The Mighty Collaboration Station
October 26, 2021

The Mighty Collaboration Station

Deborah Rapsinski | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

We use Miro amongst the UX/UI Design and Development team in NTT's Artificial Intelligence Innovation group. We use Miro as a collaboration space where we share product or component ideas or requirements, or brainstorm solutions. This is often the first space where the UX designer will put down concepts using the shapes feature to get initial thoughts from stakeholders to move the project forward. Since our team is dispersed across the world, we have a Miro board where we post pictures of ourselves, vacations, kids, pets, etc. so we get to know each other better. The most rigorous use of Miro, though, is when we invite clients (both internal and external) to join us on boards where we facilitate remote Design Thinking workshops. It's amazingly effective!
  • It has an infinitely big workspace for each board where all ideas/requirements/etc. can be accessed by our group.
  • It allows the user to contribute content in a variety of formats: text, stickies, pictures, cards, diagrams-- basically however someone is thinking of a concept!
  • Navigation and commands are easy to use -- very intuitive.
  • Having to switch between the arrow cursor and the hand cursor to scroll around the board vs. selecting an object is cumbersome.
  • I'd like a licensing package that would allow us to more easily invite collaborators. It seems like we have to "figure this out" every time we're wanting collaborators to do more than just comment.
  • I cannot figure out why, but sometimes when I paste objects into a board they are either HUGE (400% or so) or very very tiny (5%). This is annoying.
  • Miro has reduced the churn at the beginning of projects from 10 days of Discovery and Requirements gathering to half of that.
  • Miro has allowed us to stay fully capable of facilitating Design Thinking Workshops during a global pandemic. These remote sessions are so effective that [they] will allow us to conduct them remotely even after travel is allowed again which will save both time and money.
  • Since my team is involved in nearly all projects that are produced by the broader department, we use Miro to very transparently inform our internal clients of the status of our work and give them an easy way to access it.
Training on how to most effectively collaborate with people who do not have a log-in themselves would make things so much smoother for us. I also feel like we use the heck out of Miro, but we still could exploit some features that are less straightforward and obvious.
Since Miro is a completely new and different tool for a lot of the people we work with, we have had to do a bit of evangelizing and coaching on when and how to use it. Adoption is growing...
Especially because my team is dispersed, it has been a fundamental part of our ability to collaborate with each other. I'd suggest that this tool is essential for our way of working now.

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None of these other tools allowed for such seamless collaboration. Each felt like they were a tool that was trying to allow greater collaboration but not nearly to the extent of creativity or flexibility that Miro allows. Also, we have created our own templates on Miro and none of the others seem to allow such robust creation or replication.
We do not have another online collaboration space that has worked nearly as well. Miro lets us appear creative, interactive, transparent, and polished. We wish more teams across the company used it! Miro allows us to ensure that all teams involved are on the same page with respect to the work that we are doing. Expectations are clearly set, requirements are clearly understood.

Using Miro

There are some features that are a tiny bit clunky (having to switch between cursors to select vs. pan around the space). Also, there are inconsistencies in sizing we've found when pasting content into a board from another source which slows us down and is frustrating.
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Relatively simple
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  • Creating wireframes or diagrams using the built-in tools/shapes/icons/etc.
  • Drawing to add detail or ideas to existing content is fun and easy.
  • Allowing others to comment on the content.
  • Cutting and pasting (sizing issues).
  • Finding collaborators in the board when the workspace has gotten big.
  • Panning around the board vs. selecting content.