Paligo - Convenient, handy and straight to the point!
October 27, 2022

Paligo - Convenient, handy and straight to the point!

Ricardo Jorge Da Costa Lima | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Paligo

Paligo is used on a daily basis by our technical writer. It serves as the central tool to create new and update existing manuals. These manuals are intended to guide users through our software.
  • The review mode is super convenient. Comparing a snapshot of the previous versions with the current one clearly outlines the respective changes and reduces the necessary content to review tremendously.
  • The option to reuse text fragments is another handy feature. Text fragments will be updated whenever the original text fragment is altered is also extremely helpful.
  • Managing a content's structure was never easier. An intuitive drag & drop functionality allows you to design your document's structure however you like.
  • You can also fork content, in addition to reuse text fragments. This is another helpful option that no longer requires you to create repetetive chapters over and over.
  • The option to comment within the previously praised review mode is quite tricky as it only provides a minimal dialog box. Additionally, extended filter functionalities for comments in general and basic formatting feat. would also be helpful in case the author and reviewer are not physically located in the same office and have to rely on these comments.
  • Paligo provides a preview mode that is convenient to a certain degree. However, the formatting of images is quite critical as their formatting (such as width) is not accurately reflected in the preview mode and therefore requires a subsequent review when the document is exported.
  • The also previously praised "Reuse text fragments" function can also be improved. It may be a helpful and handy feature, but; the search criteria that must be entered to find text fragments must be improved because it does not consider hyphens. Additionally, the order of returned results is not consistent therefore quite tedious to use.
  • For every day or stand-alone words, this is therefore almost impossible and causes unnecessary extra work, causing one to check multiple recommended sources only to realize none of them is the desired one and subsequently disregarding the reusing of text.
  • This eventually becomes even more tedious when revising documents where text was not reused due to the above-described scenario.
  • In addition, allowing users to merge one text fragment with another text fragment that matches 100% would result in a reduced effort for the user to edit reused text fragments. It can also be helpful for cleaning up lack-of-reuse artifacts created by inexperienced Paligo users.
  • A general flowchart functionality to visualize the overall procedure of our software would be a huge improvement.
  • Review Mode incl. comment functionality
  • Reuse Text Fragments
  • Admonitions
As a greenhorn, I am quite new to CCMS and have no benchmark for comparison. However, Paligo is an intuitive system that provides you with coherent messages whenever an operation is not possible. This helps in a continuous learning process until you are aware of the basic underlying logic. Additionally, I heavily rely on hotkeys. Once you know when to appropriately use your hotkeys Paligo becomes an even faster and more convenient tool.
Paligo's support has a very quick turnaround time and always ensures that your raised questions are fully answered.
They constantly follow up to clarify whether their suggestions have the expected result.
All around a group of friendly, helpful, and quick supporters!

However, raising a feature request is often not answered at all, although it is heavily upvoted by other Paligo users.

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  • Updating existing content based on comments made in review mode
  • Determine locations in which text fragments are reused
  • Layout Design conveniently to set up a template for your documents. A variety of settings and features allow you to customize your layout to your desire.
Less Appropriate:
  • Visualizing processes with Flowcharts