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Christian Golden, PhD, writes about tips and trends in digital marketing and social media for TrustRadius. His extracurricular interests include making music, reading comics, watching (really old) movies, and being in the great outdoors.
Battle Of The Boards: Comparing The Kanban And Scrum Workflow Experiences

Battle of the Boards: Comparing the Kanban and Scrum Workflow Experiences

*This article was updated on June 17, 2019 based on new research conducted by the TrustRadius team* Kanban vs. Scrum Let's face it, this sounds like a deathmatch in outer space between hero and villain. In reality, this is a distinction that can make a world of difference to how business owners, managers, developers, and others track the flow of work coming across their desks. Kanban and Scrum boards are work management tools that help you organize and complete projects. These boards do so by visualizing status and progress while optimizing workflow. They are powerful instruments for projects requiring creative…

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The What, How, And Why Of Machine Learning

The What, How, and Why of Machine Learning

What’s machine learning? That’s a complicated question. So where do we begin? The machine learning story is not a simple one, especially given the fact that what goes by that name in 2019 differs in many ways from the machine learning technology of the past. What’s more complicated is the fact that the internet is bursting with descriptions of machine learning at every imaginable level of expertise and abstraction. Try punching the term into a search engine and expect to find yourself digging through a mixed bag of technical discussions, academic publications, user forums, blogs, tech reporting, and so on.…

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What Software Buyers Can Learn From Rotten Tomatoes

What Software Buyers Can Learn from Rotten Tomatoes

Picture a situation we’ve all found ourselves in before: You’re itching to watch a movie, but the streaming experience has momentarily lost its luster. Maybe your recent binges have drained your queue so that only the sketchy dregs are left. Or maybe you’ve logged so many hours on the couch that you need to be surgically removed from the cushions and you long to see the sky once more. Whatever the reason, you’re craving the theatergoing experience, so you turn to Rotten Tomatoes for the standard information-gathering ritual. But not so fast! Rotten Tomatoes is a massive clearinghouse. It aggregates…

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‘Tis The Season To Sell: Some Ecommerce Tips For Holiday Marketing

‘Tis the Season to Sell: Some Ecommerce Tips for Holiday Marketing

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling, and all the other usual signs of changing seasons are upon us. In short, winter is coming, and the holiday shopping surge is coming along with it. Deloitte’s annual holiday season forecast predicts that retail sales could exceed $1.10 trillion in the 2018 holiday season. Essentially, ecommerce is a key player in this story. It plays an ever-larger role from year to year, with online holiday sales this year expected to rise 22% over 2017’s season. That translates to an expected sum of $134 billion in ecommerce alone. What’s more difficult to…

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The State Of Social Media Marketing In 2019 And Beyond

The State of Social Media Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

Now that it's 2019, 2018's digital marketing landscape has seen trends that picked up in 2017 gain even more momentum. Video content, influencer marketing, outreach on social channels, augmented reality, SEO, and data-driven advertising strategies continue to be leading tools of choice for savvy brand-builders.   Predictions can be dicey. If there’s one constant in our technology-saturated times, it’s that the changes keep coming—often in unforeseen ways. We’ve got 2018 behind us, and can now make a few educated guesses about the trajectory of social media marketing in 2019. So saddle up for a tour of current trends and coming attractions.…

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Next Level Organic Marketing: Cutting Edge Marketing Tools To Slice Through The Noise

Next Level Organic Marketing: Cutting Edge Marketing Tools to Slice Through the Noise

If your business is growing, you are most likely doing something right when it comes to marketing. You have your marketing automation and weekly blog posts down, your social media posts are all duly scheduled, and your PPC ads are set in place. But where do you go from there? Soon enough, you may be scraping the bottom of the barrel unless you are willing to invest in cutting-edge marketing tools that can bring your brand deeper into organic marketing. It is time to take your digital marketing to the next level. “Creating content is not enough. Rather, you need…

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The What, Why, Where, And How Of Affiliate Marketing: An Introductory Guide

The What, Why, Where, and How of Affiliate Marketing: An Introductory Guide

Wrapping your head around the new normal in the marketing industry means working your way through a branching tree of innovations. The long list includes social media outreach; leveraging video with different audiences in different settings; the latest tricks and tools of search engine optimization (SEO); influencer marketing; high-tech business analytics and other data-driven advertising tools; and more. Another item that belongs on our list is affiliate marketing. The term refers to the practice of earning income from marketing someone else’s brand, services, or products on their behalf. If it sounds like a golden ticket to financial success, there’s a…

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A Guide To Do-It-Yourself-Publishing In 2019 And Beyond

A Guide to Do-It-Yourself-Publishing in 2019 and Beyond

Change is in the air in the world of print. It’s a cliché—but a true one—that the internet has transformed how we work, relax, date, socialize, consume culture, share news, and most of everything else we do. Something else that’s been redefined by big changes in digital tech is how writers write, publish, and promote their work. One thing that hasn’t changed is that publishing a book first requires writing it. Writing means wrangling with a manuscript, fussing over edits, proofing it, and all the rest. And because even the most polished final draft won’t sell itself, you’ve got to…

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Top 6 Alternatives To Dropbox & How Reviews Can Help You Pick The Right One For Your Business

Top 6 Alternatives to Dropbox & How Reviews Can Help You Pick The Right One for Your Business

Full disclosure: I was skeptical of Dropbox some years ago when I first heard about folks using it to back up their personal and professional data. Fast-forward to 2018 and my doubts seem quaint in retrospect, as I now constantly rely on cloud storage providers to secure my most important files and information. The rest comes from knowing a bit about what cloud storage is and how it works. As you probably know, cloud storage offers a slew of practical advantages over old-fashioned data storage via local drives. These include: Your data being available on various devices in various locations…

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The State Of Big Data: A Guide For 2018

The State of Big Data: A Guide for 2018

Big data is big capital in today’s tech markets. Technological advances that make it cheaper and easier than ever to store and process large quantities of digital information. Thanks to these advances, the analysis of big data, or data analytics, is a flourishing sector of the tech economy. Many products and services offered by tech companies rely on their collection and analysis of huge, complex data sets from increasingly diverse sources. Big data is conventionally defined in terms of the three Vs: a greater variety of data arriving in increasing volumes with ever-higher velocity. It is important to understand these…

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