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Best Text Analysis Software include:

Micro Focus IDOL (formerly HP IDOL).

Text Analysis Software Overview

What Is Text Analysis Software?

Text analysis software, also referred to as text mining or text analytics software, uses natural language processing (NLP) to turn unstructured data into more meaningful data. Users invest in text analysis software to assist in data analysis, measure customer opinions contained in product reviews and feedback, support fact-based decision making for improving overall efficiency as well as providing a search facility.

NLP methods used by text analysis software include understanding key phrases, language, themes, and patterns used in the text. This data is drawn from text contained in sources such as emails, phone transcripts, surveys, and customer review boards. Rather than relying on humans to manually code test-based responses, these tools use artificial intelligence to provide more accurate and consistent text analysis.

One large benefit of using text analysis software is the ability to obtain visual representations of text-based data. For example, a frequency chart that plots the number of times specific pieces of feedback were mentioned. Text analysis tools can also be integrated with other analytics software, like business intelligence platforms.

Text Analysis Software Features

Some common features found within text analysis software include:

  • Language detection
  • Collaboration tools
  • Text & sentiment analysis
  • Data blending & cleansing
  • Natural language selection
  • AI machine learning
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Multi-language support
  • Knowledge management

Text Analysis Software Comparison

Though using text analysis software offers the users many benefits, be sure to keep in mind some key differences between products before purchasing one:

  • Data support. Prior to purchasing, it is important to note if the software is capable of supporting all file types, image enhancing, processing, and a range of languages.
  • Ease of use. Be sure the product is easy to learn or will at least provide helpful training materials to be able to utilize all the features provided.

Pricing Information

Pricing for text analysis software tools varies according to features and amount of users required. Some vendors will require only an annual payment, while others will charge per month.

Costs generally start at about $400 per year, for plans with limited features and users. Monthly rates can be as high as $2000 per month for plans with unlimited users and in-depth data analysis. Some vendors offer a free version or free trial of their text analysis platform.

Text Analysis Products

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IBM Watson Studio on Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Watson Studio

Customer Verified
Top Rated

IBM Watson Studio enables users to build, run and manage AI models, and optimize decisions at scale across any cloud. IBM Watson Studio enables users can operationalize AI anywhere as part of IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, the IBM data and AI platform. The vendor states the solution simplifies…

Key Features

  • Visualization (23)
  • Extend Existing Data Sources (23)
  • Connect to Multiple Data Sources (23)
Infegy Atlas

Infegy Atlas is a social monitoring tool that moves beyond simple number counting to providing answers that help researchers better understand consumers through advanced automated analysis of social media.


Lexalytics (formerly Semantria) is a software-as-a-service and services provider specializing in cloud-based text analytics and sentiment analysis. This business intelligence (BI)/analytics tool offers an easy way to unlock meaningful insights and sentiment analysis from large amounts…

Micro Focus IDOL (formerly HP IDOL)

IDOL (formerly HP IDOL and before that Autonomy IDOL) is an AI text analytics solution acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Stratifyd enables companies to capture customer sentiment for every interaction and turn it into actionable business intelligence within an executive-level dashboard. The vendor says companies worldwide use Stratifyd to improve customer experiences, increase customer acquisition…


Keatext is a cloud-based AI-powered text analytics platform for feedback interpretation. It synthesizes large volumes of feedback from multiple channels to produce actionable insights delivered on one comprehensive dashboard. Designed to minimize response time, the Keatext opinion-…


MonkeyLearn is a Text Analysis platform that allows companies to create new value from text data.


Textrics is an AI and ML-based Text Analytics suite that analyses customer sentiments through text written across various data sources.


Bitext provides NLP services to largest companies in NASDAQ.


Thematic analyzes customer feedback to help companies improve customer experience.

Luminoso Technologies

Luminoso Technologies is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) company that enables companies to discover value in their unstructured data.


Provalis Research is a developer of text analytics solutions such as WordStat, a powerful software for computer-assisted content analysis and text mining, and QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does text analysis software do?

Text analysis software tools use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text-based data contained in emails, surveys, customer reviews, etc. The tool then produces insights about trends and patterns it identifies within the data.

What are the benefits of using text analysis software?

Using text analysis software enables businesses to gain a better understanding of patterns and trends in qualitative feedback and responses they get from customers. This can help improve customer support and satisfaction. Additionally, using text analysis tools instead of humans to interpret language data allows for more accurate and consistent results.

How much does text analysis software cost?

Vendors may require customers to pay either an annual or monthly subscription fee. The cost can be as low as $400 per year, for a limited text analysis software plan. More advanced plans can cost upwards of $200 per month, though these plans typically include more features and users.