Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools34Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses marketing efforts to improve a website's placement in search engine results. This may be accomplished in two general ways: via improvements in a website's content and structure to improve relevance, searchability, and popularity (this is search engine optimization, or SEO), or via paid digital advertising (usually pay-per-click, or PPC) to vault ahead of competition in search results. SEM platforms help marketers launch and run successful search engine PPC advertisement campaigns at a set budget, and at least include features that in some way facilitate running a paid advertising campaign, including intelligent bidding recommendations and/or automation of bidding and ad copy generation, and plenty of analytics for reviewing past campaigns and forecasting optimal new ones. Some SEM tools and platforms emphasize competitive analysis, so advertisers can see what competitors in the same ad space are doing and how you or your agency's clients stack up against them, and protect the brand against (often unlawful) use of one's name by competitors seeking to ride a better known brand's coattails, as well as identify gaps or missed opportunities to increase visibility in searches.[24]7 Predictive Search1

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools

Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools Overview

What are Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools?

Search engine marketing tools help marketers manage and optimize paid search ads. SEM tools allow users to research keywords, set a budget, run paid ad campaigns, act on intelligent bidding recommendations, automate bidding and copy generation, and analyze and forecast results.

The goal is to bring a target audience to your website, particularly for keywords where you are not likely to be the top organic result.

The most widely used SEM platforms include those offered by search engines themselves, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Many cross-channel campaign management tools include capabilities for managing paid search, social, and display ads. Similarly, many SEO platforms include features for managing paid search ads or integrate with first-party tools like AdWords.

SEM & Competitive Intelligence

Some SEM tools also offer competitive analysis. In other words, they allow you to see what search terms your competitors are bidding on. This information may allow you to identify missed opportunities to increase your visibility in search. It also may help you protect your brand from unwanted (or unlawful) use by competitors.

Pricing Information

First-party SEM tools are often free in the sense that you don’t pay for the tool itself. Rather, the cost is rolled into what you pay for your ads. Ads are usually on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. Other methods include CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions), or pay-per-call, particularly for ads served on a smartphone.

The cost of ads varies widely depending on the competition for targeted search terms. Tools allow you to set a budget and limit spending.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Products

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ClickGUARD headquartered in Los Angeles offers their search engine marketing click fraud tool, designed to prevent fraudulent clicks by bots or malicious actors.

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Adzooma is an all-in-one automated PPC advertising platform that allows users to track, analyze, optimize and increase the profitability of their digital marketing campaigns. In 2018 Adzooma partnered with Google to broaden its solutions for SMEs, making it easier for them to advertise on Google...

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Opteo is search engine advertising (Google Ads) management software from the company of the same name headquartered in London.

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Spaceboost is a PPC management platform from the company of the same name headquartered in Barcelona.

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KlientBoost headquartered in Irvine offers their search engine marketing software platform.