One of the best sales and customer service experiences I've ever had - plus the product rocks!
August 24, 2015

One of the best sales and customer service experiences I've ever had - plus the product rocks!

Stephanie Casstevens | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • HubSpot Integration
  • Optimizely Integration
  • Google Analytics Tracking

Overall Satisfaction with Uberflip

We had two main goals when we decided to start using Uberflip. One was to create an area on our site where all of our content could live in one place. This meant we needed our blog, ebooks, white papers, social posts, etc. all together. We couldn't easily do this with HubSpot and Drupal as ebooks required forms on landing pages which weren't part of the RSS feed for the blogs and weren't pulled in with the API. We also wanted to get our calls-to-action and forms converting at a higher rate to generate more leads. With Uberflip we're using overlay CTAs and pop up CTAs instead of just a CTA that requires yet another click to a landing page with yet another submit button. As the marketing director, I use Uberflip daily and two of our front end developers have learned the product as well to help me implement some of the embedded features on our Drupal site.


  • Customer service and on-boarding! One of the best experiences I've ever had.
  • The knowledge base is amazing. It has great step-by-step guides and unique ideas of how to use Uberflip.
  • Calls-to-action are easy to integrate with marketing automation software and look nice. They expand and have lots of options and can even pass directly to smart lists in HubSpot for us.


  • Uberflip started out as simply a flipbook (ebook) product so there are still a few things they need to update - they have been moving full steam ahead it seems like but a few little things get left behind (i.e. the confirmation emails still call flipbooks "issues" which can be confusing.)
  • I'd like to have more CTAs - though the Optimizely integration helps a little with this.
  • Some of the settings are very granular so if you change one thing you may have to change it in many places. It'd be great to have an option on features like "just this flipbook, everything in this folder, all folders, etc."
  • Better resource center for our current clients.
  • Higher converting CTAs - more leads.
  • More engagement with our blog posts.
I didn't really look at many similar products. Honestly, Uberflip reached out to us and had the perfect solution for us. Their sales process - from the first email Matt sent me to our launch day - was absolutely fantastic. They sold us on their product but also on working with them as a company.
Uberflip is really great if you have a large library of content and are active on social networks. However, if you don't have a lot of content just yet I still think it would be great to start using Uberflip now if you plan to create content consistently moving forward. It might be even easier to organize your content if you're starting from scratch than working to import and organize hundreds of blogs and ebooks.

Using Uberflip

3 - Marketing
Front-End Developers
3 - Marketing definitely uses it. Our front-end developers helped with embedding the Hub on our Drupal site.
  • We wanted to get all of our content in one place.
  • We use custom streams to deliver segmented groups of content to our different buyer personas.
  • We A/B test our calls-to-action using Uberflip and Optimizely
  • We have put our case studies in Uberflip and integrated them with our custom streams.
  • We are finding more ways to use flipbooks/ebooks for things like resources just for customers.
The tool is easy to use and does exactly what we wanted it to do. Plus working with Uberflip has been absolutely fantastic.

Uberflip Implementation

Set up folder settings the way you want before cloning folders! Saves so much time!
Yes - The Uberflip team gave us a great outline to work through our on-boarding and set up. We set up our Hub, added our content, embedded our Hub, updated SEO information and then launched.
  • We had a few small questions but it was nothing Emilie couldn't always answer easily.
  • We wanted the background of our site to match the background of our Hub. Since we couldn't make it white and didn't have a high enough level account for custom style, we ended up changing the background of that page of our site so the white container was grey like our Hub.

Uberflip Training

It wasn't exactly training but there was a step by step check list of things in a project the Uberflip team shared with me. There were links to helpful articles on it that walked me through how to set things up.

Uberflip Support

The support and the team at Uberflip is THE BEST!!! They are seriously so great. They got to know me on a personal level and really cared about getting my Hub set up the way I wanted and they want my Hub to be successful. They even took a few of us out to dinner when they were in my area for a marketing event. They are always there to help me and only a quick email or phone call away.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Absolutely! I had forgotten how to change one setting and I emailed Emilie. She immediately responded with a little gif recording showing me exactly what to do. She even told me the tool she used in case I wanted to record what I was doing and send it to her to see if I was missing something. Every experience with Uberflip has been great but this one in particular was really top notch.

Using Uberflip

It was easy to learn and while it definitely took time to get everything set up and working the way I wanted, it wasn't difficult. There was plenty of support and knowledge center tools as well.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Uploading and editing flipbooks.
  • Creating forms and integrating fields with marketing automation.
  • Changing settings on a folder-specific level but for all your folders.

Relationship with Uberflip

They are seriously the best!!! I had such a great experience working with Uberflip I feel like I have new friends too.
So great. They got even MORE helpful after the sale. They really care about my Hub and its success.


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