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What Is Construction Takeoff And Estimating Software?

What is Construction Takeoff and Estimating Software?

The construction industry is a field with steep competition that demands attention to detail. Every single PVC pipe, piece of sheet metal, and light bulb needs to be accounted for. To win a contract, project managers need to know every cost that will make up the bid they offer investors. Once they begin work on a project, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have an estimate that’s as accurate as possible. Otherwise, project managers run the risk of leaving owners and subcontractors with unmet expectations, or increased costs. To help save time and make the most accurate bids, engineering and…

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*This article has been updated on April 25th, 2019 based on new research conducted by the TrustRadius team* Data is now considered the world’s most valuable resource. To store, manage, and understand the valuable data we collect, tech professionals have to choose the right type of database and data structure. Over the years, databases have fallen into two camps: SQL, or relational databases, and NoSQL (non-relational) databases. Interest in both types of databases has remained strong: over the past month alone over 4,700 professionals used TrustRadius to research NoSQL databases, and another 4,900 evaluated relational databases. And in the first…

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Emotion Vs Education: Comparing Persuasive Advertising And Informative Advertising

Emotion vs Education: Comparing Persuasive Advertising and Informative Advertising

Persuasive and informative advertising share the same goal — to persuade audiences to embrace certain attitudes and behaviors. This can be to stop drinking and driving, to vote for a certain politician, or to buy a specific product. Though persuasive and informative ads share the same goal, they take different approaches. One is about appealing to emotion, while the other is about education. (Though even informative ads often have a little emotion thrown in). Informative advertising sticks to facts. Persuasive advertising incorporates a broader range of methods to influence its audience. Both are important tools for convincing buyers. But in…

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How To Prepare For Tax Day: A Business Tax Preparation List

How to Prepare for Tax Day: A Business Tax Preparation List

Tax season is underway and it is time to make sure your finances are in order. Taxes can be a stressful, yet necessary, part of any business. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) recently going into effect, businesses face adjustments in deductions, depreciations, and tax items. With all the changes, many are wondering how filing business taxes will look different this year. “It will be a year of confusion,” said David Donnelly in a conversation with The Houston Chronicle. Donnelly is a partner at accounting firm Carr, Riggs & Ingram in Houston. There will certainly be a learning…

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2019: How Customer Preferences Guide The Customer Experience

2019: How Customer Preferences Guide The Customer Experience

We are hearing a lot about the customer experience these days - and the idea is here to stay. The only way a company can give customers a great experience is through knowing their preferences first. Of course, every company is going to have different customers with a different set of motivations and expectations. Customers in all fields are experiencing similar large scale changes in technology and purchasing patterns.   Every year we see new trends emerge as technology evolves and buyer journeys shift. We are now well underway into 2019 — it’s time to look at where customer preferences…

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Top 5 Comparisons To Hootsuite

Top 5 Comparisons to Hootsuite

Social media provides a powerful way for companies to spread their brand’s voice and stories. But with this potential comes extra challenge. Social media is no longer used for solely posting marketing content — it is used as a major way to engage customers along their entire customer journey. Marketing, sales, and support teams all use social media as a platform to communicate with customers at scale. With multiple silos of a company using several social media channels, keeping a consistent voice and customer approach can become logistically tricky. This is where social media management platforms come in. Enterprise-grade social…

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6 Tools That Integrate With Google Analytics To Support Brand Engagement

6 Tools that Integrate with Google Analytics to Support Brand Engagement

Google Analytics is hands-down the most utilized website analytics platform available today. This granddaddy of web analytics solutions accounts for 60% of the market share. When companies need to know how their site is performing, Google Analytics is one of the first places they turn to. Despite this, many marketers do not use this solution at full capacity. By integrating Google Analytics (GA) with marketing software, marketers can gather more advanced insights to drive brand management and engagement. This allows professionals to better understand their customers, create better goals, and effectively drive growth. How to boost brand engagement with digital…

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10 Tips To Ask Consumers For Reviews–and What Businesses Need To Watch Out For

10 Tips to Ask Consumers for Reviews–and What Businesses Need to Watch Out For

Reviews are a driving force for your brand’s reputation. Your reputation is what creates conversion. Do you need reviews for your company but don’t know where to start? We are going to take a dive into why reviews are important, where your reviews should live online, and 10 ways for you to ask for the reviews your business needs. Why Reviews Are a Big Deal Customers are relying more and more on word of mouth and online reviews to make an informed purchase. 95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Customers are doing independent research more than…

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What Is The Difference Between Agile Vs Waterfall?

