Generate More Referrals And New Customers By Improving Your Online Reputation.
May 28, 2018

Generate More Referrals And New Customers By Improving Your Online Reputation.

Erika Conners | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Tout

  • Managing people effectively in extension programmes is a skill that requires constant planning and development. An extension program can enable the manager to devise strategies, make decisions, and implement action in sales. Email management is concerned with the optimum attainment of organizational goals and objectives with and through other people. However, all sales professionals of organizations face the same challenge: to manage one's time, objectives, and resources in order to accomplish tasks and implement ideas. Tout was used across the whole sales organization. ToutApp Works for You at Every Stage of the Sales Cycle. Our growth numbers since using ToutApp went from $0 to $10 million in the pipeline. And so in terms of measuring productivity gains, it’s huge.
  • Fully integrated into Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce and other major CRMs.
  • Upload best performing sales messaging, sales enablement collateral and marketing assets into a shared sales playbook.
  • Drive Consistency & Productivity.
  • Deploy a streamlined sales playbook so your Sales reps exceed quota and close more deals.
  • Increase Your Pipeline.
  • Predictably build more pipeline, whether you’re selling to SMB or Fortune 500.
  • Wow.... well, it can be very difficult to navigate and you can only email a limited # of recipients at a time, which means you have to do your blast in batches. It also is very clunky. I spend more time trying to figure out how to use the tool than I do seeing any measurable results.
  • Really dig into the level of support your users will receive, and ask about where the product is headed. Also, ask for a sandbox and have a variety of field users experience the software and give feedback.
  • I dislike the analytics and the overall "clunkiness" of the UI/UX. Both seem to be very glitchy at times and within the analytics, it does not get very customizable. You can only see up to a specific level.
  • The Feed approach that Tout favors is useful because I can instantly see when someone I sent an email back a month ago is accessing it again. It can appear that I have ESP that way. I can “just happen” to be thinking of them when they just accessed my email .Tout itself has a couple of bugs- first, not having access to data that it’s collecting is kind of a drag. You have to look at individual emails to see what people are doing.
  • For the foreseeable future, all are great. It’s not a cop-out. All are different tools, and they are probably going in different directions.
  • Demandforce got me back into Gmail and Chrome. The number of threads Chrome opens and the impact on my Air’s performance is pretty ugly.
  • Tout is great because I can work a list really fast, and send stuff that looks great out with a minimum of hassle.
  • I’ll leave it to the Internets to determine who the original is and who the fast follower is, but for now, I’ll be using both services for as long as they stay on the paths they are on. I doubt they’ll ever integrate, but we can always dream.
We are solving our small sales team problem. I am the only SDR in the company and Tout helps me manage, send and follow up with many of my leads automatically. Tout is more focused on “success or failure” of emails than Yesware is. They are going in different directions – as you can see that they’ll probably have some features from one another.