Event Monitoring Software

Event Monitoring Software Overview

What is Event Monitoring Software?

Event Monitoring Software is a subset of network monitoring software. Event monitoring consists of analyzing and notifying network administrators of relevant events so they can remediate errors, or enforce security policy. An event monitoring ecosystem consists of software and hardware components such as operating systems, database management systems, applications, firewalls, processors, etc.

The log data generated by these components is mostly routine and irrelevant to issues. Event monitoring software automates log analysis, allowing administrators to focus on more important tasks instead of manually going through the log. Examples of meaningful events signaled by event logs to administrators may include:

  • When a user accessing a system exhibits unusual (or policy-violating) behavior

  • When a program encounters an error and fails

  • When a security policy is violated

  • When a piece of hardware fails or exhibits warning signs of failure

  • Other status change events

Beyond supplying automated, “agentless” log analytics, some event monitoring software vendors provide noise reduction by suppressing alerts. These IT event management solutions can group and suppress alerts associated with a single failure event. Removing redundant and repetitive alerts allows administrators to focus on restoring systems.

Features of Event Monitoring Software

Event monitoring software typically includes the following capabilities:

  • Agentless monitoring of on-premise, cloud, hybrid, and private network devices

  • Configurable noise reduction tools and alerting system

  • Filtering & suppression, “flood control,” device or system specific event alert suppression

  • Configurable alert thresholds (e.g. time limits, max notifications, etc.)

  • Centralized configurable dashboard for condensed network health information

  • Correlative analysis and reduction (i.e. to reduce a multitude of alerts to fixable events)

  • Alert grouping (i.e. lump related alerts into single event log)

  • Staff may opt-in or opt-out of alert groupings

  • Retention of historical device events (e.g. performance benchmarking, failures, etc.)

  • Monitor hardware characteristics (e.g. CPU temperature) as well as software characteristics

  • Privileged user monitoring

  • Internal user activity reports

  • External user device access and user session tracking

  • Machine learning/correlation engine for detecting or analyzing malicious or policy violating behaviors

  • Monitor and configure router traffic monitoring, accepted and denied logs

Pricing Information

IT event monitoring and management software are available via perpetual license or subscription. They may be installed on-premise or deployed from the cloud. Some vendors may offer free trial periods or ‘freemium’ versions of their product that typically have limited feature availability. Plan prices increase with the number of integrations required and the number of users. Subscription plans are priced per user. Depending on the number of integrations plans may be available for $15 to $75 per month, per user. Alternately, pricing may depend on integrations rather than users. Pricing, in this case, may range from or around $3,000 per integration.

Event Monitoring Products

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ScienceLogic SL1

ScienceLogic is a system and application monitoring and performance management platform. ScienceLogic collects and aggregates data across and IT ecosystems and contextualizes it for actionable insights with the SL1 product offering.

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a native AWS monitoring tool for AWS programs. It provides data collection and resource monitoring capabilities.

Broadcom Unified Infrastructure Management, formerly from CA

Broadcom Unified Infrastructure Manager, formerly from CA Technologies, is a unified tool for systems monitoring and analytics. It offers multiple deployment options for IT teams and MSPs .

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk supports IT operations analytics with the Splunk IT Service Intelligence premium offering, a software application available to subscribers to Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise log analytics and SIEM platforms.

Everbridge Mass Notification

Everbridge Mass Notificaiton enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence, in order to keep recipients informed before, during, and after events. It is designed for three use cases:Emergency Response and ManagementCitizen…

TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management is an IT infrastructure monitoring and management application, supporting application performance management and event monitoring offering. It offers end-to-end application topology and management.

DX Spectrum (formerly CA Spectrum)

DX Spectrum (formerly CA Spectrum) is network fault management software, from Broadcom company CA Technologies.

IBM Cloud Availability Monitoring (deprecated)

IBM Cloud Availability Monitoring was a monitoring service available for monitoring web page loads, API and application availability or tendency to create alerts and issues, with frequent scoring for troubleshooting and diagnostics. According to the vendor: as of July 7, 2020, no…

HelpSystems Automate Plus (formerly Automate BPA Server)

HelpSystems Automate Plus (formerly Automate BPA Server) is scalable enterprise automation software designed to go beyond basic robotic process automation to integrate frontend and backend automated workflows across an organization. The vendor says their robust business enterprise…

IBM Tivoli Netcool Impact

IBM's Tivoli Netcool/Impact is an event monitoring option.


Airbrake, now from LogicMonitor (acquired February 2021) is an error monitoring and performance insight tool. Airbrak offers real-time error alerts, rich contextual data about why errors are occurring, integration into an existing workflow, and application performance insights to…

Velociraptor, from Rapid7

Velociraptor is an open source security monitoring software tool developed by Velocidex and acquired by Rapid7 in April, 2021. Velociraptor works natively on Windows, macOS and Linux. An endpoint monitoring and forensics analysis tool, users can collect endpoint events such as event…

Altimetrik Accelytics

Altimetrik headquartered in Southfield offers the Accelytics monitoring application.

Check Point SmartEvent

Check Point Software Technologies providents IT event monitoring and management via SmartEvent, an event dashboard and analytics / monitoring tool.

IBM Cloud Event Management

IBM Cloud Event Management, available on IBM Cloud, provides a consolidated view of problems that occur with services, applications, and infrastructure so that problems can be resolved more efficiently.

Event Registration Software

Eventdex event registration software helps manage the entire event lifecycle via registrations, payment collection, badges, mobile apps, onsite management and reports, and more. Eventdex charges a flat $0.75 per ticket, whether your ticket costs $50 or $5,000. The vendor says you…

AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT Events is a fully managed service designed to make it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. Events are patterns of data identifying more complicated circumstances than expected, such as changes in equipment when a belt is stuck or motion…


PremonR is a Reactive Platform to monitor Reactive Applications. Boasting years of experience in Reactive stack, Knoldus compiles all its learning into a Premonition based Reactive Monitoring and Alerting Platform. The tool is designed to meet the following requirements: Monitor…

Tencent Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC)

Tencent Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC) (formerly known as Tencent Cloud Security Situation Awareness) is a big security data visualization platform that provides visibility into businesses, assets, threats and risks based on the customer's cloud security data and Tencent'…

BMC Helix Monitor

BMC Helix Monitor is a SaaS solution that combines broad monitoring and event management capabilities with a containerized microservices architecture. It is designed to improve performance across complex environments while supporting the agility and speed required by digital businesses.…

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

Remote Access Plus is a secure and comprehensive enterprise troubleshooting solution that helps system administrators and IT help desk technicians to remotely resolve troubleshooting requests. The vendor says this solution provides powerful remote desktop sharing, over 12 diagnostic…


Lenses.io delivers a developer workspace for building & operating real-time applications on any Apache Kafka. By enabling teams to monitor, investigate, secure and deploy on their data platform, organizations can shift their focus to data-driven business outcomes and help engineers…

Check Point Infinity Portal

Check Point Software Technologies provides Check Point Infinity, a subscription based comprehensive enterprise security product suite combining network, cloud and endpoint security applications integrated into a single service priced on a per person basis. Infinitry Portal delivers…

CenturyLink Security Log Monitoring (SLM)

CenturyLink® Security Log Monitoring service provides comprehensive security log traffic monitoring using people, technology and processes to analyze security log traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and includes access to a portal for queries, reports, and other service-related…


BigPanda is designed to enable enterprise IT to intelligently automate and scale service operations to meet the complex demands of the modern datacenter. The vendor says their algorithmic service operations platform turns IT noise from fragmented clouds, teams, applications and monitoring…