What is the Difference Between Agile vs Waterfall?

*This article has been updated on February 21, 2019 based on new research conducted by the TrustRadius team* Before undertaking any development project, the most important decision to make is how to approach the project as a team. Making this decision can get heated due to the two major development methodologies at play. In simple terms, a development methodology determines how the actual work of development is organized and acted on. The two main development methodologies are the waterfall methodology and the agile methodology. Although technically considered software development, "waterfall" and "agile" are often applied in project management.  The Waterfall method…

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5 Sales Roadblocks You’re Probably Struggling With (and The Trends & Tech That Can Help You Push Through)

5 Sales Roadblocks You’re Probably Struggling With (and the Trends & Tech that Can Help You Push Through)

At the heart of sales is the ability to understand and connect with buyers. It is only after this connection that salespeople will hold any influence on their sales. Trust is what that connection needs. Yet only 3% of consumers trust salespeople. At that rate, it is difficult to connect with leads and close sales. Identifying the roadblocks that are slowing you down is the first step to improving your numbers. Here are 5 things that might be getting in your way, and some of the trends and technology that can help you push through. Top 5 Roadblocks For B2B…

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Marketing 101: Flywheel Vs Funnel

Marketing 101: Flywheel vs Funnel

If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you know funnels inside and out. Funnels are the mechanisms that convert leads into customers. Over the past few years, the relevancy of the funnel has slowly died out, leaving room for a new, digitally-informed strategy to take its place. Enter the flywheel. If you have never heard of the marketing flywheel before, keep reading. Here we discuss: The Marketing Funnel (and why it may no longer be relevant) The Marketing Flywheel (and what it promises for the future) The Differences Between the Two Models Flywheels in Action How to Shift to…

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The Rise Of Digital Project Management

The Rise of Digital Project Management

We live in a digital age. Our digital world is filled with millions of talented people working on a diverse set of projects that power our online and offline lives. The people who design what we access on our screens are masters at planning, communicating, collaborating, and ultimately creating. These are the people who make up digital project management, and at the center of digital project management is, naturally, the digital project manager. If you have come across these terms during conversations at work, but aren’t familiar with what this really means, we break them down for you here. What…

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What Is Tag Management – And Why TMS Is Important For Your Marketing Stack

What is Tag Management – and Why TMS is Important for Your Marketing Stack

Building a high-functioning website and collecting customer data is one of the most important things a business does today. An optimized website can: provide valuable company and product information to clients serve as a platform for stories and educational blogs enable ecommerce stores provide users with a personalized experience Though the website serves as a public face for a company, its purpose runs deeper. A website collects vital customer information that can be used for marketing and selling purposes. To collect customer data and to function at full capacity, websites use tags. Whether you are just starting to build a…

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The Growth Of Vertical SaaS & 7 Companies To Watch In 2018

The Growth of Vertical SaaS & 7 Companies to Watch in 2018

These days, there are SaaS solutions for every business need. Whether it’s beautiful marketing campaigns, time tracking systems, or sales forecasting software, there’s a SaaS product that can help. Software as a service offerings allow companies to grow and thrive, because they tend to be less expensive up front than traditional on-premise software or perpetual licenses, and they are constantly updated with new features in response to changing regulations and needs. “Horizontal” SaaS products serve the needs of particular departments or functions, but are not designed to be industry-specific. “Vertical” SaaS products, on the other hand, are built with the…

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F&B Software: The SaaS Tools You Need As A Food & Beverage Business (besides Just Restaurant Management)

F&B Software: The SaaS tools you need as a food & beverage business (besides just restaurant management)

Eating out is a tradition as old as time--or at least as old as your grandparents. But technology in the modern restaurant is not. Adoption of new tech in the food and beverage industry has lagged behind other industries. Using software hasn’t traditionally been a part of the typical service industry skill set. F&B business owners may be worried about the cost of the system and training employees, or may not even be aware of what options are out there. There are many SaaS tools today that can help restaurateurs perfect their art, without being too expensive or complicated.  Online,…

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Salesforce Alternatives For Driving Customer Relationships

Salesforce Alternatives for Driving Customer Relationships

Solid customer relationships are fundamental to your business success. That’s why choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) solution is necessary. CRM platforms give your business customer-centric tools to harness healthy relationships and drive profit growth. The goal of using a CRM  is to offer a unified face to customers and provide them a great experience every time they interact with you. CRM software helps you find new leads, organize contacts, track and analyze customer interactions, and give you the tools you need to effectively engage with your client base. In 2018, CRM systems are table stakes for a smooth…

