The Complete Guide To A/B Testing & False Positives

The Complete Guide to A/B Testing & False Positives

Whether you’re a digital marketer, a savvy entrepreneur, or a website owner trying to boost your site's conversions, there’s no doubt A/B testing has at one point been a high priority. And if terms like “statistical confidence” or “test variants” leave you feeling confused, it’s time to put yourself on a path towards clarity, and confidence. In this article, we’ve broken down the different parts to A/B testing and the key components to look out for. This information will help you take tactical steps towards improving conversion rates, and ultimately, your bottom line. Now doesn’t that sound like a nice…

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Tips For A Successful Social CRM Strategy And What Tools To Consider

Tips for a Successful Social CRM Strategy and What Tools to Consider

You already know you need to meet your customers on their turf: social media. But successfully engaging them isn’t as simple as creating an account across every platform and shooting outbound posts into a void. Nowadays, your social media needs to be a customer service nerve center, sensitive to every mention of your brand, as well as a tool used to aggregate data about customers so you can learn what they really want. That’s where social customer relationship management comes in. Your social media efforts shouldn’t be detached from your overall customer engagement strategy. Marketing, sales, and support all have…

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How To Create A Successful Account-Based Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Successful Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Lead-based marketing strategies have ruled the digital age, but in the past couple of years an alternative B2B marketing strategy called account-based marketing (ABM) has picked up steam, challenging marketers to think more strategically about the companies they sell to -- the contexts in which their leads work. If lead-based marketing is like throwing semi-adhesive objects at a wall to see what sticks, account-based marketing is precisely selecting objects, applying a careful dob of glue, and arranging them as desired. The strategy that leaves the most objects on the wall entirely depends on the organization, its target market, and its…

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MarTech 2017: As Technology & Best Practices Change, Collaboration Helps Marketers Succeed

MarTech 2017: As Technology & Best Practices Change, Collaboration Helps Marketers Succeed

MarTech 2017--the annual conference for senior-level marketing, IT, and digital executives and experts at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience--is fast approaching. At the conference, Scott Brinker will unveil his updated MarTech landscape, ushering marketers into the latest wave of marketing technology innovations. Last year’s landscape showed 3,874 marketing technology solutions, almost twice as many as the previous year. You can check out his pre-release of the 2017 Marketing Automation category here; this piece of the landscape alone is up 36% from the 2016 version. In preparation for this year’s conference, which takes place in San Francisco May 9-11, TrustRadius talked…

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ABM Technology: What Tools Can You Use, And Where Do New Tools Fit In Your Stack?

ABM Technology: What tools can you use, and where do new tools fit in your stack?

As account-based marketing has continued to catch the attention of practitioners, marketing technology vendors, and the Marketing media, both the supply of and the demand for ABM technology has skyrocketed. New tools designed around account-based marketing challenges and best practices have entered the market; established marketing technologies have released new features to better address account-based marketing use cases (Marketo is a notable recent example, though the release is forthcoming); and some products have merely re-branded, latching on to the ABM trend. TrustRadius Research recently attended the #FlipMyFunnel Festival in Austin, a roadshow entirely dedicated to ABM. We interviewed speakers and attended sessions…

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Organizing For ABM: The Need For Joint Strategy, Metrics, & Skills

Organizing for ABM: The Need For Joint Strategy, Metrics, & Skills

As more vendors, thought leaders, and practitioners have embraced (and amplified) the account-based marketing trend, specific questions about what is needed for ABM and what type of companies should be doing ABM are becoming more widespread. Best practices for organizational structure, budget share, and technology are growing in complexity. More Marketing and Sales leaders have learned from their early ABM efforts and technology investments, and are willing to share their key learnings with peers. Accordingly, the #FlipMyFunnel Festival has grown from 1 track of presenters in San Francisco in February to 3 tracks in Austin this June. TrustRadius, a media sponsor for the show,…

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4 Steps To More Effective B2B Content Marketing

4 Steps to More Effective B2B Content Marketing

B2B marketing leaders and content marketing experts weigh in on challenges & changes in content marketing at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. They said content marketers should take action to improve their efforts and maximize content ROI, and shared tips for making Marketing messages more strategic, more relevant, more profitable, and more accessible. The State of Content Marketing in 2016 Content Marketing Programs Have Been Adopted But Are Still Immature Content marketing has grown in popularity as an inbound tactic for B2B marketers. The strategy involves using content to attract, engage, retain, and grow a brand audience by providing helpful information about topics that…

