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Lauren Pezzullo is an east-coast-raised Austinite and musicophile who writes about the latest software trends for TrustRadius. She's currently at work on her debut novel.
Tips And Tricks To Prepare For Winter Recruitment

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Winter Recruitment

The competition for recruiters is more demanding than ever, with 72.8 % of HR professionals “struggling to find relevant candidates.” Depending on your industry, the recruitment process can become even more difficult in the winter, when holiday travel and festivities slow everything down. Key stakeholders are often traveling, and it’s the end of a fiscal year, before new budgets are available. So how do you set your company and job openings apart as unemployment rates are falling? The number of recruitment tools promising success to HR professionals is, quite frankly, dizzying. But recruitment is, and always should remain, a human-centered…

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16 Customer Experience Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2018

16 Customer Experience Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2018

Customer experience is the very lifeblood of a business. From what customers find on your website or in your physical location, to the salespeople they work with and the customer service and support they receive, their likelihood to remain loyal and recommend you depends on more than just the quality of your product. Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, their experience with your brand carries a big influence with their peers. This often extends even beyond their personal networks.   Presently, we are in the age of review sites. On the B2C side, you have sites like Yelp and…

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Pump Up Your Productivity: 5 Of The Best Free Time Tracking Tools

Pump Up Your Productivity: 5 of the Best Free Time Tracking Tools

You know the old adage: time is money. And that’s why in a world that’s increasingly loaded with distractions everywhere (hello Facebook-Instagram-Twitter-Snapchat) it’s important to know where your time is going. This is doubly true of your employees, especially in a growing workforce of freelancers and remote workers (whom you may not even have met in person). Here are 5 popular free time tracking tools, listed from highest overall score to lowest, that you might want to look into if you’re looking to better track your or your team’s time. 1. TSheets TSheets offers time tracking and scheduling capabilities, replacing traditional…

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