Use Buffer! It's Sweet!
Updated January 17, 2020

Use Buffer! It's Sweet!

Frankie Heath | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Buffer

Currently, Buffer is being used alongside AirTable (Content Calendar) to schedule and publish 80-90% of the social media that our university puts out. As of right now, it is only being used by our marketing department as we are the only department that has control of the main university social media accounts. The business problem that it addresses for us is the fact that we are a small department that wears multiple hats at any given moment and it allows us to be able to schedule our social media out ahead of time.
  • It allows multiple social platforms to be used at once. For our university specifically, we have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that we use as our main accounts and it allows us to be able to post and custom tailor to each one of these social media platforms.
  • Buffer also has a pretty robust analytics section of the site (paid) that allows users to see details about the posts we have going up and the interactions we are having with them. This allows us to make educated decisions in regard to our social media planning and strategy.
  • With the exception of the paid analytics portion of Buffer, it is honestly cost-effective for us. It offers more for the dollar amount than any other social media scheduling platform that we have used in the past.
  • One of the biggest areas for us that buffer has some room for improvement is with Instagram. It does not always automatically push to Instagram and we have to manually do it once the post attempts to go up automatically.
  • I would also like to see an area built into Buffer that is similar to AirTable. We use AirTable to plan out our calendar of social posts and content. It would be nice to have it as an all-in-one platform.
  • Another small area that I would have different about buffer would be to have different tiers of pricing for the analytics portion of the platform. As a small university, it is hard for us to justify paying the $50 per month price tag for our analytics.
2 - The department that solely uses Buffer is the marketing and communications department at our university. This is the department that I am in alongside my co-worker. I function as the main content creator (video, photo, graphics) and my colleague is our writer. We both use buffer to plan ahead on social media so that we are able to create a tailor the story that we are trying to portray to our audience.
  • We have seen our social media following grow by at least 33% since we have started to use Buffer as our main social media scheduling platform. Those numbers are amazing since we are such a small organization and our following is super-specific.
  • The one negative impact on the ROI that we have had is paying the $50 per month for the Analytic section.
  • It has saved us a ton of money because it is cheaper than the other platforms that we were using.
The biggest selling point for us for Buffer over Hootsuite is the price point. We are paying less per month for buffer and we feel that we are getting more for our dollar amount. We were also having a ton of trouble getting posts to actually go through on Hootsuite.
Buffer is perfect if you are a company looking to be able to have regularly scheduled social posts go up. It allows the company to be able to create a cadence of posts for any given campaign. It works mainly for us when it comes to having things scheduled out because it is our goal to have at least one post per day. Buffer helps us achieve that since we are a small department of only two.

It would be less appropriate for a company that does not have the need to plan out a cadence of posts and they are more organically driven social. It is also not suited for social media stories.

Buffer Feature Ratings

Content planning and scheduling
Content optimization
Workflow management
Not Rated
Campaign success analytics
Role-based user permissions & privileges
Mobile access

Using Buffer

2 - Buffer takes someone who is knowledgeable of social media posting platform and understands how it works exactly. We do our own in house support because the two social media specialists we have in our marketing department are constantly learning and improving on their social media skillsets. The actual support of buffer isn't a lot because buffer is a pretty solid platform.
  • Posting Social Media
  • Creating and Scheduling content over the course of the breaks.
  • We use it pretty normally.
  • Buffer is a platform that has the capability for analytics but it costs.
  • If analytics were free we would use it more in the future.
  • If it had the option to schedule out stories we could use it more as well.
I am giving buffer this rating because of a couple issues that it has compared to other platforms. It does not always post to instagram and you will need to go in an manually post. Also, one of the biggest qualms that we have with buffer is the price it costs to have robust analytics.

Evaluating Buffer and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Third-party Reviews
At the time when we purchased buffer it offered our university the best posting platform for the price point. We were on Later and it was not performing up to the standards that we would have hoped. We had switched to Later from hootsuite for the same issues we were experiencing with later.
During the time that we chose to move to buffer it was the best option for us. Since then other companies have progressed a long way as well with their platforms. We would do more research into the company itself and see how it is trying to be innovative in the world of social media looking forward to the future.

Buffer Implementation

We were very satisfied with the implementation of Buffer. We had no issues switching from the platform that we were using over to buffer. Our staff did not even miss a beat when it came to posting content. It was an easy transition and I feel that is something that buffer has really done well. They have an "out of the box" usability platform.
  • We did not experience any issues.

Buffer Training

Yes, the product was very easy to learn without training. I feel that buffer has created a platform that can be used right out of the gate. All you need to do is simply sign into all the social media mediums that you or your organization uses and then simply put your foot on the gas and go.

Configuring Buffer

Buffer is very easy to configure for any organization. All you simply need to do is sign in to all of your social platforms and start posting. I don't think as far as posting and being able to do the normal functions that it is to complex or anything of that nature.
Take into consideration how many platforms you will be using and which platforms you want to use the most. Also keep in mind how many accounts per platform you will be using. This all becomes factors when using buffer to push content, because sometimes it wont automatically be on the same account that you want and you push to another.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
We did not do any additional configuration to our Buffer platform.

Buffer Support

I gave it a 7 because we didn't have to use it much, but when we did we were able to receive the help that we needed in a timely manner. One thing I do like about buffer support is that you are able to access through facebook messenger. It is a nice feature for quick responses to simple questions.
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
The biggest thing that buffer did for our university is our account had somehow been switched to a different tier level. This caused us to start being charged more for their services. I contacted their support and described what was going on and they resolved the issue that day and issued a refund on the money we unknowingly spent.

Using Buffer

I gave buffer a 6 because it really is a great platform, but they still have some areas they can approve. Being able to post to Instagram automatically without having to manually push them through and having analytics that are available with the subscription are two of the biggest reasons that I didn't give buffer at least an 8.
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Being able to create a post quickly from the main dashboard
  • Being able to adjust the captions for each platform all on the same prompt.
  • Being able to consistently post to Instagram.
  • Having to pay for analytics.
Yes - The mobile interface works very well to post images quickly across all social platforms. We use it a lot of times to push through the Instagram posts that do not automatically post. The mobile app is well designed and it functions properly for any user to be able to streamline their on-the-go social posting.

Buffer Reliability

Buffer is a great program for any company of any size to use for their social media planning.
Buffer is available whenever I need it. Except for when it does not want to push to instagram.
Buffer performs well on both desktop and mobile platforms. The one area as I have stated before is that it does not always want to automatically push to Instagram and the user will have to go do it manually. Buffer works very well pushing to other platforms. The instagram issue is the only reason buffer does not get a 10 on this section.

Integrating Buffer

We have not integrated buffer with any other platform
  • We have not integrated buffer
  • We have not integrated buffer with any other platform
We have not integrated buffer with any other platform
We have not integrated buffer with any other platform

Relationship with Buffer

We did not work with a vendor to purchase Buffer
We did not work with a vendor to purchase Buffer
We did not work with a vendor to purchase Buffer
We did not work with a vendor to purchase Buffer