Event Monitoring9Event Monitoring Software add automation to incident management across an IT infrastructure and applications by logging events and organizing alerts so that managers are aware of changes in metrics that signal meaningful performance change.CA Unified Infrastructure Management1https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/gg/9W/HVBIZE1VBDZ6-180x180.PNGScienceLogic2https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/YD/RP/3D5KNDT1JX91-180x180.JPEGCA Spectrum3https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/gg/9W/HVBIZE1VBDZ6-180x180.PNGTrueSight Operations Management4https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/uA/oI/8QK48O3QGKJ0.PNGxMatters5https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/Ve/Ky/TZN83AFITB88.JPEGLoom Systems6https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/jG/em/WNKLLXEWCZKX.PNGAutoMate BPA Server7https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/bi/HJ/B10WWLZKE2ZA-180x180.JPEGEverbridge Mass Notification8https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/dG/se/V3MOET9G40EF.PNGIBM Tivoli Business Service Manager9https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/yf/sf/DNSXTG99HOK3-180x180.JPEGOperations Manager i (formerly HP Operations Manager)10https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Zm/IY/D5DAJSH3LPPI-180x180.GIFIBM Tivoli Netcool Impact11https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/yf/sf/DNSXTG99HOK3-180x180.JPEGBigPanda12https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/product-logos/lc/Jk/6IWSHANJKCHN.JPEGIBM Tivoli NetCool/OMNIbus13https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/yf/sf/DNSXTG99HOK3-180x180.JPEGOperations Bridge (formerly HP Operations Bridge)14https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/Zm/IY/D5DAJSH3LPPI-180x180.GIFCenturyLink Security Log Monitoring (SLM)15https://dudodiprj2sv7.cloudfront.net/vendor-logos/OK/UO/KTW2ZSTJRMM2-180x180.JPEG

Event Monitoring Software

Event Monitoring Software Overview

What is Event Monitoring Software?

Event Monitoring Software and hardware consist of components like operating systems, database management systems, application software, firewalls, processors, etc. to produce event logs. These logs then signal to administrators that a significant event has occurred, such as:
  • When a user accessing a system
  • When a program encounters an error
  • When a security policy is violated
  • Other status change events
Event monitoring is a subset of network monitoring and is the process of collecting, analyzing and signalling events to administrators so that they can, for example, take action to remediate error states. Network status events may use various protocols such as syslog, SNNP, or VMI.

Event Monitoring Products

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xMatters is an event monitoring solution for enterprises. It is cloud-based incident management software that enables business processes or applications to trigger two-way communications (text, voice, email, SMS, etc.) during time-sensitive events.

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Loom Systems is designed to empower IT teams by simplifying root cause analysis. According to the vendor, the platform automatically ingests and analyzes all types of logs and metrics, learns their unique behavior over time, detects anomalies and trends, and reports these along with the root caus...

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BigPanda is designed to enable enterprise IT to intelligently automate and scale service operations to meet the complex demands of the modern datacenter. The vendor says their algorithmic service operations platform turns IT noise from fragmented clouds, teams, applications and monitoring tools i...