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ABM Technology, Skills And Lessons Learned: FlipMyFunnel Festival Comes To Austin

ABM Technology, Skills and Lessons Learned: FlipMyFunnel Festival Comes to Austin

The FlipMyFunnel festival makes its way to TrustRadius home base Austin, Texas next month for a day of ABM-themed sessions, including high-level thought leadership and practical case studies to help attendees “challenge the status quo of B2B marketing and sales.” What is #FlipMyFunnel? #FlipMyFunnel is a movement started by Sangram Vajre, the co-founder and CMO of Terminus, which is an ABM tool that serves ads via mobile, social, display, video and direct mail and provides account-level revenue attribution. The movement, which has gained support from vendors and practitioners across multiple software categories, proposes to reverse the traditional marketing funnel that passes a large…

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Trends In MarTech: ABM – The Buzz About Account-based Marketing

Trends in MarTech: ABM – The buzz about account-based marketing

Note: this article was first published 4/1/16 on TrustRadius Research attended MarTech last month to interview a number of vendors exhibiting there about their perspective on “hot” categories within the marketing tech landscape. Account-based marketing (ABM) was one of the biggest topics at the MarTech conference. Nearly every exhibitor featured a reference to ABM, and many of the presenters touched on the trend as well. Across software categories like predictive analytics, sales & marketing intelligence, and ad serving & retargeting, ABM is impacting vendor positioning, marketing campaigns, and even product roadmaps. The TrustRadius research team checked in with some of the leading…

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Trends In MarTech: Content – Less Crap, Better Sales And Marketing Alignment, And Of Course, Personalization

Trends in MarTech: Content – Less crap, better Sales and Marketing alignment, and of course, personalization

Content plays a role throughout the buyer’s journey. Content marketing, which is the strategy of creating and distributing useful and relevant content to attract the right audience, is often seen as classic top-of-the-funnel, awareness stage content. Mid-funnel content might be focused on nurturing and demand generation, whereas content for sales enablement, which is the practice of equipping salespeople with the information, assets, technology and best practices needed to sell more effectively, is often seen as bottom-of-the-funnel, conversion stage content. TrustRadius talked to several vendors exhibiting at MarTech who focus on one or more stages of content use. In general, these vendors…

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Trends In MarTech: Analytics – What Stops Marketers From Being Truly Data-Driven?

Trends in MarTech: Analytics – What Stops Marketers From Being Truly Data-Driven?

  This year’s MarTech Conference was abuzz with talk about how to enable agile marketing. The short answer? With data. Marketing thought leaders and exhibiting vendors debated what it means to be a data-driven marketer--what type of data helps your marketing strategy, what too much data looks like, and how marketers can use technology to more effectively manage and operationalize data insights. The Marketer's Data Dilemma One group of vendors, in particular, evangelized the importance of real-time data, comprehensive cross-channel dashboards, ROI attribution, and actionable insights made accessible to Marketing without intervention from the data scientists. BrightFunnel, Bizible, Beckon, Datorama, Allocadia, Origami Logic, Impact Radius, and Full…

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Trends In MarTech: Video

Trends in MarTech: Video

The role of video in marketing was a theme among vendors at this year's MarTech Conference. We talked to three video platform vendors (Brightcove, Vidyard and HapYak) about the evolution of video marketing—from a brand awareness effort with questionable ROI, to a highly sophisticated, targeted content method that can drive measurable results. Meet the Vendors Brightcove is an online video platform with two main lines of business: media companies looking to monetize video through advertising and other methods, and organizations looking to leverage and measure video content as part of their digital marketing strategies. The company was founded in 2004 and…

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Number Of Martech Vendors To Plateau In 2016?

Number of Martech vendors to plateau in 2016?