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The Top 14 B2B Blogs You Should Be Following

The Top 14 B2B Blogs You Should Be Following

In an age where inbound marketing has taken over, it is almost impossible to find a software or influencer who does not have a blog. It’s basically a requirement just to be on the Internet. When blogs abound, it can be difficult to sort through blogs that are merely throwing keywords at you and the gems that can actually inspire an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Some of the best blogs out there can help you grow your business exponentially. The B2B community has a wealth of information on digital marketing, SEO, modern sales techniques, and more. To access this information, we have…

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Zenefits Alternatives For HR

Zenefits Alternatives for HR

A powerful HR department is essential for your thriving business.   As businesses shift to become more mobile, agile, and global, more stress is being placed on HR teams. Employees expect an HR team who provides an amazing onboarding process, constant feedback and recognition, and timely attention to their needs. Not only that, but they expect their documents and timesheets to be digital, mobile and self-service. As an HR representative, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed. Fortunately, this is where modern HR management software comes in. HR management software is no longer just about employee history, timesheets, and payroll.…

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Top Alternatives To Google Ads For Your Marketing Team

Top Alternatives to Google Ads for your Marketing Team

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is simple. Businesses pay for ads to appear on search engine results pages, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo and more. Every day, 3.5 billion Google searches take place. People are seeking information on all things, whether it be clothing brands, health products, or food delivery options. No matter your type of business, you need to appear in those top results. That’s where SEM comes in. Your ads are online and easy for potential customers to find. Ad retargeting makes SEM even more effective because it tracks who has visited your site and makes sure they…

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13 Alternatives To Harvest That Fit Your Business

13 Alternatives to Harvest That Fit Your Business

No matter what type of business you are in, time is money. Growing businesses need easier ways to track time and expenses. Today, instead of using spreadsheets or complicated invoice reporting, managing costs can be simple as opening an app on your phone. Both Time Tracking and Expense Management software have been instrumental in allowing freelancers and companies of all sizes to track their time, expenses, and analyze resulting profits easily. There is a substantial overlap in these two categories because time and expenses are not mutually exclusive. Time Tracking software is an instrumental tool for modern workspaces. Remote workers…

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The Top 7 SurveyMonkey Alternatives That Fit Your Business Needs

The Top 7 SurveyMonkey Alternatives That Fit Your Business Needs

These days, small businesses and enterprises alike depend on software tools for everything from HR and management to customer engagement. Survey and form building tools can be extremely helpful to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Tools like SurveyMonkey let companies easily create and distribute surveys. Some companies may need a survey for internal purposes - to establish employee preferences for overtime, for example. Others may want to use a form building tool to engage with their customers and target audience, either to collect contact information or to conduct market research. The best survey and form building tools go beyond…

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6 Alternatives For WordPress That Fit Your Business

6 Alternatives for WordPress That Fit Your Business

It’s 2018, and having an online presence is no longer optional for most businesses. From enterprises to small local shops, online content helps businesses connect with their target audience and keep up with current customers. There are a few elements to this - social media, for example, is often crucial for engagement and reviews. But at the core of moving online for most businesses is the use of a Content Management System, or CMS. A CMS is used to create, manage and publish web content. This includes websites, blog posts, e-commerce content, corporate information and more. Businesses can use a…

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What Is SaaS?: Your Comprehensive Guide

What is SaaS?: Your Comprehensive Guide

Every business faces the same challenge: to make a consistent profit while continually growing and improving customer satisfaction. The way businesses achieve this goal has changed in recent years, with software at the core of business success. Just like their customers, businesses are not looking for a solution that works. They are looking for the best experience possible. They are looking for a software solution that increases productivity, lowers cost, and improves the bottom line. This is where software-as-a-service (SaaS) comes in. “Companies have woken up to the fact that people want outcomes, not ownership. They want customized experiences, and…

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New To Recruitment? Tips On How To Write A Great Job Post

New to Recruitment? Tips on How to Write a Great Job Post

With project deadlines and new products rolling out, many businesses tend to put recruitment on the back burner. The thought is that a quick job posting with a few sketched out details will be enough to find a suitable candidate. While some businesses may get lucky with this approach, the truth is a bit more complicated. If you want a great company, you want great people. If you want great employees, you’ll need a great job post to attract them. “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the…

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