Goal-Setting Collaboration: A How To Guide For Managers And Employees

Goal-Setting Collaboration: A How To Guide for Managers and Employees

How many of your employees and managers know the direction the company wants to go? How well do they understand the company’s short term and long terms goals? David Witt, of Blanchard LeaderChat reported that only 14% of employees have a good understanding of their company’s strategy and direction. If only 14% of employees understand the strategy and direction, the majority of employees are spending time and effort without knowing how their actions contribute to the future of the company. As a leader looking around your organization, can you confidently say your teams know what you want to do next?…

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Battle Of The Boards: Comparing The Kanban And Scrum Workflow Experiences

Battle of the Boards: Comparing the Kanban and Scrum Workflow Experiences

Kanban vs. Scrum Let's face it, this sound like a deathmatch in outer space between hero and villain. In reality, this is a distinction that can make a world of difference to how business owners, managers, developers, and others track the flow of work coming across their desks. Kanban and Scrum boards are work-management tools that help you organize and complete projects. These boards do so by visualizing status and progress while optimizing workflow. They are powerful instruments for projects requiring creative collaboration, particularly software development, but equally well-suited for individual time management. They promote effective communication and synergy by…

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The Anatomy Of A Construction Request For Information (RFI) & RFI Best Practices

The Anatomy of a Construction Request for Information (RFI) & RFI Best Practices

Construction projects are complex by nature. To be completed successfully, safely, and on time, the multitude of moving pieces (and the various people or companies who will play a role in delivering each one) must all be synced up. Stakeholders need to be on the same page and aware of how every part of the project will unfold. But it’s nearly impossible to create a perfect construction project plan at the onset of the job. Even if you’re confident that you’re accounting for the full scope of work involved in the project, there will inevitably be changing variables during the…

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What Is Project Portfolio Management?

What is Project Portfolio Management?

Project portfolio management is the organization and management of all projects within an organization from a high-level perspective. Project portfolio management (PPM) can sometimes be confused with project management. However, they are very different. To point out the differences, we’ll briefly go over what project management is first. Then, we will continue with an in-depth explanation of project portfolio management. What is Project Management? The most important thing to note about project management is that a project manager is usually responsible for a specific project’s tasks. The project is meant to result in a specific product, service, feature, etc. A…

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The True Importance Of Project Collaboration Software

The True Importance of Project Collaboration Software

With remote teams and long-distance clients becoming increasingly common, the challenges associated with project collaboration are on the rise. Thankfully, there is also an increasing amount of project collaboration software available to teams. Most projects these days cannot be completed by a single person. From proposals to consultancy to development, it is nearly always beneficial to have a team of individuals working on a project. Different team members will typically take on different aspects of the project in order to speed up workflow, provide feedback to the project manager, and avoid bottlenecks. This is where project collaboration tools come in.…

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What Is The Difference Between Agile Vs Waterfall?

What is the Difference Between Agile vs Waterfall?

Before undertaking any development project, the most important decision to make is how to approach the project as a team. Making this decision can get heated due to the two major development methodologies at play. In simple terms, a development methodology determines how the actual work of development is organized and acted on. The two main development methodologies are the waterfall methodology and the agile methodology. Although technically considered software development, "waterfall" and "agile" are often applied in project management.  The Waterfall method takes a step-by-step, sequential approach to software development. This means bringing the project from conception to implementation with…

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Top 10 Project Management Software And Tools

Top 10 Project Management Software and Tools

In this article, we provide a comprehensive exploration of leading project management software products, including advice on how to compare products based on key metrics like research frequency and user ratings. To help you evaluate project management software based on your particular use case, we’ve collected data on company sizes and industries of the end-users reviewing the products, as well as ratings of specific project management features such as Gantt charts and support for Agile methodology. Here’s what you’ll find in this article – A Comparison of the top ten most highly rated project management software A look into well-known…

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Interview With Workfront’s Chief Marketing Officer Joe Staples

Interview with Workfront’s Chief Marketing Officer Joe Staples

  TrustRadius talked with Workfront’s Chief Marketing Officer Joe Staples about project management adoption among marketers, the benefits of integrating collaboration with workflow—especially at larger organizations—and the importance of optimizing work processes before automating them.   Give us an introduction to Workfront—who are you as a company, and what is your value proposition? The value proposition is: Workfront puts organization and structure to chaotic work processes. Where people are struggling to be efficient, Workfront provides a single software tool that allows them to get their arms around all of the requests and projects, manage them, track how quickly they get…

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Interview With Lori Bush Shepard, VP Of Corporate Marketing At Clarizen

Interview with Lori Bush Shepard, VP of Corporate Marketing at Clarizen

TrustRadius talked with Clarizen’s VP of Marketing about collaborative work management, a new software category that combines traditional project management with tools for collaboration and execution. What is your take on the current state of project management? As Gartner stated at a recent conference, gone are the days of a very linear planning process, where businesses could spend most of their time building a plan and 10% on execution. It should be 40% on the plan, 20% on the execution, and 40% on learning from what happened and adjusting all throughout your process. It’s less about the plan, and more…

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