Scott Brinker – author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog and program chair of the upcoming MarTech conference (March 21-22 in San Francisco) – produces a marketing technology landscape infographic each year, which plots the logos of most marketing technology vendors by category and function. Brinker’s goal is to illustrate the continuing transformation of Marketing into a technology-based discipline. The supergraphic depicts explosive growth in terms of the number of Martech vendors (and categories): The 2014 version recognized 947 vendors; the 2015 version included 1,876; and Brinker says the 2016 version – not published yet – will include an even larger sample of the…

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Fastest Growing Social Media Management Software For 2016

Fastest Growing Social Media Management Software for 2016

  As we head into 2016, we took a look at trends in the social media management landscape. Here’s the year in review: several vendors gained visibility on TrustRadius over the last year, while others fell in the ranks—and these changes in buyer research activity seem to be a function of continuing social M&A. Check out our stack rank chart, based on changes in website traffic over the last year, below.  Spredfast, Oracle, Sprinklr, and NetBase are Fastest-Growing SMMS Vendors on TrustRadius A Closer Look at Growth, Research Frequency & Company Status Sprinklr, NetBase, Spredfast, and Oracle SRM gained the most…

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2015 Top 10 Social Media Management Software Ultimate Comparison

2015 Top 10 Social Media Management Software Ultimate Comparison

SMMS users have spoken! According to user feedback on TrustRadius—ratings and research frequency—here are the top ten social media management suites for 2016: Sprinklr, Hootsuite Enterprise, Sprout Social, NetBase, Spredfast, Adobe Social, AgoraPulse, Oracle SRM, Viralheat, and Shoutlet. (Engagor, which is just shy of Top Rated, and Expion, which is used by agencies, were close runners-up.) But, it can be tricky and time consuming to dig into the nuances that distinguish these products. So, we put together an overview to help you quickly and easily compare leading SMMS tools. Use this chart to narrow down your choices, based on the qualities and features that are most important for your use…

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Leader In Sales Email Tracking Expands Analytics With Prescriptive: Interview With Andrew Archer, VP Of Marketing At Yesware

Leader in Sales Email Tracking Expands Analytics with Prescriptive: Interview with Andrew Archer, VP of Marketing at Yesware

We talked to Andrew Archer, VP of Marketing at Yesware, about the developing Sales Enablement software space. Yesware combines email tracking, sales intelligence, analytics, and productivity features (such as email templates and click-to-call) into a tool that’s designed to service salespeople as well as managers/ops. A pioneer in the sales email tracking space, Yesware is expanding its core by building out more in-depth analytics and prescriptive recommendations, which Archer said will increase the actionability of Yesware’s data and help improve sales performance. He also gave us a view on upcoming product releases—including how Yesware’s development roadmap fits into larger trends in Sales software…

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Evolution Of Predictive: Interview With Jamie Grenney, VP Of Marketing At Infer

Evolution of Predictive: Interview with Jamie Grenney, VP of Marketing at Infer

Infer's flagship product is a predictive analytics platform for marketing and sales, which builds predictive models based on a company's historical pipeline and current customer data. The predictive sales analytics space is heating up, and as vendors become more competitive, they're developing differentiators. We talked with Jamie Grenney, Vice President of Marketing at Infer, about their new "stealth" product, Prospect Management, which can work with or without a predictive model. Infer Prospect Management is a lightweight app that works with Salesforce, marketing automation, and/or data from a predictive model to produce recommendations about which prospects to target and which content to use. Prospect management helps ops teams,…

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Predictive For ABM: Interview With J.J. Kardwell, President And Co-Founder Of EverString

Predictive for ABM: Interview with J.J. Kardwell, President and Co-Founder of EverString

EverString is part of a relatively new space called Predictive Sales Analytics (aka Predictive Marketing, or predictive analytics for sales and marketing). We’ve found that many people are interested, but not yet ready to buy—honestly, some aren’t quite sure what predictive sales analytics actually is. We talked to J.J. Kardwell, President and Co-Founder of EverString, to better understand their positioning and the evolution of the space. EverString is unique in the space in that it’s architected for Account-based Marketing, designed around the account object rather than the lead object. Kardwell gave us an in-depth view on how buyers new to the space should…

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Analytic Core Drives Insight For Social Marketing Challenges: Interview With Evan James From Socialbakers

Analytic Core Drives Insight for Social Marketing Challenges: Interview with Evan James from Socialbakers

