioning and configuring... which typically takes about 1/10 of the time compared to the "Big 3".

Using Linode

4 - 2 software developers
1 DevOps engineer
1 website designer/developer
1 - Technical Skills you'll need:
Good working knowledge of Linux
Good working knowledge of security
Understanding of basic networking
  • Our own infrastructure: company website, CRM, Team support, backups, VPN
  • Hosting the custom applications and websites we develop for our clients
  • We use it as a lab - we can very cheaply spin up a whole fleet of servers for a day and test a solution before we propose it to a prospective client.
  • We use the Bucket storage with the built-in S3 support in XCP-NG and TrueNAS for an automated, very inexpensive off-site backup solution.
  • Kubernetes deployments
  • Hybrid cloud (combination of cloud and in-prim) solutions
We've been a Linode customer for 7 years, and it just keeps getting better.

Using Linode

It's a perfect balance of simplicity and rich functionality for the vast majority of our solutions. The Linode portal gives us all of the flexibility we need right at our fingertips, without the hassle of having to drill down 10 screens deep to find some obscure, yet critical feature.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Spinning up a new server
  • Getting remote access when it's not connected to the network
  • Downsizing a machine
  • Uploading and using your own bootable image
  • Adding multiple IP addresses
  • Managing the firewall
  • Adding admin users to the account
  • Setting up and using S3 buckets
  • Backups - I wish snapshots were an option
  • Exporting and downloading an image of a live disk


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