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Apricot by Social Solutions has 2 pricing edition(s), from $0 to $0. A free trial of Apricot by Social Solutions is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.

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Pricing for Apricot is driven by individual usage and needs of your nonprofit. Your organization isn't one-size fits all, so neither is our pricing.

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What is Apricot Social Solutions 2022?

Case management software is the all-in-one planner that type-A personalities kill for. You have control to manage all your programs and cases in one place. Efficiency has never looked better.

Case management systems can help with applications, projects, and of course, cases. One particularly great case management solution is Apricot. With Apricot you can streamline workflows for complex nonprofit organizations.

Apricot Solutions by Social Solutions

Apricot is a case management solution for social service companies, offered by Social Solutions. The company creates software as a service (SaaS) for nonprofit organization management. They primarily serve nonprofits, philanthropists, and public sector agencies of all sizes.

These organizations tend to focus on human services like aiding the homeless. Family services are also popular like domestic crisis counseling. It can also be more wide-scale like services for refugees.

Apricot software is meant to improve the day-to-day for these organizations. It has user-friendly software that has great functionality and ease of use. Their nonprofit software is made to handle data entry, volunteer management, service delivery, and complex reporting. They also have helpful resources like their blog and case studies, as well as training and support for their drag and drop software.

Apricot’s three different data management software are Apricot Essentials, Apricot Core, and Apricot 360. Apricot does not offer any upfront pricing for their software; you will need to request a demo and communicate with sales.

You can also start a 30 day free trial with no credit card required. This way you can test before talking to sales, and avoid an unnecessary phone call. If you look up on Google how much Apricot costs you will see prices for WildApricot. WildApricot is completely unrelated to Apricot by Social Solutions.

Apricot Essentials is Social Solutions’ basic service, recommended mostly for small nonprofits. This does not mean it’s the bare minimum service. The software has caseload management, templates for forms and reports, and mobile access for field data collection.

A more robust step up from Essentials is Apricot Core. Core takes data collection further and allows for reporting to show important trends, and let you grow your impact. You have a client information portal and advanced communicating capabilities to connect with clients like direct messaging and appointment scheduling. Teams can stay on topic with Core’s dashboard bulletins, and rules and alerts about best practices for employees to follow. There’s also workflow automation, calendar integrations, and data import and export options to benefit your staff’s day-to-day.

Apricot 360 is advertised as Social Solutions' most comprehensive case management system. It has all case management features. The software is designed to help with collaboration and growth. 360 offers the same client communication tools and attendance tracking. The difference is 360 also has advanced reporting capabilities, grant eligibility matching, and a census data integration feature.

This would be the best choice for users that need a strong step up in features. Specifically, teams that need to conduct detailed analysis and need those advanced reporting and census data. This includes agencies conducting studies around specific demographics for those that use their services or on those that donate to nonprofits.

Apricot’s subscriptions look interesting, but not knowing how much each plan costs can be frustrating. What about free options?


One great alternative is in the absolute joy that is Bitrix24. They are a giant that offers business solutions for customer relationship management (CRM). They offer a free CRM and paid CRM plans. They also have a free CRM just for nonprofits.

Although they are not a case management software, their free nonprofit CRM can help with fundraising, donations, and marketing automation. Social service organizations still need tools to spread awareness and raise funds for their services. Bitrix24 nonprofit CRM also has social listening features so you can track motivations behind donations to improve future campaigns.

Bitrix24 also has other free services like their online project management software. With Bitrix24 many free offerings you can enhance many of your processes and tasks. If it turns out the cost of Apricot is too much, keep in mind platforms like Bitrix24. You can also utilize both Apricot and Bitrix24 products if you so choose.

More Resources

For those of you that feel like Apricot may be for you, make sure to sift through user reviews. There you will see all the different non profit organizations that have trusted Apricot with their data. They will definitely be able to offer an advantageous perspective on whether Apricot will fit your needs.

TrustRadius also has a long list of other case management software solutions. Here you will find a number of other alternatives to Apricot, as well as detailed reviews.

If you have used any of the platforms discussed please leave a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.