Evan James, Head of Americas Marketing, gave us a view on the Socialbakers approach to social media marketing: cross-channel visibility into a brand’s own social profiles paired with comparisons to competitor performance, including in newer areas like social video. According to James, Socialbakers has the largest social pages database, allowing them to create customized benchmarks for specific industries, geographic markets, and sets of competitors. Beyond their core analytics product, Socialbakers also has solutions to help with publishing and content management (Builder) and ads strategy (Promoted Post Detection). James explained that because Socialbakers has an intrinsically analytic perspective on social media marketing,…

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Transactional Reporting Meets Data Management: Interview With Marc Aubin, CEO And Co-Founder At AppBuddy

Transactional Reporting Meets Data Management: Interview with Marc Aubin, CEO and Co-Founder at AppBuddy

Marc Aubin, CEO and co-founder at AppBuddy, explained that while Salesforce’s complex data structures are well suited for storing data properly, they can be difficult for end-users to navigate effectively, which hinders adoption among salespeople. GridBuddy fills this gap in Salesforce by improving data visibility, context, and actionability. Aubin characterizes its single-screen interface, where related data can be sorted, filtered, and edited, as the marriage between transactional reporting and data management capabilities. Give us overall background on AppBuddy—how long have you been around, and what is your product focus? AppBuddy started about 6 years ago, in 2009. We were first…

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A Central Nervous System For Marketing And Sales: Interview With Alison Murdock, VP Of Marketing At 6sense

A Central Nervous System for Marketing and Sales: Interview with Alison Murdock, VP of Marketing at 6sense

Predictive Sales Analytics is a relatively new software category, and 6sense is helping to shape the space. We talked with 6sense’s VP of Marketing, Alison Murdock, about how predictive intelligence can keep marketers and salespeople ahead of the game by beefing up the pipeline and giving them insight into the buyer's journey. Murdock also shares her own interest in customer-centric marketing and self-learning data trends, which she sees as crucial to the future alignment of marketing and sales teams. Give us an introduction to 6sense—who are you, what do you do? 6sense is a predictive intelligence platform for B2B marketing and…

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Managing The Content Experience With Small Chunks: Interview With Kat Liendgens, Hannon Hill CEO And Bradley Wagner, VP Of Engineering

Managing the Content Experience with Small Chunks: Interview with Kat Liendgens, Hannon Hill CEO and Bradley Wagner, VP of Engineering

We talked with Hannon Hill’s CEO, Kat Liendgens, and VP of Engineering, Bradley Wagner, about their approach to content management and content marketing. They explained the inner workings of Cascade Server and Spectate, including the advantage of storing content in small, flexible chunks, and shared their vision for smarter personalization based on customer journey data. Though originally designed for higher education, the company has been gaining traction in new verticals. According to Liendgens and Wagner, the CMS is a good fit for any organization that values self-sufficiency and needs to manage multiple, decentralized sites. Based on reviews and ratings contributed…

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Special Integrations And Deep Personalization: Interview With Igor Polevoy From ExpressPigeon

Special Integrations and Deep Personalization: Interview with Igor Polevoy from ExpressPigeon

We heard from Igor Polevoy, President of ExpressPigeon, about ExpressPigeon's custom integrations, deep personalization, and unique combination of email marketing and transactional email features--differentiators from competitors like ExactTarget, SendGrid, and MailChimp. Polevoy explains how ExpressPigeon, as a recent entrant in the space, has learned from the limitations and successes of older email service providers (ESPs). The company's focus is now on providing boutique email services that meet the complex demands of B2B corporations. Who are you as a company, what’s your mission, and what is your value proposition? On the surface, we are a typical email service provider. We have tools for users to log in, create messages, send, and run reports. If…

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The Blind Spot In Digital Marketing Campaigns: Interview With Paul Rudwall, Director Of Product Marketing At Invoca

The Blind Spot in Digital Marketing Campaigns: Interview with Paul Rudwall, Director of Product Marketing at Invoca

At Dreamforce we talked with Paul Rudwall, Director of Product Marketing at Invoca, about marketers’ blind spot in the customer journey. According to Rudwall, the rise of mobile has created a surge in phone calls, which are not properly linked to the mobile internet research preceding the calls. Tracking this journey is crucial, if marketers want to understand which touch points are driving conversion.  Rudwall describes how customers are using Invoca to tie online activity to phone calls—intelligence they use to drive high-converting leads for sales.   Give us a little introduction—who are you as a company, and how did…

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